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www.unbelievable-jeff.com Opens!

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A site and community dedicated to providing help and discussion towards the Football Manager series. If you failed to jump on the 2011 wagon it matters not as we cater for all versions. We offer guides, articles, tactics, general downloads but most importantly to you, advice on how to play the game. If you have overwhelmed expectations with Leeds United with two consecutive promotions to the Premiership but can’t quite decide on which players might cut it then we have people who can. Who knows a mans resources? Remember, we can not help everyone, but everyone can help someone. so feel free to bookmark us, register, login and get involved!


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Thank you Laurie,

It has been an enjoyable few days, building the community slowly but we already have some fantastic members and have had nothing but good comments on how the sites looks and atmosphere makes it an enjoyable place to be. Content is coming through now and we have some members to thank for their contributions.

If anybody fancies taking a look then feel free, we welcome all!

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This is a really good site guys

Cheers for the kind words.

We've been open for a few weeks now and we're building at a steady pace, with some great members posting around and some good content being posted. For the benefit of the ones who haven't been browsing the site, here are some links to our content:

Making Money in FM11 - My Thoughts

A Pre Season Friendly Guide

Best Position Attributes

On the forums we have some interesting topics such as:

Two Uptop

A look at the Advanced Playmaker role

Hopefully we can see more of you on Unbelievable Jeff and participate in our community!


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Hello all!

So we came to realise over the last 3-4 weeks how bad our hosts were. It was affecting peoples visiting of the site and the connection speed was shockingly bad. After a couple of weeks arguing with our hosts and getting nowhere, all they suggested was that we jump from a £7 monthly package to a £25 monthly VPS which would not be needed by a long shot we have decided to move hosts.

We started the process yesterday and we can happily say we are back onlne and are faster than ever, the connection issues should all be gone so feel free to come back over!


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Hey all,

Welcome to the Unbelievable-Jeff weekly newsletter, we aim to fully update you with the weeks events on the site with this! Firstly we are going to round up this weeks content which has been featured on our mainsite...

First up we have "Using The Player Search Filter" which was written by Ash. This handy guide will help you out if you do not fully understand the player search filter area of FM11. This piece also features images which of course are handy when pointing out the areas and the settings of the game to use. So if you are having trouble finding the right player with the stats you require the read this!

Using The Player Search Filter

Secondly this week we feature a piece called "The Best Staff Attributes" again written By Ash. This piece quite obviously will tell you all of the best stats to look out for when trying to make your mind up on renewing a staff members contract or signing a new staff member. This guide tells you all the relevant information for all assistant managers, all types of coaches and the physios.

The Best Staff Attributes

Last but not least we bring you a look at one of the players from the history of the CM/FM series. Footygamer brings us a look at Paul Dillon. "Who" I hear you ask, well be sure to click the following link to read more on this player and find out why Footygamer thinks of him as cult hero.

Great Players from History - Paul Dillon


This week has seen our new interactive competition "An Unbelievable Head To Head" start and seems to be going very well. Basically How this works for you up until the entry date is simple- you download a save game we provide you, take control of the team you've been selected and play until the end of the season, winning whatever you can. The day on entry, I will release a "points system" which will show you exactly where and how you can win points, just to show I won't be favouring anyone. It's extremely important to note I will be the one marking the points, therefore it's vital you upload your save after you're done. Obviously, this is where the Andoni (current manager) steps in, as it shows me you've not cheated by creating your own game.

Whomever wins this competition will then win a free EA game of their choice on whatever gaming platform they desire. Fifa, Need for Speed, The Sims, Dragon Age etc are just some of the games which EA produce. To get your hands on this then enter the competition!

An Unbelievable Head To Head

Also this week Mike has made himself a database and decided to share it all with you lovely folk! If you fancy managing in one of the most unheard of leagues in the world then feel free to download Mike's database and get involved in the following thread.

Skye & Lochalsh Bagshaw League & Cups - Proper amateur football!

Recently we also started a new "Kit Of The Week" competition which has gathered some interest. The first week was won by Iker, he had created some Austria Wienna kits for the theme of "A Fantasy Kit Who Plays In It's Country's Capital" The winning kits are as follows...


This week's theme is "Make Kits For The Team Of Where You Live". This weeks competition is already in it's voting stage so feel free to vote and get involved in future kits of the week below...

Kit Of The Week

On our final piece of news this week we bring you Jimbob's "Unbelievable-Jeff Predictor". This is a prediction competition which features games from around the world, even though the current season is ending in real life there will always be games to predict the score! As this is Jimbob's competition the overall winner of this will also receive an EA game of your choice on any gaming platform. We are currently predicting for week 3 but it is not too late to start entering your predictions and race to the top of the table!

UJ Predictor Win an EA game of your choice

Well that is all for this weeks news, as you can see we are quite busy and are always looking for ways that you can enjoy and interact with the site and forums. We just need all of you lovely members who are active and even those of you who are not so active to keep checking us out so we can keep improving the site for you.


The Unbelievable-Jeff Staff Team

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