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With so much going on recently, so much controversy, we thought we would let you in with our ideas and how we look to take this site forward! First of all, i think we need to discuss the concept that we are going with. To many places forget what the key is with all sites, and that is FM, we want to combine the two key features FM and you guys! So what we aim to bring you is interactive:FM, this is not going to be some stupid promise, something little we aim to bring you something that we can stand by for a long time!

Our main concept, and whole site will be releasing a brand new game for you all! Football Manager Online, we are not just going to do a simple network game, we are going to allow every single one of our members to have their own team on FM and to play against each other. Each manager who signs up will then have their own team, their own kits, their own badges etc..... we will then be holding the selection process, where you will all get the chance to pick your own squad, mould it to your tactics, shape your side how you want to. Every single day you will hae matches to play, fixtures to play, competition to play. We hope to make this the ultimate test of your FM ability, to find out who is the best FM manager out there! There will of course be prizes! Later tonight we will be looking to get this out to you! Hopefully around 7PM

The second thing that we aim to produce is our Ultimate member system, we don't just want you posting stories, competitions, challenges, guides without any sort of gain from this, so we will be promoting all articles, anyone who is willing to help the site, keep discussion going and help us bring out the best in this site, even refering a member, will be awarded points in our Ultimate Member points system, the more you do for the site the more points you will gain, yet again this is just to give you a little reward for the work that you are producing! Of course we will aim to give you something for working so hard and more prizes will be on offer!

Also we aim to obviously keep producing the content we are producing, and hopefully bring with it some absolute quality, with another version of my Player Bible being released over the next week also! We will also be letting you have your say on how we should run this site, and every single Sunday from next week on we will be holding Steam Sundays, where we will aim to have all of our staff, or at least a couple in steam chat so that we can here all your ideas and see if we can get them into our site somewhere! All ideas that you can come up with and that are viable to run on our site.

So that is all for now, please tell your friends, and please please keep these forums busy :D

Sign up Here! Online FM Faq

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