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Football Manager First Team

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FootballManagerFirstTeam is a brand new forum for discussion & debates, about our favourite management simulation.

At FootballManagerFirstTeam (FMFT), we aim to provide our members with a friendly atmosphere with various topical discussions to take part in. With a diverse range of members already, the forum is producing top quality FM content; we already a wide range of exclusive guides, tactics and careers.

One of the great points of the forum is the positive vibes from all the members, who respect each others opinions, aswell as not being afraid to voice their views in debates. Thus meaning we not only harbour a relaxing atmosphere for FM discussion but also a friendly one. This in our eyes can only help good debates and discussion prosper.

We would therefore be honoured to invite all Football Manager fanatics to have a look around our forum, & make themselves accustomed to the surroundings. We hope everyone who visits our forum takes the time to sign up and enjoy it, whilst also increasing their understanding & love for the game.

We look forward to seeing you all there soon.


All the best

FMFT Staff.

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I too am a member on this site:

We have a very friendly and helpful community building up. Also the mods and admins are very kind but also very informative. They are not like other sites where sarcasm comes first. We welcome any new member.

Content wise, we are building up. We have some excellent graphics designers such as Ross, James, Jos, Andy and Mitchell. These in particular are part of our Graphics Team. So far we have a kit style created by Ross, numerous logo packs, facepacks and I myself am working on a few projects. Put this into contents with databases our members are creating and we have a decent amount of content for a site created just over a week ago. And it doesn't just stop there. Our content shall be ever growing. Examples are below:

Logos by Jos: http://footballmanagerft.co.uk/index...34-cf11-logos/



Logos by Jazzer: http://footballmanagerft.co.uk/index...eam-s11-logos/



Credit to the creators of these logos, Jos and Jazzer.

We also have a very informative Football Manager 2011 section. We have a story section which so far has been very good. As well as that we have a Guides section. Here we focus on team guides as well as in depth player analysis. Some guides we have already include a Tranmere Rovers guide by Jazzer, Lyon by McGougan33, and examples of player guides include Fabio Coentrao by RedTide. Here we hope explore the fundamental thinking behind managing a football club. I hope to get an FC Sion guide up soon.

Our help threads are also very neat. Rarely do you see a thread go unoticed. Whether it's a tactical help thread, or just technical problems we give our members the freedom to post and expect an answer.

As stated before, we have a very friendly community. Not just that however, we are also very active together. We have various interactive competitions such as the First Team Rangers to the FMFT Olympics. As well as that we have member interviews where every week or so we as a forum ask a member questions. As a forum we stick up for each other.

These are just a few reasons why you should take a look at our forum. Even if you won't sign up take a look. We are working very hard on the site and hope to get even better.

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Signed up to this forum a few weeks back and it really is something that you will like if you are a fan of small fansites with a community. There is a nice friendly atmosphere there and some good discussion on the game also.

Keep up the good work Hammy & all the team. :thup:

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Hi, I'm Joe and I'm in charge of the guide. Basically it's a guide covering everything about Football Manager, a better and more in-depth guide than the official manual which SI provide, which is very basic. The guide is scheduled for release on the 10th of December so make sure that date is in your calendars guys and girls!

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Today, Football Manager First Team is officially two months old. A lot has happened in two months so let me give you some statistics to help you gauge how the site is developing:

Total Posts : 23,313

Total Members : 179

Online Members At Once Record : 87

So as you can see, there's a lot of activity for a site that is only two months old as the total number of posts and members show. What the statistics also show is that the members who do join actually stay on the site and post actively which is obviously another good thing. However, no forum is just about the amount of members and posts. Content also matters.

At this present moment of time FT is producing heaps of content, a lot more than any other site around its activity level. Not only has there been a lot of graphics but other content such as team guides, player guides, tactics, careers, mini guides, databases and one massive guide which has been released by our whole community.

Here's some links to some the content gracing the site:

The Free Unofficial Guide to Football Manager

The Transfer Market For Dummies

Effectively utilising the Match Preparation

Dial Square - Joss' Arsenal Story

Ultimate Lower League Tactic

Derby County Guide

FM Shine Logo Megapack

The content listed above is only some of the amazing content we offer. There's plenty more of it on Football Manager FT for you to enjoy.

Thank you and enjoy the site!


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It wasn't hacked. One of the former owners accessed the site whilst it was under new ownership and damaged core files (which rendered the site inaccessible). I think the current owner is trying to get things back online, but I don't know more that that.

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