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that would only work in the spanish league the. To get him at Man.utd for an english game you would have to edit the English database and transfer him that way.

Each specific nations database transfers will only come into effect when you play in that nation, you cant transfer between database, this means if Villa isnt on the english database it cant be done.

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David Villa is on the english database, ie, the game loads him as a player when managing an english team so you should have no problems in getting him to man utd. You edited before? what exactly are you doing..?

by database I mean, for example, Evander Sno of celtic isn't on the english database, as when starting a game with an english team he wouldn't be in the celtic squad, due to the capabilities of the PSP, but he would be in the celtic squad if you managed a scottish team.

hope that helps,

Mightyowl28, FMH Uber Editor icon_cool.gif

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you are using a changes.txt file and putting it in the right place on your psp mem stick? follow the step by step below if your unsure

1. Connect PSP to PC

2. Open memory stick in a window

3. Open 'PSP' folder (if not there create one)

4. Open 'COMMON' folder (Again, if not there, create one)

6. Create a 'FMH' folder (This will not be there, you need to create it)

7. Open wordpad/notepad/Microsoft Word.

8. Write out commands for the changes you want to make (Later on in this guide.)

9. Save file as 'Changes.txt' in FMH folder you created

10. Exit USB mode on your PSP and load FMH

11. Start a new game and your changes should have happened

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