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Mr Hough Winger 10.3

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God it seems like i have been working on this tactic for months, But i have finally come up with something i am happy with or to a certain extent anyway.

I still feel the defence could be better but I’m satisfied that not much can be changed otherwise it will take away from the 2 man attack. If i where to change anything i would move a ST into the Midfield position to give that some extra strength.

I have tested this tactic With Everton and Real Madrid, Everton being the average team with Decent players but there is massive room for improvement, I still managed to win 19 out of 20 games losing only 1

As i said i also tested with Real Madrid as they are the Pinnacle of the Football World and Have incredible players that Suit not only this tactic but also the formation on which i play, I have gone Unbeaten through the season winning over 40 games in a row.

So testing has gone well with 2 very different sides

Here is some screens of the tactic and some results and squads


Player Requirements

I’m Gonna list the main Attributes needed for each position and also put some optional ones up too that aren’t as important but will help if you can get them.

Keeper – Arial Ability Reflexes Handling One on Ones Agility

Fullbacks – Tackling Heading Marking Determination Positioning Pace

Optional Attributes for Fullbacks – Work Rate Team Work Strength Jumping Stamina

Central Defenders – Tackling Jumping Heading Marking Positioning Pace Concentration

Optional Attributes for Central Defenders – Aggression Anticipation Determination Bravery

Central Midfielders – Tackling First Touch Passing Determination Workrate Team Work Positioning

Optional Attributes for Central Midfielders – Stamina Technique Creativity – Dribbling Creativity Flair Pace Finishing Technique Crossing Off the Ball Pace

Wingers Dribbling Creativity Flair Pace Finishing Technique Crossing Off the Ball Pace

Optional Attributes for Wingers - Agility Composure Heading Jumping

Strikers – Finishing First Touch Dribbling Technique Composure Off The Ball Pace

Optional Attributes for Strikers – Bravery Determination Flair Acceleration

There you are with the Player Requirments a massive list of everything you need to make your team perform.

I haven’t been using OI’s so don’t bother

Use the team talks that you normally use

I have selected just a Standard Pitch size

Use any training that your team is Comformtable with or if there is one you prefer use that.

Download Link. http://www.filefront.com/17311232/Mr Hough Winger 10.3 (Everton, Dec 2009).tac

I am not massivly confident with the smaller teams with this tactic mainly because i haven't tried them with lower teams as yet so if you do try it with a lower league and it don't work be nice about it, People don't Realise how much effort goes into these tactics.

This will proberly be my last tactic on FM10, Thankyou all for using my tactics and i hope you have enjoyed them as much as i have enjoyed making them

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One more question ^^

Does the 2 strikers are Basicly the same role...and trying to do the same thing.

Or like one of them play like target man etc....

Any uses of Target man and main playmaker settings?

There both the same

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Hey Mr Hough, when you talk about moving one of the strikers to midfield to make it a bit stronger, where in midfield would you move him to?

The AM position?


Move him into one of the Central MC positions

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hehe Well 10 CCC is VERY imperssive.

Right now im trying to use this in my second halfs<to slowly get my player used to it,Usually after leading 2-0 3-0 with using kawwe 4-3-3,I usually end up with 4-1 5-0 etc,gonna start use it in the begin of the match will report P:

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Lol Jesus, I know the defence needs work well it's the defence and midfield really but i wanted to release what i had and hopefully someone might be able to improve it

Don't worry sir, three of their goals was from personal mistakes from Fabio and Anderson. I swapped them out with Brown and Fellaini for the next game against Villa and won easily 4-0 at home with them having 0 CCC. The attacking power in this tactic is amazing!

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