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I am also currently a member of this site. My username is Crusader. FMD is under new ownership and as of January is undergoing a major overhaul of what you currently see on the site. New skin, Competitions, Forum re-structure etc and a whole host of other interesting parts to the site to be revealed on the opening of the new FMD.

We hope to create a more vibrant buzz about the place and are looking for new members who are willing to do the same. If you are new to playing Football Manager and feel a bit overwhelmed about joining one of the bigger fansites and want something a little smaller then we are the place for you. Experienced FM gamers are of course always welcome to sign up and join in the discussion.

We are also looking for Story Writers about their FM careers. We want to hear your Stories. We want to see your talents at writing stories. We want to see your creativity. You will get feedback and friendly advice by all our members on how to improve your stories if you so need the advice.

We are a friendly bunch, we are dedicated and passionate about all things to do with Football Manager and Football in general. If you feel the same way then give us a go. You wont be dissapointed when we relaunch.

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