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How to enhance your FM gaming experience

You can install the game and start playing straight away. Alternately, you might want to follow the steps below to improve your FM experience.

Note 1: this post will be updated in real-time as updates are released

Note 2: Remember when installing any graphics to go into FMs Preferences and then Display and Sound and untick Use Skin Cache, otherwise your graphics won't work.

1) Download official 11.1 patch

Available here with updated data (including Liverpool's takeover), match engine and general bug fixes

2) Apply the FM11 Susie Real Names for Clubs, Competitions and Awards Fix

Available in this thread. Follow the instructions on how to install it. This small file also fixes the issue with the German national team not showing and other licensing issues.

3) Download the Cut-Out Faces Megapack 3.0

Available here from Friday November 5, this pack will show faces for over 73,000 individuals in the game; players, staff members and officials from all over the world.

4) Download the Metallic Logo pack for FM11

Available here, from Friday November 5, this pack includes over 20,000 club logos and over 900 competition logos.

5) Download all the SS'11 Kits

Available here, this thread provides loads of kit packs to replace the default versions within the game. Worth bookmarking and visiting regularly to download new packs as they are uploaded.

6) Don't like the default FM11 skin?

Visit our Skins forum and choose a better user-created skin.

7) You're ready to go!

We encourage YOU to frequent our Football Manager forums to share your experiences, solve any queries, ask for tactical help or to see how other people's careers are going. You might want to show off, rant and rave about how frustrating the game is or learn from other people's mistakes. It's up to you!

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