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Cameroon or any African Nation

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I'm now at the point where it is getting increasingly difficult to get interested in any career. For example, on Saturday i played FM all day and still didn't have a saved file come the end as I kept starting new careers, gettin bored or 'not feeling it' and then starting another one.

Last night i started a game with Cameroon. I've not done an international career before and i'm slowly getting used to spending most of my time clicking 'Continue'. Has any body else had a go with Cameroon or any of the African Nations? I'm thinking play until the African Cup of Nations in the new year, hopefully win it then see what job offers i get? Anybody think this worth a try or has anybody done this before?

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I tried the exact same thing but with Nigeria.

I managed to win the ACN fairly easily as they have a decent squad and a brilliant selection of forwards.

But in terms of job offers, quite a few managers were under pressure and believe me I tried to get myself into the frame for the likes of Atletico Madrid but none of them were having it.

All I could get were Italian second division sides, they were flooding in.

Who knows, you might have more luck, but that's just what happened to me.

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