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Off Topic Thread: Hey lurkers, post ffs!!


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Any mods around, I'm trying to edit the new Chelsea thread and getting this message:


You don't have permission to access /editpost.php on this server.

Apache Server at community.sigames.com Port 80

any ideas? It's really getting annoying, all I'm trying to do is add some more basic text to the first post.

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Bloody hell Mayzie!! Haven't seen you in ages.

Yeah, I only tend to come around when there's a new release and last year my old laptop was no good so I didn't buy the game for months. In fact, I bought FM13 from Tesco on my way to buy a new laptop then ended up getting myself a touch screen ultrabook that apparently doesn't have a dvd drive, so had to buy it again through Steam. I ended up using FM13 as a mousemat because I lost my receipt.

Looks like Steam is the way forward for me now, but I find it's too easy to spend money. As soon as you're bored of a game or fancy a change, you buy another. I've probably got four or five games on the go now but all I'm playing is FM14. By the time I go back to my other games, I wont know where I am or what to do.

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