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Schmeichels FM 2007 Update

Would you play this when its ready to download?  

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  1. 1. Would you play this when its ready to download?

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Downloads to date 1,626+

Latest Version>>> Version 2.44

Get it here >>> http://www.4shared.com/zip/8dKfImMk/schmeichels_fm_2007_update.html


An updated version of Football Manager 2007 to bring it up to date to 2014/2015

Works for Version 7.0.2 (Final update from SI)

English Version

PC Update

Includes Player Retain List of the Top Leagues in Europe


The update includes the following:

Player Retain list (of the big leagues in europe, and Argentina and Brazil)

All Prem Teams Season 2014/2015 (WIP)

Edited retirements (If theres errors please let me know)

45% Major teams across europe (Working on now)

100% All World Cup Managers Correct

England National team looked over

Added at least 300+ new youngsters, more to come..

Updated caps for a few players

Created Glenn Hoddles Academy and Aspire Qatar Academy (logos included) Also affiliation to Leverkusen and Lyngby,

Correct colours for competitions,

Done alot of current transfers,

Removed old staff from clubs

Added new managers

To Do:

Going through the top teams..

Complete euro transfers

Updated National squads

More youngsters to make the game more real & up-to-date

Staff at correct clubs,

Promotions & Relegations across Europe and the Americas..

Graphic Megapack FMC Graphic Pack V2.0 http://btjunkie.org/torrent/Football...df4898d9d7ec74

Thanks for looking dudes!

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Top Posters In This Topic

Top Posters In This Topic

Hey guys uploading a new database in a few mins, including WC 2010 managers 100%, Eng Prem teams done, started the big teams. Done Promotions and Relegations for Eng complete, Germany.

Added a load more players and Staff..

Hope you enjoy it.

Please let me know about errors etc..

Thanks for looking!

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Thanks buddy! If you find any errors, things that need updating please let me know. Thanks for looking coldlemon897!

No prob.. I'm still playing FM 07 so i was delighted to see that there was an update :D Thanks for putting your hard work into this :thup:

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It's great to see I'm not the only one updating this game now. :D

It's obvious you've put alot of hard work into this in such a short space of time too, with so many accurate transfers included from what I can see already, KUTGW! :thup::D

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You'll need to extract the files using a proggy like Win Rar first.

Then, all FM 07 updates like mine and Schmeichels's/One Hell Of's here are extracted/copied to the '..My Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2007\db' folder (for XP anyway, other Windows versions will be along similiar lines IIRC).

The game should then recognise the folder within the next time you select New Game.

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Hey all im not dead or anything...just been busy!

Viktors - Greetings!

andy2003b - Aspire you can find a little on the website http://www.aspire.qa/ also wikipedia. Regarding the actual players who train/play there this was an unknown territory so i left blank hoping some regens would pop up...

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