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FM12 Arsenal Thread - Life after Cesc


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Final 3 games of the season and Man Utd were 1 point behind me. I lost 3-0 to Blackburn, and they beat slirs to go 2 points ahead, they then slip up and lose to West Ham and I beat Cardiff. Final day see's me vs ipswich and they are against Chelsea. Just aswell because a 93rd minute winner.

Now equal with Man Utd on Premiership wins :cool:

And barcelona knocked me out in the semi final, grrrr!!!

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Returning to the game after a break and decided to start up an Arsenal career. Chose to play as Arsenal as I feel like the club has big potential that it is not currently showing in real life and I like bringing in new players, that I feel, can improve the squad :)



Eden Hazard for £44mill, £73K per week. Big bucks but this guy is to be the star of the team for years to come. An expensive but hopefully worthwhile addition to the club. Bags of talent and can play on the wings or as an attacking midfielder.

Mats Hummels for £22mill, £44.5k per week. Tall, strong and young. Good defensive attributes and the potential to improve becoming my best DC, with the ability to step in as a DM when needed.

Sime Vrsaljko for £3.2mill, £21.5k per week. Another youngster with bags of potential. Likes to get forward and will be more than enough to cover Sagna.


Almunia £1.8mill and Djourou £5.5million to Malaga. Arshavin £12mill to Man City. Park Chu Young Ln Fee £750k and Chamakh £10mill to AC Milan. Rosiky £250k to Blackburn.Mannone £925k to FCP.

As you can see I offloaded quite a few players, I worry that my squad might be a little to young but only the coming season will tell.


I plan on Using a solid back 4 for all three of my tactics with a lone striker. A DMCL and a MCR with an AMC, AMR and AML.

Hazard will be used mainly as the AMC but I might rotate those three attacking positions to see who plays best where.

As a side note I removed Wilshire's injury.

Aims are to challenge for the league and progress into the last 16 of the champions league at least. Hopefully end the current trophy drought with securing one of the domestic cups. I should be able to accomplish this.

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Thierry Henry Is my Assistant Manager :cool:

In my backroom staff I have, and those with a * are former players

Tim Cahill - coach

Wayne Rooney - coach

Heinz Muller* - Youth Coach (regen)

Sergio Aguero* - First Team Coach

Micah Richards - coach

Owen Hargreaves - coach

Lorenzo Amoruso - coach

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August Update

Arsenal 3 - 1 Tottenham (Michael Dawson o.g (2), Hazard) 13/08/11 EPL

FC Vaslui 1 - 2 Arsenal (R.V.P (2)) 17/08/11 ECC Qual

Liverpool 1 - 2 (R.V.P, Hazard) 20/08/11 EPL

Arsenal 4 - 0 FC Vaslui (Gervinho (3), Vermaelen) 23/08/11 ECC Qaul

Arsenal 6 - 0 Q.P.R (R.V.P (3), Vermaelen (2), Walcott) 27/08/11 EPL

Manager of the month : Me :)

Player of the month : Peter Odenwingie with 7 goals in 3 appearances for West Brom

Young player of the month : Eden Hazard with 2 goals and an average rating of 8.4

A good start to the campaign if i do say so myself ;) Hazard has impressed and Hummels has been solid at the back so far. Enjoying this.

Champions league group: Arsenal, A.C Milan (Lets hope Chamahk stays quiet), Ajax and Wisla. Reasonable group although I was hoping to avoid A.C

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September Update

Stoke 0 - 1 Arsenal (Gervinho) 10/09/11 EPL Arteta 3 months injury in this game

A.C Milan 1 - 5 Arsenal (Hazard (2), Gervinho, R.V.P, Hummels) 13/09/11 CL Group stages

Arsenal 1 - 1 Man Utd (R.V.P) 17/09/11 EPL

Arsenal 3 - 0 Everton (Gervinho, Hazard, Walcott) 21/09/11 League Cup 3rd

Aston Villa 1 - 6 Arsenal (R.V.P(2), Given o.g, Gervinho, Ramsey, Chamberlain) 24/09/11 EPL

Arsenal 4 - 1 Ajax (R.V.P(3), Chamberlain) 28/09/11 CL Group stages

Manager of the month : I managed it again :)

Player of the month : Chicharito with some impressive performances.

Young player of the month : Jack Wilshere, constantly assisting and putting in some good midfield performances.

Really happy with the squad at the moment, the wingers are tearing teams up on the counter attack. Plenty of goals and was very surprised at the victory in Milan. Good start to our champions league group stage.

