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Tactics Sharing Centre - Posting Guidelines

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This sub-forum was established to be the home for those who wish to upload and share, or download user created tactics and training schedules. One place, where people can easily locate what they're looking for, if they haven't the time, or aren't interested in more detailed discussions.

When creating new threads, please take the time to include the following important details:

Thread name - Please try to be descriptive as possible. Include the name you've given your tactic and which version of FM this tactic (or set of tactics) is for. For example:

[FM20] 4-2-3-1 World Beater - Great With Top Clubs

Opening Posts - Please try to provide as much detail as possible. Include important information and if possible, images or detailed descriptions of the formation, team and player settings.

Don't forget to include information about what types of players you try to use in each position or role. What player attributes others should look for, that work well with the tactic.

If you use additional settings, such as shouts (touchline instructions) during matches, Opposition Instructions (OI's), or have media and motivational tips that you use with your tactics, don't forget to provide details of those as well.

Try to provide examples of how you've done with your tactic and what teams you've used them with, what divisions or countries they've worked well in.

When sharing your tactics this needs to be done via the forums directly, or via the Steam workshop. In the past we used to endorse third party links but the content on these sites is not necessarily something we can allow links to and therefore we may remove them without warning.

General - If you didn't create the tactic yourself, but wish to share a discovery you've made from another forum or fan site, rather than try to claim something as your own effort (then get embarrassingly found out later...), please credit the original person who made the tactic. If they're not a participant on these forums you won't be able to link to where you did find it due to our rules on third party links. You may wish to contact a moderator beforehand to check if the link is one we could allow under the circumstances.

If it's brought to our attention that someone has falsely posted tactics from another forum or website as their own work, or without seeking the permission of the creator, website/forum, we'll have no alternative but to delete the thread and issue warnings/infractions/bans to those who have posted them here. Simply put, if it isn't your tactic, don't post it unless you have permission to do so.

Same applies if you want to post a modified or updated version of someone else's tactics. Please take the time to credit them for their original efforts in your opening post and provide a link to their thread.

Be prepared to interact with your audience here on the forums. People are bound to have questions, so be patient and as helpful as you can explaining things or answering their questions.

Constructive Criticism - To me, there's nothing worse than someone posting in a thread that so-and-so's tactic "is crap", or "doesn't work for me" and nothing else. If someone has taken the time to share their tactic with everyone on the forums, the very least they deserve is a little common courtesy. If you don't like the tactic, either leave it at that (and post nothing), or offer reasons why you don't think it worked for you, or ways you think it could be improved. I don't think anyone responds to poorly criticism, so long as it's constructive.


The Moderators.

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