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Crash Dumps Error To The Next Level

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Ive had the crash dumps error before, but i was able to get rid of it this time its just taken it to the next level. Basically i had a game running on my laptop (dell inspiron 6400), i had a serious problem with my laptop later on so i decided to move the whole "my documents" folder to my external hard drive. I then reinstalled the operating system on my laptop, therefore deleting the everything on my hard drive.

Once the operating system had been reinstalled i then copyed all my files back to the laptop from my hard drive and then reinstalled all the software i had on the laptop before.

This included my saved games from football manager. I made sure that all the sports interactive folders were the same as they were before. I started up the game and then tried to play the game i had been playing before, which i may add had no previous problems, the loading bar comes up it gets about 1/5th through and then crashed comeing up with the error "DDSK3D2J/C:/Documents and Settings/Sam/My Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2008/crash dumps". So i cant even get in the game at all. If anyone could help me at all as i had spent considerable time on that game and its frustrating as many of you know it would be brilliant. Even telling me how to contact sports interactive and if its worth it would be good.

Cheers Sam.

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