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I know Bantam Searley95 already posted FM Stadium up but we now have a new website and I am the creator of it so why not create a new thread. This website will be used for any FM that will be released. At the moment we have a Football Manager 2010 forum which is filled with a sub forums which is listed below:

Football Manager 2010

Challenges, Competitions and Databases

The first sub-forum that you will that you see when you click on the Football Manager 2010 forum is the Challenges, Competitions and Databases forum. This place is and will be full of Challenges, Competitions and Databases that the FM Stadium members have created.


In the graphics forum, we will keep every graphic that is created by a member of FM Stadium. We are currently setting up a Kit of the Week contest for you to show off your kit making skills. I am also sure that mod Conor, known as Bantam Searley95 on here, will be making a kit request thread as well.


If you are looking for players then look no-where then the Players sub-forum. We have threads such as Recommended Players and Screenshot Requests and for those of you that are not sure weather to accept a deal we have a Deal or No Deal thread waiting for you as well.


If you want to tell people how your game is going with screen shots and information, then here is the place to go. This sub forum will be fantastic for some people that either don't have the time to write a SOMS or just want to tell people how there game is going without writing lots of detail.


In the Careers sub forum, we also have another sub forum titled SOMS. This is for people who want to write about their game with thrilling excitement and extra detail. We also have the Story of the Week and Story of the Month awards on here as well. This sub forum will be great for people that want write a thrilling story about there game.

The Main Board

It is great having sub forums for the website but there is also a main board as well where it has many things such as a Hurt and Heal Thread, Hints and Tips for FM, Team Discussions and many, many more.

FM Stadium Lounge

Below the Football Manager 2010 forum, there is a forum called FM Stadium Lounge. This thread is for people who just want to talk about there social life, talk about football and many more. This thread can also be used for people who don't have the game but just want to talk.

Before I go, here is the link to the website: FM Stadium

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Will probably give it a miss, although it looks nice :thup:

It's very much a smaller time version of the SI forums though and I can't see it lasting more than a few months.

I think if you want to be successful on the FM scene, you need to offer something different and original. Not just a watered down version of a forum that will always be a lot more active.

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