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CommunityFM is not your usual, new football manager forum that you see pop open every other week but instead aims to offer you something more unique, a site that is content based to help you get the make the most of football manager.

In a word you'd probably call it a 'portal', a place where you can get quality and up to date content regarding everything football manager from a various number of popular sites and services, we aim to act in a similar way to an RSS feed, grouping together all the good stuff and deliver it to you. We also have our own writing team and aim to bring you more interactive features in the future as well as our own content with things like a magazine, a podcast, more interviews and other site activities and competitions.

Be sure to check us out and subscribe/bookmark to get the most out of our services, we'll also be offering a free chance to win a copy of FM2012 as well, if you have any queries then just ask.

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