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I wasn’t originally going to post this up in here until nearer the release of FM12 – but there’s no harm in putting it out there I guess – why not, eh.

It’s only a little blog I set up – should contain a load of tactical chin wag and articles and everything else you would come to expect from blogs or other fansites around the game. It’s main focus is around the tactics, having fun, experimenting with FM and give some personal analysis on it all. Basically, it’s just a big page for my ramblings on the game because I enjoy doing so and it’s a good way to do it, really.

There are already a few posts on there but expect to see many more as time goes on. See here for the sort of thing to expect: Bedford v Tamworth – The Match

There isn’t much to say on it really except that I’m just trying to offer my own insight into the game, have some fun and create some interesting and hopefully useful posts. Keep checking it out as I will be constantly updating it with tactical and general fm goodness.

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