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The Better Half´s very humbe FM-forum/Homepage

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Hi all !


New forum

Just wanted to promote my humble homepage/forum that is dedicated to the FM-series. Its a very, very simple forum and I have no intention what so ever using something different than this free forum forum, with all its restrictions.

Who is this forum for them and what does it bring the scene ?. Well basically, its for my enjoyment and it probably brings nothing to the scene :D

With this said, please pop in and say hello, post up/download a tactic or just start a thread in the off topic section, telling me what a cosy little forum this is, etc.

How knows, you might be the first person besides me and Raikan007 to open a new thread :D


New Forum

( old hompage)

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Homepage updated with the

Palace Project


In this thread, I will explain my reasoning when playing a long term save in a realistic way, paying attention to details and adjusting the tactic to suit the players and the current circumstances. I will provide screenshots of the players skills and ppms and tell you how and why I have chosen to set them up in a certain manor. It might be that I wont be updating this on a daily basis but at least all posts will be indepth

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Superb blog post on the Palace Project you've got there. Can't say I've read all of it yet but having read the first bit and skimmed the rest, I definately will finish reading the rest and following - seems interesting and detailed.

Having seen your other work in the tactics forum (ie: this that shows some good knowledge and such), I will be following and suggest others to do :thup:

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