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Hey Computer Specs help please =]

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It can run any amount but pain free i reckon the most you could get away with is 3 countries but with 2 of them as Viewable Only.

If you do any more i reckon it will be very slow and painful and may just crash all together.

Can i ask is it windows 95/98/2000/ME/03/XP ?

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Originally posted by TheShamanOfFm:

Yeah its xp it was ok back in the CM days lol but the pure old thing cant handle Fm 08 i would imagine lol its been up the loft for years

I reckon youll be ok running 3 play-able leagues then mate. If not then youll soon know. Just re start the game.

On my current save im running 7 counties, each playable with their maximum leagues possible with a large database. This is on an XP computer with 1024MB of RAM and a Single Core Processor.

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