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2-3-1-2-2 working nice only 1 fault help needed

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working quite good

only problem is i seem to be leeking easy goals

can anybody try and give me feedback and help me tighten my defence



shouts i use

Drawing - Hassle opponents

winning - Retain possesion,pass into space,drop deeper,hassle opponents

losing - Retain possesion,play narrow,drop deeper

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Hassle opponents will set the closing down to full for all players - one of the things I find very wrong with the TC - so you will naturally concede to the simplest of through balls. Also, retain possession and pass into space are controversial shouts: retain possession will lower the passing range and the amount of players trying through balls, pass into space will increase it. If you haven't, I would suggest taking a look at the Tactical Theorems for FM10, you will find detailed explanation for all shouts.

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