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Scout problems and unhappy players

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Three questions:

1. Why don't scouts report back in the message boards like they used to? I liked hearing that a certain scout had found an ace player and recommended him as an excellent signing. Now I have to go to the scouting reports board and pull up the individual scouts, check their ratings of players, blah, blah... used to be easier.

2. Why do players complain about not getting enough first team football when they are? I have a player that's played 8 out of 11 games this season so far and is complaining... is he counting still from last season when he didn't get to play so much? What % of games will he need to play before he stops whining?

3. Will I always lose my star players because they feel like they need another challenge? Why aren't any of my stars like Shearer, happy to stay at the one club that has given them fantastic success until the end of their career... sorry lads if winning medals is getting boring!

Any answers or comments welcome.

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I agreed with #1 for a while, but now that I'm used to it I'm glad the thing isn't cluttered up with a thousand scout reports.

Not sure about #2 but that's been a problem for people in past versions.

I think if you win the same medals over and over it does get a bit boring. They may want to prove themselves in another league. Now if someone wants a new challenge and leaves Everton for Liverpool, yeah that seems a bit gamey.

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