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[FM12] Transfer & Data Update Packs by_pr0

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In real life it is so that all Eredivisie teams get to divide the total amount of TV money. (Which is about € 80 million average a year. (Starting with € 60 million and ending with € 100 million))

Going from that average € 80 million, the big 5 teams (Ajax, Feyenoord, PSV, AZ and FC Twente) get to divide 50 % of that money between them. Each and every year, without looking to the competion standings. Thus receiving € 40 million / 2 = € 8 million per club.

The other 13 teams will receive € 40 million / 13 = € about 3 million per club.

If you want to make it for each and every year in one time, I would suggest give every Eredivisie team € 3 million, and the big 5 teams an extra € 5 million

If you want to make it for each and every year apart, I would suggest that you set a total amount of € 60 million for the 1st and 2nd year, and € 100 million for the 11th and 12th year. All other years can be € 80 million, or something else that gives a total amount of € 960 million.

You could set it as TV money/sponsor money but that would mean that relegated teams still earn it and that promoted teams won't get it.

The other way would be to set is as prizemoney, in which case you split half of the total amount between the big 5 teams and the other half between the remaining 13

To do that I think you should set the prizemoney for all Eredivisie rankings with € 3 million higher as they were. After that you give the 5 biggest teams (Ajax, Feyenoord, PSV, AZ and FC Twente) € 5 million a year (so the amount they allready have and then € million extra).

I hope this makes sence.

If any other forummember knows a better way to divide this money in a good way, please tell us.

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The link


EDIT 1/10/2012 :

I can proudly announce after almost a year , that my data & transfers update packs for the FM 2012 are over! The one i uploaded in 1.10.2012 , is the last one!

I hope in 1 month from now , that we will be again together. And as a small info about the next packs, i can announce that the data packs in FM 2013 will also have an extra file beside the others. The one with CA/PA changes. It will be a new file so some who dont want the changes will have the option not to select this file. Thats all. A big thanks to everyone so far , and we will talk again in 1 month!! Have everyone a good time!!!

@Jorgen, i havent done the file you wanted, if you desperately want it , tell me and i will create it for you.

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I took a look jorgen but we have something i can call a big problem...

In the editor there is no option to add the EU Places qualification through a league as in real life... :/

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In real life, in Netherlands system , teams that take the first 5-6 , i dont actually remember, play again each other to decide the European spots (Champions League, Europa league ) .

Via editor this cant be done , there is no optin to make these playoffs..

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fantastic update well done. however, yet again the lower english leagues have been neglected which is frustrating.

what no zavon hines and carl mchugh for braford city???

arguably the most played leagues and its not correct. it can be really frustrating. i would be happy to help you with the transfers and squads in those divisions if your struggling.

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rudi skacel joins dundee united squad number 51

James McFadden joins sunderland

Mahamadou Sissoko joins kilmarnock

Stranraer part company with manager Keith Knox

Ray McKinnon becomes Brechin City manager Grant Johnson as his assistant.

Brechin City Coaches Kevin McGowne, Andy Millen and George Browning left along with Jim Weir

Dumbarton sack manager Alan Adamson

Manchester City have announced the appointment of the Spaniard Txiki Begiristain as their new director of football

just some transfers to start you off with fm13 dont know if when game is out on 2nd if there will be a data update as well so might wanna check

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@willz71172 , nice mate! And everyone else post in this topic everything about FM2013 and i will move them to the new topic when i will create it..

Some of you, right now are playing the BETA FM2013 or DEMO, and spotted some mistakes, Current Ability strange stuff, transfers that SI havent passed, so i am here to gather all your opinion about what do you think is wrong and should be changed when my packs will be released ! Feel free to tell everything in your mind so , i could change it in the future ! This update will contain anything that SI havent passed in the game , so together , we can make a good effort this year and build on last year's success!

Question : Do you mean you are doing CA/PA abilities, which you didnt last year ?

Answer : Yes , this year i decided to include this feature.

Question : How will this feature affect our games? Can we play this update without the CA/PA changes?

Answer : Yes , the CA/PA file will be a new file beside the others. If you dont want this file , simply dont choose it when you start a new game.

Question : When can we expect your new pack with all the changes we asked?

Answer : The very early days , when the FM2013 full game , will be out . Probably the 1st day of the FM release !

Question : Where can we also find you, and your work?

Answer : Here ---> http://www.facebook.com/pages/FM12-Transfer-Data-Update-Packs-by_pr0/326690120710288

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