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I know what your saying, what does this site offer that many others don't?

For one, just take a look at the site, we don't demand you to sign up. We feel we have a brilliant layout with lots of new features that will help out others. For one, the homepage we have in place not only looks good but has everything a homepage should. It will display your user info, tell you who's online, and the best part of it, articles will be promoted to it, so if you write an excellent article/guide, you could well see it up there on the homepage in clear veiw.

Another area I am happy with, it's actually my favourite, is the helpdesk. More info can be found here. You can read all about it in that link but I will give you a brief overveiw here if you don't want to go to the site. Members can post 'Tickets'. These tickets will then be looked at my staff and will answer them. For the time being, we want to only use this system for you to tell us, what bugs are on the site, your feedback for the site and any problems you might have. In the future, we want to also, make it into a way for people to ask questions FM related, but for the time being, it is only for reasons I stated or for more reasons on that link I showed you back there.

We also have a download section, this is the only part of the forum that need's some changing to with image sets being added to it as it looks a bit plain at the moment. We hope you will join us on the site and create a unique community. After all, we are here for people to discuss FM and we hope you may join us in the newest and upcoming site on the FM scene. I'm sorry, this is short, but we hope the site speaks for it's self as we add more and more content onto it as we speak.

We have spent a while getting this ready, we came across a number of bugs that we needed to fix which took a while before release, but we are happy that it is ready now.

Thank you for reading,

The Admin team on FMN.

You can find us here: FMnetwork

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