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Managerial career in South Africa

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Hopefully someone can clear this up for me!

So to give fm10 one last go before switching to fm11, I started a manager career in South Africa with Ajax CT, with the intention of buying african talent and selling it to rich Europen clubs (ok I know how that sounds!). However, to my complete and utter dismay, I am unable to sign any African players other than from South Africa. I figure this may have something to do with work permits, but even players with several int. caps I am not able to sign because of their work permit. Appeals do not seem to help at all. Now I have foreign players on my team when the game begins with no caps and no South African citizenship. So I was wondering if anybody else have experienced this, can confirn if it is a bug or simply the state of affairs in real life?

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here are some rules that ma help:

18.1. international transfers of players under the age of 18 shall only be

permitted when the family of the player moves to the country in

which the new club is located for reasons that are not linked to

football, and

18.2. no player under the age of 18 who is not a South African national

shall be registered as a professional player for the first time with a

club falling under the jurisdiction of SAFA unless s/he and his/her

parent or guardian are lawfully resident in South Africa.

7.1. A professional player who wishes to play for a club under the

jurisdiction of SAFA, but is registered as a player in another

national association, may only be registered after SAFA has

received an international registration transfer certificate issued by

the national association which the player wishes to leave.

doesnt really answer the question but these are the rules.

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Ok thanks

So basically, paragraph 18.1. and 18.2. just limits the transfer of under 18's from other countries. 7.1. is a little bit more difficult to understand, but as I understand it the player just has to be registered in a country's FA, for him to be able to tranfer to South Africa (obviously SAFA needs to recieve his paperwork in order for him to play, but not really an issue in FM...) So maybe it is a bug...

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