League cup 4th round gives us a trip to West Brom in October, with Man City, Chelsea and Man Utd all knocked out in the third round this cup is up for grabs.

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October Update

Arsenal 3 - 0 Bolton (Walcott, R.V.P, Hazard) 3/10/11 EPL

Newcastle 0 - 2 Arsenal (Gervinho, Hazard) 15/10/11 EPL

Wisla 1 - 2 Arsenal (R.V.P(2)) 19/10/11 CL Group stages

Wigan 0 - 4 Arsenal (Walcott, Koscielny(2), Gervinho) 22/10/11 EPL Hummels 5 week injury in this game

West Brom 2 - 3 Arsenal (Vermaelen, Koscielny, Santos) 26/10/11 League Cup 4th

Arsenal 6 - 1 Fulham (Sidwell o.g, Gervinho(2), Ramsey, Koscielny, R.V.P) 29/10/11 EPL

Manager of the month : 3rd month on the bounce for me. Alex Ferguson has been 2nd throughout.

Player of the month : Gervinho with 4 goals in 4 appearances with added assists too.

Young player of the month : Hazard with his 2 goals and an average month rating of 8.38.

Disappointed that Hummels will be ruled out for November. However, the squad has had a very good month with the exeption of the West Brom game we were lucky to qualify.

The league cup sets us up with a home game hosting Bristol City, again I expect to qualify for the semi finals and go onto wining it with the only threat left being Tottenham. As for the league im happy with the clean sweep of points this month. We sit top 2 point ahead of Man Utd.

Looking forward to the next month and hopefully it will be another clean sweep of points in the league.

Training seems to be coming along nicely, Wilshere, Chamberlain and Ramsey all developing.

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2014/15 - Season Update - Transfer Window & Opening results

This was probably my busiest transfer window since starting the save. Only 6 players arrived at the club, but 25 players left either transferred, loaned or released. I may offload a few more in the January window as I see how the youngsters I've moved up to the 1st team perform.

Wheeling and dealing



Obviously the only major inbound deal was the fee paid for Iker Muniain as I decided to meet his minimum release clause before he accepted a new contract from Bilbao that hiked his price even further. He's still only 21 and already looks an incredible player, hopefully we can develop him a little further and he can help lead our attack for the next 10 seasons.

Eduardo was signed on a freeto help tutor some of the striking talent in the under 18 squad, which we have a lot of and I thought another experienced head to help Sow and Van Persie tutor them wouldn't go amiss. Robinson was snapped up when I saw he'd been released to add some back up at left back, and add another English player to the 1st team squad. The other players are all useful youngsters recommended by the scouts, Arthur Simon was one I'd had my eyes on for 2 seasons as he is able to play DR,DL or DC naturally and when Lens accepted other offers for him I decided we might as well grab him at a bargain price.

We raised a massive £90 million altogether in sales, and probably could have raised more if I'd done a bit more negotiating on some of the deals. I do have a feeling the Walcott deal may come back to haunt me if he settles in quickly at Liverpool, but he just wasn't performing well for me and was angling for a move so decided to cash in. Other players I sold were either fringe players who weren't going to get in the squad this season or in the case of Asamoah, players who'd done ok, but just didn't quite seem to work in my formation. A couple were players who'd asked for a move, like Torassa and Wellington Silva.

The last big outgoing deal was Aly Cissokho which came about after I considered cashing in on Moussa Sow having secured Iker Muniain. I offered Sow to clubs and had agreed a fee with Valencia, but he turned them down. Cissokho then complained about my treatment of his mate (who incidentally was happy enough once I told him I'd decided he could stay), after telling Cissokho to be professional and get on with his job he threw a strop so found himself on the transfer list.

He attracted attention from a few clubs with Schalke, Lazio and PSG being the most interested and not surprisingly it was PSG who came up with the best offer, though I did accept a £15 mill bid from Schalke, Cissokho opted to move to Paris.

Unsurprisingly, all those outbound transfers meant that, even with the hefty fee for Muniain, we currently have the lowest net transfer spend this season. Man City top the spending charts again, after a fairly quiet season last season, they spent £88 million to bring in the likes of Gareth Bales, Lavezzi, James Rodriguez, John Obi Mikel and Dymtro Chygrynskyi.

Results so Far


The Community Shield was a ridiculously topsy-turvy game with both teams seemingly unaware of the art of defence, but fortunately hasn't proved to be much of an omen for how we'd perform once the competitive fixtures got underway.

