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The Lost Season 4 UK Thread *Sky One* 8 Episodes - Then we wait!


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Lost is back! February 3rd, Sky One 9pm *repeats on Tuesdays at 9pm*

Can we expect another series that brings us yet more questions than it does answers?

Who's on the boat? Are they here to rescue everyone? Here to kill? Is it to do with Penelope?

And what of the amazing twist at the end of season 3, with Kate and Jack being revealed to be off the island in the shows first ever Flash forward?

This and many other questions may or may not be answered, but it sure will be one hell of a start to the new season!

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Originally posted by sebsy:

Yeh, break and return. Although I do believe seasons are only 16 episodes from now on.

Season after this would be 24 though wouldn't it to make up the remaining 8 that were supposed to be shown this upcoming season?

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As far as I know, there is just going to be a break until all the writers strike crap is sorted then the last 8 of this series will be made and shown.

Then the next series of 16 would start after a longer absence I would assume.

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yes season was always going to be 16 epps even before the strike. We get 8 now, and 8 whenever the strike ends. Apparently in the case that the strike takes months and months to end they can simply do an 8 epp season as the 8th eppisode has a cliffhanger anyway.

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  • SI Staff

I reckon it's just going to be 8 episodes this series as it's not looking likely the strike is going to be resolved in time for them to shoot the other 8 and still have time to do next season unless they aren't going to have a break and finish the 8 then go straight into the next season.

I guess they're already having their break anyway icon_biggrin.gif

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Originally posted by Hexhamlad:

So 16 episodes over 3 seasons totalling 48 episodes? I'm sure orginally it was meant to be 2 24 episode seasons but the broadcaster wanted it streched out.

They always said they had enough stuff for 5 seasons, so there has been no stretching out, as the last 3 seasons are just shorter in length than normal.

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Good start to the new season imo.

We now know that Jack, Kate and Hurley get off the island and that apart from them, there are 3 others who also get off. The flashforward tonight was obviously set before the flashforward at the end of last season, due to Jack not having a beard and saying he is thinking of growing one.

Can we presume that the person in the coffin in the flashforward from the end of last season is one of the 6 people who get off the island.

Did Hurley actually find Jacob's hut tonight or was it all a mirage? Hurley actually saw Jacob then another person who appeared right by the hole he was looking through, then Locke appeared. Was it Locke in the cabin with Jacob? like I say, that's dependant on whether Hurley actually found the hut as he ran away from it then saw it the opposite side before closing his eyes counting to 5 opening them again and it not being there. But he must have as it looked like it did when Ben took Locke there.

There was the sinister black man who approached Hurley in the mental institution and also Hurley is having visions and conversations with dead Charlie, but another patient told Hurley that Charlie was there staring at him.

I give up icon_frown.gificon_biggrin.gif

Like I say, great episode, just find though, that it takes alot out of it knowing who is going to make it off the island.

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I have the sneaking suspicion that the "Oceanic 6" are only the 6 survivors who publicly announce that they survived, probably the more higher profile people like Jack, Hurley and possibly Jin and Sun.

I think that there are more that slipped under the radar for various reasons.

Mainly people like Kate, so that would explain why she was free in the flash forward from last season.

So the person in the coffin in Jack's flash forward might not have been one of the "Oceanic 6" but one of the other survivors. If it was one of the "Oceanic 6" then surely there should be more interest in the funeral.

I suspect that the next few episodes at least will be flash forwards of the other survivors and something trying to make them go back to the island, like Charlie did for Hurley.

If so then fairly soon we should get another Jack flash forward, but one that happened before last season's flash forward.

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Decent episode, really enjoyed it.

Again, more new questions that answers.

Why are these people after Ben?

How does he know they're after him?

What's with this Miles bloke that just by going by Naomi's body, he could tell they were telling the truth about Locke killing her?

fb episode icon_biggrin.gif

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A pity that Ben didn't kill Charlotte, her voice was starting to annoy me.

I assume that Miles is on the team because they know about Jacob and he might be able to protect the team from him somehow.

Charlotte is obviously an expert in animals and apparently recognised the Dharma logo from the Polar Bear.

Dan was on the team because his knowledge of physics could help with some of Dharma's experiments. The fact that he was described as a headcase could mean that he was in the asylum with Hurley, but probably more likely with Libby.

I'm still not sure if they are a part of Dharma or not and are on the islad to get Ben and learn more secrets from him.

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