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FM11.3 • • • MiNiMaL_FuSS Returns (Again) V0.4 || 4-4-2 • • •

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FM11.3 • • • MiNiMaL_FuSS Returns - Classico V1 || 442 • • • (could a mod change the thread title please)



MiNiMaL_FuSS Classico V1 (POSTED 02/05/11) - http://www.mediafire.com/?rr7ree5d95ypn59


Flohrinho's Attacking Tweak (POSTED 14/05/11) - http://www.mediafire.com/?1uvgdvuwh3v7zj9 (see page 6 for details)

BitTech's Symmetry Tweak (POSTED 16/06/11) - http://www.mediafire.com/?1uvgdvuwh3v7zj9 (a tweak from another forum, that even's out the back 4 to be more traditional)


I highly recommend the RAVER trainign sets - http://community.sigames.com/showthr...-training-sets


Hi all,

Those of you that have been playing a while will remember my extremely popular tactic set for FM07 (the most downloaded tactic available), I've not been on the scene a great deal since then, but thought I'd have a crack at FM11.

This tactic is based upon the principals of my previous set, which follows a couple of simple principles:

• Stick as closely as possible to a 4-4-2

• Play attractive attacking football

• Get 3 attacking players in the box for any cross


New Guide:

Position - Position Type (example player from my current Norwich Squad)

SCL - Poacher (Abonglahor): The most important player, if he dosn't perform you will lose. Look for SPEED & ACCELERATION Gabby Abonglahor plays here in my Norwich Squad and is unstoppable.

SCR - Complete Forward (Lukaku): Big man upfront, holds up the ball and gets on the end of crosses...if you havn't got an all-rounder then look for a target man type player.

AML - Inside Forward (Ashley Young): This is your third man in the box, they will look to cut inside and get into the box as a third striker, a striker or an AMC can also play here if needs must.

AMR - Winger (Chamberlin): An out and out winger, will get down the flank and cross the ball in...the idea being that the above 3 players are waiting for it. Lennon is the best ever player I've used here, but I can't afford him for Norwich.

CML - Defensive (Huddleston): Sit's in midfield and rarely ventures forward, holds the middle of the park - if you're a big team think Essien and similar here.

CMR - Attacking (Ireland): This is where you're gifted technical AMC will often end up, he won't get forward as much as we'd like to see, but he will pick out long through-balls and generally keep the team ticking.....VDV got the occasional 30+ yarder from here too.

WBL - Now highly Attacking. Think Ashley Cole / Gareth Bale. He'll get down the line and overlap with the Inside forward, getting crosses into the box. If you conceed too amny goals then dial this guy back a bit, he's vital to the attack, but has to be able to get back too.

FBR - Defensive FB (Hutton): Makes sure you always have 3 players back to defend.

CB's - Defenders (Smalling/Wilson): 1 Cover and 1 stopper - typical center backs, defending responsabilities, one closes down and is a little less defensive than the other, a slightly fast CB would be good here.



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Yup 11.1 - my current concern is that we conceed too many corners and are susceptable to the counter attack. I expect I can fix the corners, but counters will just be this tactics weakness.

After beating Madrid 2-0, we beat Chelsea 4-1 and then drew with Villa 2-2. So it's medium/strong teams that are good on the break we're sturggling with, the BIG teams just seem to crumble.

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Is this going to be a set again MF? the FM07 set was the easiest and best i think i've ever used, it even worked a treat with my West Ham side.

If you want me to test it with the Hammers, just give me a nod.

The FM set was designed for WH, good old Tevez was there at that point ;)

It's likely to be a set as my home results are simply breath-taking, but my away results are much more of a sturggle, so I may make a home/away set.

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When do we get to see a link?


When I work out the away form - Just can't seem to keep the momentum up away.

You tested it with another team? pref a Newcastle or Stoke?

It's being built around Tottenham and specific Tottenham players - I'm not a great beleiver in plug and play tactics, so the base will be good, but you'll have to tweak for you're own players.

That said, when it's done I'll test with other teams with similar players (inside forward / a good winger are most vital).

Can you upload what you have now so we can play until you upload the final version? I'm asking that because the tactic looks outstanding!!!

Nope, done when it's done.

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Okay, made afew minor changes to the defence, dropped the line slightly deeper and made the FB's passing more direct (so CB's very short passing to the FB's and it's up to them to do something constructive with it).

Just messing with the DM player, having some good results with him as a defensive deep lying midfielder....huddleston is a pretty good passer though so that helps.

If you want to use this, then a good poacher is the main thing - Defoe has been excellent, but he is an inconsistant player, when he has an off day the team struggle, I'll buy sombody in Janurary to rotate with him to see if that helps (if i can sell keano)

Will probably release tonight - no promises

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Is it me or does it actually need to be put up for download. can we not go off what you have in the first post!

i remember usin this in fm07 it was really sucessful cannot wait to get home and try this

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I am trying to develop a 442 around the same principles as Minfuss and have 2 variations; one actually is 442attk but has only 2 arrrows going from back to forward and a 424 that looks similar to this one except I have "creative freedom" on more expressive and I play slightly wider. Both seem to give me good possession.

I have playmaker and target man specified and I have used the set piece creator to develop corners re penalty area/free kicks to best header and long throw ins.

Will watch this thread with interest as I am generally a 442 player and that suits my team NUFC who tend to play best with this traditional formation.


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Minimal_Fuss i understand that you want to upload the tactic when you are 100% DONE, but can you say if you tweak any personal instruction to every player, besides the role? if you didnt we can use it by creating it from the first post instructions...if you DID, we will have to wait !!! :D

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I have almost the same tactic. No man marking and a box-to-box instead of a playmaker.

It works great with my RC Genk team, have loads of possession, chances & goals. Became champion with most goals scored and least conceded. I also let the wingers change place.

Although I do struggle away at big teams.

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How many times do we see a thread like this ie: I am making a tactic then they post all there pics of how good there doing only not to put any links to the tactic ..

Why not make the thread when you have a tactic ready for others to try .

As the guinness advert says "Good things come to he who waits"

I'm sure he'll upload it once he's 100% happy with it.

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