So far in the league we've been solid, if unspectacular. Moussa Sow seems to have kicked off where he left off last season, and Wilshere is again looking impressive so far. Muniain is slowly starting to find his feet as well. We did put in a poor performance in the league cup however, despite fielding a strong 1st eleven we were knocked out 2-1 by Wolves with 2 Steven Fletcher goals.

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you released Koscielny! how could you!?

Because it's my team? :p Sorry if you don't approve but just because he's been one of Arsenal's best player irl this season doesn't mean he's mirrored that on my save.

I offered him a new contract, he refused it, then after christmas he was offered sveral contracts and chose Besiktas. I wasn't going to offer him crazy wages to stay.

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Steve Bould and Tony Colbert just retired In my game, now I need to go scouting for scouts!

I'm also trying to sell my best players, a star winger for 35 million to Lyon and only spending a ffraction on his replacement as the Stadium took all my cash away, and has been set back 3 months!

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November Update

Arsenal 5 - 1 Wisla (R.V.P(2), Chamberlain, Santos, Wilshere) 1/11/11 CL Group stage

Everton 0 - 2 Arsenal (Gervinho, R.V.P) 5/11/11 EPL

Arsenal 3 - 0 Swansea (R.V.P(3)) 19/11/11 EPL

Arsenal 3 - 1 A.C Milan (R.V.P(2), Chamberlain) 23/11/11 CL Group stage

Wolves 0 - 4 Arsenal (R.V.P(2), Gervinho(2)) 27/11/11 EPL

Arsenal 3 - 0 Bristol City ( Diaby(2), R.V.P) League Cup QTR Final

Manager of the month : Goes to Andre Villas-Boas... HAHA cough cough

Player of the month : R.V.P with 6 goals in 3 appearances, average rating of 8.80. Best month for him so far.

Young player of the month : Hazard to make it 3 outa 4 months. Great singing so far, average rating of 8.07.

Very pleased with this months performances, scored a high amount of goals while keeping solid at the back. R.V.P has been phenomenal so far lests hope the team can keep this high standard up throughout the next couple of months when the big games start happening :)

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Currently sizing up a move for a striker that plays in La Liga. He's played in the Premiership before and does not play for any of the top 2 teams in Spain. Can anyone guess who he might be? ;)

December Update

Arsenal 3 - 1 Norwich (R.V.P, Hazard, Hummels) 3/12/11 EPL

Ajax 3 - 0 Arsenal 6/12/11 Missing R.V.P for this game. 14 chances and no goals, deary me! CL Group stage

Man City 2 - 2 Arsenal (Hazard, R.V.P) 10/12/11 Didn't deserve this at all, R.V.P scored in the 93 min. We were dominated! EPL

Arsenal 4 - 0 West Brom (Mertesacker, Walcott, R.V.P, Wilshere) 17/12/11 EPL

Blackburn 1 - 3 Arsenal (Walcott(3)) 21/12/11 EPL

Arsenal 3 - 0 Sunderland (R.V.P, Ramsey, Turner o.g) 26/12/11 EPL

Chelsea 2 - 1 Arsenal (J.T o.g) 31/12/11 Like the City game we were once again completely dominated. Couldn't keep the ball. This is what i get for laughing at AVB in my last post haha EPL

Manager of the month : Alex Ferguson

Player of the month : Hazard with 2 goals and a few assists with 8.02 rating from 6 games.

Young player of the month : Szczesny, says it all about my defence this month. GK gets the young player of the month but my team still conceded 6 goals in as many games.

Not at all happy with the performances against Man city and Chelsea, granted both games were away from home and we picked up a point but we were totally played of the park. I think a combination of inexperience, overused tactics and fatigue with such a massive fixture list came into play here.

Champions League 1st knockout Round 1st leg will be played in Germany, we will face Dortmund. Will be a tough 2 matches but I think we will come out on top.

FA Cup 3rd round gives us a trip to Yeovil, no worries here it should be guaranteed qualification.

The league Cup Semi Finals pairs us up against Fulham, still our best chance of silverware this season and it continues to look likely :)

Song and Gervinho will be out most of the next 2 coming months with the African Cup soon coming into play, hoping my squad can avoid injury's during this time. Hummels will fill in the DMLC role with Chamberlain or Hazard playing out wide with Wilshere playing in the AMC position.

January brings us 7 fixtures with the first 3 all being played away from home, wish me luck ;)

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You going for Rossi?

