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In game next goal scorer prediction game


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I won't be able to do the next game :( Stupid mother wants me to mow the lawn. The grass is only waist high ffs.

You okay to this game as well MrDiCanio?

Doesn't look like there will be much to do unfortunately :(

But yeah, I'm here :thup:

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Name                    Points

MrDiCanio               200
Klimowicz               120
Rhino                   110
Gooner32                110
Venn                    100
football master         100
Phillip Rolfe            20
tcoleman1                20
drobbo12                 20
Charlesbeams             10
dafuge                   10
Standard liege           10
gunner4eva               10
PaulHartman71             0
nattai                    0
Dudge7                    0
Brett.spurs               0
bomma132                  0
robbert o154              0
Baptista_8                0
Ruud Van Nistelrooy       0
Micado                    0

After the first goal. Quite a few people scoring 10 for the Paraguay goal, but noone getting the correct scorer.

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