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Infractions, Warnings and the Banning System

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If you fail to follow the rules outlined on our forums, we can infract for the reasons listed below:


Types of Issue Infraction Points Length of Infraction
PM Warning 0 6 Months
Ban from Thread Topic 0 12 Months
Using a car analogy to describe FM 5 12 Months
Use of 'Fanboy' 5 12 Months
Frivolous Post Reporting 5 12 Months
Text Speak 10 12 Months
Trolling 10 12 Months
Illegal Download Discussion 10 12 Months
Abusing Other Members 10 12 Months
Foul Language 10 12 Months
Spamming 10 12 Months
Inappropriate Avatar 10 12 Months
Posting gifs rather than adding to conversation 10 12 Months
Persistent Anti-Social Forum Behaviour 20 12 Months
Piracy 30 12 Months
Spoilers 30 12 Months
Extreme Abuse of Other Members 30 12 Months
Requesting/Providing Illegal Stream 30 12 Months
Not reading or Following House Rules 30 12 Months
Abuse of SI Staff 30 24 Months
Alias 666 Permanent
Linking to pirated SI Products 1000 Permanent
User Not Required 1000 Permanent

With accumulation of these points users can be banned for periods of time as shown below:

Amount of Points Time of Ban
10 24 Hours
20 48 Hours
30 7 Days
60 2 Weeks
90 1 Month
120 6 Months
150+ Permanent Ban

Where possible we will use this points system to deal with users who continually break the rules, however as a forum we reserve the right to remove any user for any reason at any time.

Saying that users will be perma-banned only in extreme circumstances, please help us to help you by obeying the rules of the forum.

Please bear in mind moderating decisions are final and won't necessarily be shared with the user who raises the initial report. Whilst we do appreciate feedback, constant criticism or disrespect to decision made by Si and the moderating team will not be tolerated. 


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