That'e exactly who I have in mind! haha. Although I'm not to sure about it AHHH! Any opinions would be great.

On the plus side he's almost 25 so I would get a good 5-6 years out of him. Good competition for R.V.P and can also play the AMC role if needed. He would be able to tutor and has great stats. Nice boost to the team :)

However, it would take a bid of 35 million and a hefty weekly wage. I'm also not 100% sure I absolutely need him as R.V.P is on fire at the moment but that can't go on forever.

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Warning, ROSSI RANT!

After placing the £35 million bid I tried offering Rossi a contract just to see what would happen.

Status : key player

Appearance Fee : £16.25k

Goal Bonus £16.25k

Team Of the Year : £800k

Wage : £170k per week

Loyalty Bonus : £6.25m

Agent Fee : £5.75m

Not to mention the clauses:

Seasonal Landmark Goal bonus after 15 goals : £1.5m

Match Highest Earner Clause

Sell on Fee Percentage of 10%

I think I can safely say.... **** that! What a greedy butt hole his agent is. I mean this Arsenal team is not like the Arsenal IRL, it stands a chance of wining trophies, sorry to the fans for that one haha ;) Not to mention the fact that Villareal are on a 9 game run without any wins, out of Europe, out of the domestic cup and 10th in the league.

I tried negotiating but still no where near what I was willing to sacrifice finance wise.

Turning my attention to Benzema, anyone managed him for Arsenal yet? He's only started 7 games for Real this season so far so I could be looking at a summer deal.

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there are better for much less though. He is a great player but in the past for me on this and older games I have never been able to get a goal a game out of him. IF you have a prolific duo then go for it. Otherwise look @ Cavani ( same price ) Hulk ( less ) Llorente (same ) or a cheaper option of Seydou Doumbia.

Out of all of them I would go for Doumbia, having said that I signed Mbaye Niang and play him with Van Persie in Treq role and Walcott and a regen in year 3 and he does fine. See my post for Niang.

If it is tutoring you are after - some one like Olic I guess would be a very good signing and would probably a better job from the off and for significantly less.

P.s. I see Wilifred spoken about a heck of a lot along with Rondón and Kadlec and all look immense AI developed on my save 3 years in if it helps?




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Very much appreciated Kieran. Nice informative reply you gave me there, I will be looking into Cavani, Hulk and Seydou Doumbia.

For some reason I thought Niang had moved to Chelsea in my game. I double checked there and he'r still playing with Caen, SLAPM ME! Im going for him :)

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Lol. He is a first teamer for me and is so prolific its not even funny! check my stats he got me - surreal for his stats, age and potential. my only player ever to have all 5 stars filled for potential

Nice one :) thanks for the suggestion although since I'm half way through the season Caen are asking for £27m. I will pull out the barca tactics and hopefully get him alot cheaper haha

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I did have deals agreed for both Cavani and Llorente, but decided to cancel them as I wasn't entirely happy with the wages I'd have been paying them. Although I don't think either of them asked for anything quite as crazy as Rossi asked for on Hyperlogic's save. :eek:

Man Utd signed doumbia on one of my other saves and he was immense for them, close to a goal a game average, even when they were struggling.

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Strongly thinking about investing in Hulk if I don't manage to get Niang this coming summer for a reasonable price. There is a massive plus to acquiring the young frenchman in that he would be eventually classed as home grown. Time's ticking.

January Update

Tottenham 1 - 2 Arsenal (R.V.P, Vermaelen) 2/1/12 A good start to the year beating Tottenham away from home :)EPL

Yeovil 0 - 4 Arsenal (Ramsey, Wilshere, R.V.P, Walcott) 7/1/12 Next round pairs us against Bristol City again ;)FA Cup 3rd round

Fulham 1 - 3 Arsenal (Walcott, Wilshere, R.V.P) 11/1/12 Good away win in the first leg League Cup Semi

Arsenal 3 - 0 Liverpool (R.V.P, Wilshere, G. Johnson o.g) 15/1/12 Good result and deserved win EPL

Q.P.R 1 - 2 Arsenal (R.V.P, L.Young o.g) 21/1/12 Another o.g from a counter attacking Walcott cross EPL

Arsenal 4 - 0 Fulham (Walcott(3), Chamberlain) 24/1/12 Great result 7-1 on agg League Cup Semi

Arsenal 3 - 1 (Walcott(2), Hazard) 28/1/12 Play Wycombe at home in the next round. FA Cup 4th round

Manager of the month : After a two month spell away I have returned :)

Player of the month : Luis Suarez, 4 goals in as many appearances.

