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FM12: Leeds United - Bring back the glory days


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hi chaps

Just started on FM12 with the new patch as leeds, helped by an expert in the game as I’ve only really played FMH

First thing I did was get bressan…you have to go balls deep on some players….all of my buys have been based on 48 month installments

Ripped out most of the squad because it is pretty awful…sold snoddy for 5m to sunderland and bought: bressan, jail, kezman, latafa, bere, wome, kozak, melchiot, also a columbian 30yo beast of a centre half called something like masquarez….

Aidy white and pugh have both gone out on loan for a combined 1.2m…clayton, bruce, bromby, paynter, parker all gone or going

Am playing 4231 away, and 442 at home with AMR/AML – but im struggling to fill those positions…don’t rate Nunez at all…unfort missed out on Andros townsend on loan

But lost first game at millwall, won 2-0 at Macclesfield but was unconvincing…

Any help/thoughts welcome!

Is the Colombian DC Aquivaldo Mosquera?

In terms of AML/AMR I'd suggest:

Mariano Rubbo (AMR, free), Teko Modise (AMR/C purchase price varies), Deyvid Sacconi (M/AMR/L/C free), Mauricio Alves (AML/ST free), Lilian Bochet (AML free), Alejandro Cabral (M/AML £55k transfer listed), Zezinho (MC/AML/C free), Petter Vaagan Moen (ML/AML/C free), Ats Purje (AMR/L free), Edu (AML/C/R/ST free formerly of Betis & Celta 32 yo).

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