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Tottenham Striker Reply ASAP please


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hi, i'm in my second season with tottenham, i a great team, yet i never seem to get any prolific Strikers, i currently have: Bojan, Christian Benitez and Andre-pierre Gigac. Bojan is good, but i would prefer to have a more experianced striker (only by a few years though) Benitez and Gignac are just not consistent enough, so any suggestions are very welcome, i'm also on patch 8.02 with about 40m to spend.

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Sorry for going off topics, but does anyone else think that team threads would look much better if they had to be named

FM2008 - Official [Enter Club Name Here] Thread

Without all of the other stuff at the end.

Would make it easier to find threads outside of the links thread.

Also, the link to the GPTG should directly go to the links thread, with a message at the bottom saying something like - Cant find what you're looking for? Feel free to make a new thread.

Would stop so many threads in the wrong place.

What do you think?

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