Young player of the month : Jack Wilshere with 1 goal, assists and an average 7.9 rating

I was looking to sing a striker during the winter transfer period but came out it empty handed. It wasn't a desperate need but it would have helped as I am still competing in all 4 competitions relying heavily on R.V.P up front. I will need to wait till the summer for any new deals. I've enjoyed this moth and happy with the games played :)

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Season 13/14 September/October update

Premier League – MANCHESTER UNITED 2-1 ARSENAL – Rooney 34 Vermaelen o.g 90 – Cavani 85

We faced the first big test in only the third game. The trio of Koscielny, Walcott and Tevez all available all were on the bench. The first half saw plenty of chances. United were creating more with Adler in good form but Arsenal were having some dangerous counter attacks with Chamberlain twice going close. Ironically it was United that opened the scoring from a counter. Rooney put clean through after good work from Nani and was never going to miss. The second half began cagey both waiting for their subs to make the difference. With 20 minutes to go Walcott and Tevez came on but it was Cavani that took advantage of intricate play to slot home the equaliser. I quickly took off Van Persie and replaced him with Vrsaljko settling for the point only for Vermaealan to divert Rooneys cross into his own net just past the 90. Unbeaten season will wait another year.

Premier League – ARSENAL 2-0 BOLTON WANDERERS – Cavani 69 Tevez 90

We followed up the defeat to united with a good response against Bolton. Although it took 69 minutes to break through I was always confident the goal would come. Bolton never really looked like troubling Adler.

Champions League Group Stages MD1 – ARSENAL 5-0 BATE – Ramsey 1 Schurrle 15 76 Cavani 62 Konopelko o.g 90

The Champions League kicked off with a stroll against Belarusian side BATE. When Ramsey scored after just 40 seconds it was clear how this was going to go. Andre Schurrle was the star with two goals and an assist. A couple of eye watering stats. 34 shots to 0. 86% possession. A shame they won’t all be that easy.

Other group game - PSG 3-1 SHALKE

Premier League – ARSENAL 5-0 HULL CITY - Cavani 22 46 83 Song 32 Walcott 35

Another fabulous display. Just the 32 shots this time but could easily have been more goals. Cavani hitting another hattrick to make it 10 in 7. Adjusting nicely to the rigours of enlish football it would seem. Hull did have a couple of clear chances but overall it was other dominat display. Nobody will want to visit the Emirates this season. The win also put us top on goal difference. Villa beating United.

League Cup 3rd – ARSENAL 0-0 ASTON VILLA

Arsenal win 6-5 on penalties

Despite playing a good side I rung the changes for the League Cup meaning first starts for Szczesny, Gibbs, Kishna, Tevez, Crisetig and Ghidini. I put Schurrle on the bench as insurance resting all the other big names. It was a very even game and both sides had chances to win it in normal time. Koscielny usually so reliable from set pieces missed a free header from 3 yards in what was probably our best chance. I brought on Schurrle, Park and Gobbi to try and get the winner but it never came and in the end we had to win it on penalties.

Schurrle Chamackh

Tevez Collison

Gobbi Strootman

Park Lacko

Crisetig Silva

Gibbs N’Zogbia

League Cup 3rd Round Review League 2 crawley caused a sensation by beating Bolton 2-0 at the Reebok. Spurs managed to knock Chelsea out on Penalties at Stamford Bridge. Everyone else sailed through.

League Cup 4th Round Draw


Hardly the ideal draw but a good test for some of the younger players. We defininlty drew the short straw although City face an uneasy trip to Stoke

Premier League – ASTON VILLA 1-1 ARSENAL – Chamakh 11 – Walcott 39

3 days after breaking villas hearts in the league cup we headed to Birmingham to play them in the league. They only produced 1 shot in the first 58 minutes, but that produced a goal. I somehow knew it would be Chamakh that scored it. Walcott equalised and we knocked on the door but despite 23 attempts only mangaged the single goal.

Champions League Group Stages MD2 – SHALKE 2-2 ARSENAL – Huntelaar 2 49 – Walcott 33pen Van Persie 73pen

A third draw in a row but this was a lot more competitive. After a dismal showing at Villa Cavani was dropped to the bench and Tevez started. Tevez worked hard but to little avail. In the end we required two penalties to scrape a draw. Both sides had chances to win it but a draw was just about a fair result.

