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FootballManagerStory.com just got bigger (and hopefully better)

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Hello folks! I guess some of you might already know my website, footballmanagerstory.com, it's been around for more than two years. I have decided to expand it with a few new additions, here's what it's about:



Just a plain old forum really but there already are some very interesting stories, topics and discussions in there.



This is a place where you can find all the latest news around the FM scene. I have included all my favorite FM fan sites but the door is open to any other websites that would want to be listed there, as long as they are about football or Football Manager and as long as they are good enough. If you want to submit a website then you can do that here.

Social Network


It’s a our own facebook-like website, a great opportunity to communicate more and share our passion for Football Manager and football in general. The website includes a chat module, image and video sharing, and it could become a place where we can comment on important football matches and get to know more about each other.



With the integration of YouTube in Football Manager 2011 video has become an important part of our storytelling. I wanted to take this a little bit further so I made this website to include the best Football Manager 2011 videos but also some real football videos for the readers to enjoy.

That's about it for now, I hope that you like these new additions. I always appreciate suggestions though so please share them if you have any.

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