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Sure. You should post your site up in this section, that's usually the first step. In fact, I never contacted anyone about affiliation, they contacted me; so they do usually ask you, if they see your site and like it.

I'll post a message in the affiliate section, but I'd imagine that this area would be checked anyway :thup:

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Well ok, if you say so I will post the text that I wanted to send to Sports Interactive, let's hope they will read it here.

Dear Sir,

The reason that I am sending this e-mail is obviously the fact that I am interested in the affliate package that Sports Interactive has to offer. Our website, www.manutd.nl (Managers United) is by far the biggest and most populair Football Manager website in the Netherlands. We are serving the community since 2004 with daily Football Manager content on the frontpage. We are very interested if and how we can become an affiate.

I am looking forward to hear from you.

Yours faithfully,

*My name*

Managers United


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Hi all, I wanted to introduce myself to you if i havent already, my name is Laurie Cooper, I have taken over from Joe Turner as the community officer, I am your first point of contact, my email address is cooperl@soe.sega.co.uk, please contact me if you have any FM related query.

We attempt to get information to all site at the same time, please contact me with contact details if you have not heard from you as yet.



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