Premier League – ARSENAL 4-1 WEST BROM – Walcott 1 Van Persie 28 Cavani 44 80 – Cox 8

A good win against a spirited West Brom. Cavani back in the starting line up bagged a brace. Walcott kept up his scoring streak. Also nice to see Van Persie get a goal from open play.

Premier League – ARSENAL 1-1 EVERTON – Van Persie 48 – Welbeck 3

Just one of those games. Had all the chances but Tim Howard with a rating of 9.2 was virtually unbeatable. It took a moment of magic by Van Persie as he curled in a 35 yard free kick to save the game. At the end I had effectively a 2-1-7 formation but still no breakthrough.

Champions League Group Stages MD3 – ARSENAL 4-3 PSG – Van Persie 23 60 Cavani 30 68 - Gamiero 14 Hoarau 50 70

A strange old game that could’ve ended up with any score. A mistake by Adler saw PSG take the lead. After that though we controlled much of the half and the game. PSG only scored when they attacked and without a combination of woodwork goalline clearances and Salvatore Sinigu it would’ve been more.

Premier League – FULHAM 3-4 ARSENAL Dempsey 3 Jadson 41 Zamora 71 - Schurrle 51 63 Park 73 Van Persie 81

After the drama of the PSG game I expected a more mundane affair at Fulham. What I got was another 7-goal thriller. An atrocious first half saw us go 2-0 down and barely able to muster anything. I tried to keep calm at half time and it worked when Schurrle pulled one back. Sensing blood I made a triple substitution bringing on Walcott Tevez and Park sacrificing Chamberlain and both full backs. Schurrle then tapped in from a yard for 2-2 only for Zamora to give Fulham the lead again. Park immediately pulled it back to 3-3 from kick off. Tevez then went off with a minor injury leaving us down to 10 men before Van persie smashed home. He could’ve added to it late on. Great comeback.

League Cup 4th Round – LIVERPOOL 3-1AET ARSENAL – Kuyt 2 Ehm 98 Sigurosson 104 – Schurrle 53 Song s/o 70 Vrsaljko s/o 82 Vertonghen s/o 90

A stern test of the defence of the trophy at Anfield. I played a decent team still giving Ghidini and Bartley starts while also starting Schurrle Van Persie and Walcott. I had Cavani and Ramsey on the bench. In a very rare occasion I took the decision of not having a substitute goalkeeper. Sometimes though it doesn’t matter what the team is match events decide the outcome and this was one of those. 3 red cards all for two offenses killed the game and it was a miracle we got to extra time. My ending team was GK Sczcesny DL Gibbs DC Nobili DC Bartley DR Ramsey ML Van Persie MC Schurrle MR Cavani. Annoying we’re out but more upset with the suspensions.

League Cup 4th Round Review Just to make things better Spurs won 10-0 at reading!! United managed to lose on penalties at Derby..

So the first two months end on a low. Overall a pretty good month. Here are some stats

TOP SCORERS (all comps)

Cavani - 14

Schurrle - 8

Van Persie – 7

Walcott – 4

Park – 2

Ramsey – 1

Tevez - 1

AVERAGE RATINGS (all comps minimum 5 games)

Edison Cavani – 7.60

Andre Schurrle – 7.53

Robin Van Persie – 7.45

Theo Walcott - 7.42

Bacary Sagna – 7.36


Thomas Vermaelen – 7.15

Rene Adler – 6.95

Laurent Koscielny - 6.82


While we have had a decent start Man United and Man City have been nearly flawless so far. City the only team yet to lose. It will take a good effort to win the league this season and I may have to sacrifice another competition to do it. However, it is still far too early to panic and we were in a similar position last season.

1. Man United played 9 points 24

2. Man City played 8 points 22

3. Arsenal played 9 points 20

4. Liverpool played 9 points 20

5. Chelsea played 9 points 20


9. Tottenham played 9 points 14


It’s not often Wolves feature in this section and Villa can count themselves unlucky as the only team to beat United but for sheer character I’ll give it to Wolves. They went to Stamford Bridge with a game plan restricted Chelsea to only 2 attempts on target had more possession and snatched a 1-0 win,


/-/ reginiussen 45

Shots 10 - 6

On Ta 2 - 2

Poss 49 - 51


It would be easy to give it to Cavani for adjusting to English football so easily and of course his 14 goals and 2 hattricks but I’m giving it to Andre Schurrle. 8 goals and 3 assists is an amazing return. He’s been for me the first name on the teamsheet. He would’ve been for August as well.














