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Zero to Hero Youth Experiment Questions


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I started a thread in the Experiments and Challenges area 18Rabbit's Zero to Hero Experiment.

This was a simulation of a group of 14 year old wonderkids using the "FM2011 to Level 11 build 2.02" database from RTC's English National League System Update - Taking FM11 to Level 11 as the basis for the experiment. I started them with CA 10, PA 185 and 1 reputation.

I started the kids out in random Division 11 teams and tracked their development by the AI but have hit a snag. After 3 years, the kids are now 17 years old and most of them have stopped growing. There seems to be a hard cap at 40 CA, 1799 home reputation and 400 world reputation. This has stalled out their development and I'm not sure what the cause is.

Here's a link to the spreadsheet I've been using to track their development: Zero to Hero Stat Progression Spreadsheet.

If anyone has suggestions about how to get around the cap or if anyone knows why they stalled I'd appreciate it. I'd be willing to restart the experiment with different parameters if needed.

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