It’s been a high scoring league so far. Here are the top 10 goalscorers

1. Edison Cavani (Arsenal) 10

2. Javier Hernandez (Man United) 9

3 Edin Dzeko (Man City) 8

4 Luiz Suarez (lIverpool) 7

5 Assamoah Gyan (Sunderland) 7

6. Wayne Rooney (Man United) 6

7. Leando Damiao (Tottenham) 6

8 Mauro Bosseli (Wigan) 6

9. Ched Evans (Bolton) 6

10. Darren Bent (Aston Villa) 5


A decent run of fixtures is over-shadowed by trips to City, Tottenham and Liverpool. The Liverpool game is 2 fays after we face Chelsea at the Emirates

I’ll also be starting to think about transfers. Lavezzi or no Lavezzi?

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Hi Guys

Just started a Arsenal game, and just wondering who to sign players wise, I am happy with some staff I have signed, and got rid of a lot of my backroom team but keeping good coaches and scouts.

Anyone think its worth splashing out in the 1st season August transfer window? I was tempted to bid for Gotze but Dortmund want silly money as with Hummels. What the cheapest anyone has got Gotze for?

I was even wondering about not signing anyone at all and trying to win the league with the squad I have?


LG :)

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the whole thread is full of suggestions fella... so is the OP ..

its all down to personal preference... the squad is probably strong enough as is to get some success... but personally, i would invest.... hummels is worth it for 20 odd million in my book...

if not.. get chris samba for less than that and be happy for many years at the back...

depending how you wanna play.. you might wanna get some firepower upfront... usual suspects..... muniain, cavani, doumbia, damiao, rondon etc...

you might want some extra drive in the middle of the park... consider:

defence minded:

kwadwo asamoh

andre ayew




sven bender






dario conca


borja valero


may also consider yourself short at leftback:





jorge fucile

avaro pereira




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Hi Guys

Just started a Arsenal game, and just wondering who to sign players wise, I am happy with some staff I have signed, and got rid of a lot of my backroom team but keeping good coaches and scouts.

Anyone think its worth splashing out in the 1st season August transfer window? I was tempted to bid for Gotze but Dortmund want silly money as with Hummels. What the cheapest anyone has got Gotze for?

I was even wondering about not signing anyone at all and trying to win the league with the squad I have?


LG :)

welcome to the thread - i will also be updating the opening thread soon with even more suggestions, so keep your eyes open

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An end of season review is upcoming but I thought it was worth updating on the summer transfer window first.

It was a very busy window and I managed to move a significant amount of deadwood out of the squad and reduce the wage bill. Unfortunately, I may not have been brave enough and waited a season too long to remove a number of the players, hence the quite low prices received.

But there was one big arrival...


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Arsenal End of Season Review 2013/14

Season Three is over at the Emirates and it has been a slightly up and down year again...

Carling Cup

We dispatched Wigan (Away, 4-1) West Ham (Home, 2-0) Man City (Away, 2-0 - excellent performance) which set us up, once again with a semi-final with Mourinho's Chelsea.

We were well on top in the first leg at the Emirates but two Torres goals meant we lost 2-0. The second leg was a mess and we lost again, 2-0. A tough 4-0 aggregate loss to Chelsea and the league cup was out of our hands, once again.

FA Cup

We lost the final last year to Chelsea (despite missing a penalty and a few CCC's grrrr...) so I was keen for us to avenge that and finally win a cup.

We did have a pretty soft run with results:

Brighton (H) 4-1

Derby (H) 0-0 (ridiculous)

Derby replay (A) 2-0

Leicester (H) 5-0

Stoke (A) 3-1

The semi-final saw us draw Man Utd at Wembley. We trailed 1-0 and 2-1 but a superb second half saw goals from Cavani, a 25 yard screamer from RvP and a sealing goal from Hazard gave us a famous 4-2 win and we were into another final. This time...we faced Spurs.

In the week before the game we lost Cavani and RvP to injury which meant I had to start with Chamakh who had only made 12 appearances all season. Suffice to say he was crap.

With 10 minutes left and the score still 0-0, I put on Cavani...two minutes later Jack Wilshere played him clean through.....

And he missed.

We went into extra time and....


Absolutely gutted. We had the chances to win this but a Dawson header from a corner meant we lost again at Wembley.

Champions League

We were drawn in a toughb group with AC Milan, Athletic Bilbao and BATE. I was chuffed to finish top with the full 18 points (4-3 win at San Siro was particluarly great).

We then faced this path through:

Celtic 6-1 on aggregate

Marseille 6-3 on aggregate

This set us up with a semi-final against...surprise surprise. Chelsea!

We missed a hat full of chances in the first leg (with the normally reliable Cavani the worst culprit) to lose 2-1 at the Emirates. We then travelled to Chelsea needing a big result to turn things around:


We have lost a few big games to Chelsea but missing 4 CCC's at the Bridge is ridiculous. We were out of another cup!

Premier League

Regular readers (you know who you are) will know I was looking for my third straight Premier League title.

We had some good results in the league, including wins doubles over Man Utd (Away 2-1 and home 3-1) and Chelsea (Home 3-0; away 3-2) and Liverpool (Away 2-1; Home 4-1) including a home record of P19 W18 D1.

Man Utd were often close but they couldn't quite hack the pace:


I still don't know why we were under cooked in the big cup matches but so good in the big league games, I think we just need a little slice of luck (especially in the FA Cup). I am hoping to improve the squad even further in the summer and maybe we will have enough to at least land one cup of some sort.

Cheers! Welcome any thoughts

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One last post.

Arsenal End of 2013/14 Season Best Players

One last post, I wanted to share the pretty amazing seasons of three of my front four. I tried to order them but can't manage it.

Undoubtedly our Players of the Season are:

Edinson Cavani:


Eden Hazard (Debut season):


Super Jack Wilshere:


Cheers for reading!

If anyone knows of a better screenshot to show the performance of players then I welcome it.

Cheers all!!

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AWESOME SEASON IN THE LEAGUE! Shame about the cup games but I have the opposite usually! I play well in cup games but loose league games. Having said that I am on a good start. Now I will admit to being slightly intoxicated when writing this so the grammar may be bad = )/. I have the opportunity to sign Nasri for 15Mil at 27 years of age. Would you feel he is worth it considering my squad ( posted a couple of posts up? ) or shall I leave it? I 'm soo tempted to get him a title and Champ league that he hasn't had @ city to show him he was a T*** for leaving. Any thoughts?

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Sorry double post but WOW WTF OMG WOW WOW WOW!!! My game of the game so far!!!!!


I will play by play a little as the score doesn't give it justice.

This game is the best moment of my career as a manager of FM- not because of the score but because of a) the squad put out but b) the level of play and the sheer adrenaline I had during the game ( especially when falling 4 - 3 down! ) I would like to salute my

Manaerial prowess lol! well my defensive tactics fell through but in the words of Keegan - "we will score 1 more than them!"

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just started a save with arsenal

Budget 45m

Balazas Dzsudzsak 17m

Hamsik 20m

Baines £5m+ 7.5 after 30 games +10%/next transfer

Samba 7.5m +7.5 after 30 games + 10% next transfer

Hummels 10m + Mertesacker+45% next transfer

Hazard 10m + 20 after 40 (internation) apps

Pacheo LN 80% wages

total spent 69.5m


Vermaelen 20m

Santos 10m

Arshavin 12m

Almunia 2.5m

Mannone 1m

Park 6m

total recived 51.5 m

I play a 4-2-3-1 formation

GK: Szczesny

LB: Baines

CB: Samba

CB: Hummels

RB: Sagna

MC: Arteta

MC: Hamsik

AML: Dzsudzsak

AMC: Hazard

AMR: Gervinho

ST: Van Persie

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I couldn't - got rid at begin of 3rd season - no one wants them.

EDIT: I'm a bit emotional ..... I didn't save the game last night after the wonder game! in my drunked state I closed game and didn't realise! Going to play it now with a tear in my eye!

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Quick one for you all.

With a heavy heart I have sold Arteta (2014 Summer). He had been an integral member of the team, playing MC in a DLP role.

HAs anyone had any success with Ramsey in that role? I have taught him to 'dictate tempo' so hopefully he can do a good job there but wondering whether others are ahead of me in that regard?

If not, I am considering someone like M'Vila or Moutinho...


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would like to sign a right attacking midfielder to give Walcott a bit of competition , I have Lavezzi and marco reus in mind but which should I go for , this will be my big money signing for the start of the second season?


i have a cheap option - alex oxlade-chamberlain

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I've just read the whole of this thread in the last 2-3 hours. Now I've got the urge to play as Arsenal. I really should stay away from club threads:D

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I've just read the whole of this thread in the last 2-3 hours. Now I've got the urge to play as Arsenal. I really should stay away from club threads:D

Do It, before the urge is lost! Topple manchester! Etc.

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