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I use 4-2-3-1,try to use and comment,thank u.U have feel live in a exciteing match,the team score many goals,goals come from every direction.Your team often overwhelm shot and CCC,you may be angry because your player miss many change. I don't use bug conner.

Gk - Handling, Reflexes and One on Ones

DR/DL - Heading, Tackling, Decisions, Passing,Stamina,Pace

DC- Tackling, Heading, Positioning and Passing,Decision,Jumping

MC (right) - Passing, Creativity, First Touch, Heading.Beside Finish and Long Shot help him score many goals

MC (left) - Passing,Tacking, First Touch, Decisions,Heading,Jumping

AMC - Dribbling, Pace,Passing,First Touch.Beside Finish,Anticipation and Long shot help him score many goals

ST -Pace,Finish,Anticipation.Dribbling and Heading is only more 13

This is link

Version 1:




I fix a few fault.I set marking"zonal marking.In new version,i also change a few about mentality,creat freedom,passing,defend corner,attack corner and throw.I hope it work better

This is link


Through the middle




In this tac,I change CF of 3AMC,2MC.Set 2MC same to defend+support.I only set 2 DC man marking,another player zonal marking.3AMC and FC run for deep:mixed

this is result trying with everton



This is link:http://www.filefront.com/17147930/goalstorm-tactic-V3-Everton-Dec-2010.tac/


Final version

I think many people like a new tactic of fm10.Thus I created a new tactic.It still is 4-2-3-1 narrow tactic.

In this tactic,I recommended 3 AMC move down more to scramble ball.Use zonal marking for 2FB,2DC and 2MC.

Attack with narrow(6) and tempo(14) squad,I also set defensive line :12 to decrease the space between defender and midfielder.

The Pitch Size is minimum.

No Opposition Instructions are used.

Here is link tactic



4-3-2-1 formation

Hi guy.I also meet a little trouble with 4-2-3-1 final version.After view match,i think this tactic have too much wrong pass.I think the reason is 2 MC move up too high(run for deep:mixed).But I set run for deep:rarely for 2 MC,they stand up too low.The older version I set overload and run for deep:rarely for them,I think this is best position for them to pass the killer ball for AMC and FC.But if set overload for team,3AMC move too high when my team is attacked and only have 6 man take part in defending

Thus i set a new formation 4-3-2-1.Strategy: overload and run for deep:rarely for 2 MC(r,l).With this formation,have 7 man take part in defending.Another MC run for deep: often to he move higher,he will attack more

The necessary attribute for each position

Gk - Handling, Reflexes and One on Ones

DR/DL - Heading, Tackling, Decisions,Stamina,Pace,Concentration,Marking

DC- Tackling, Heading, Positioning ,Decision,Jumping,Strength,Concentration,Marking

MC (left,right) - Passing,Tacking, , Decisions,Heading,Jumping,Marking,Passing.

MC (centre) - Passing, Creativity, First Touch, Heading,Stamina,Strength,Off the ball.

AMC - Dribbling, Pace,Passing,First Touch,Technique,Creativity,Off the ball.Beside Finish,Anticipation and Long shot help him score many goals

ST -Pace,Finish,Anticipation,Passing.Dribbling and Heading is only more 13

Here is link http://www.mediafire.com/?ew1j9etqtwusg33

Try it and feedback for me



teamtalk Wolfsong's guide to team talks:http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php?t=5494




Pitch size:100m long and 64m wide

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With this tac,u need good defender to avoid counter-attack,i think it use for chelsea and barca.I used for chelsea,i don't buy any player,but result is still good

your team can score from any direction

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The results of this look amazing. Though I see no victory away against a good side in there, so be interested to see how it fares away to Chelsea or Man City. And obviously in 2027 I have no idea how good your players are. But Casino seems to have had a good start with it, so signs are that it could work extremely well against weaker and equal opposition at the very least.

Will dowload and try now, will post back with how I get on.

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Hi guy!Thank for comment my tac

I think because this is attack tac,you should have 1 good team,special good defender to avoid counter attack

2 DR/L:good tack,good pace and good croos

2Dc: good tack,anticipation,good head

DMC:special importnat in my tac.if u don't have 1 good DMC,u will lose,he need attributes:tack,head,jump,brave.Beside,may be shot,pass because I play through the middle

Mc:same ignacio camacho.Without tack head and jump,this player should have attribute shot,finish,and pass beacause He usually go up to score

3AMC :dribbling,pace,pass,finish to assist and score,without may be long shot .anticipation

FC: pace,finish,anticipation,dribb,first touch, he score many goals.head is rather nessasary

I play again arsenal,buy Gojko Kacar(DC).Camacho(MC),Vukojevic(DMC),Di Maria(AMC),Juan Albin(AMC).U should choise pull defen line down and play more narrow

This is result

manutdvarsenal.png By tyty512 at 2010-04-20[/img]

arsenaln.png By tyty512 at 2010-04-20[/img]

stokevarsenal.png By tyty512 at 2010-04-20[/img]

I play chelsea,don't buy any player,but result is still good,may be chelsea have good strength defender and midfileder

Last edited by tyty512; 1 Minute Ago at 09:42 AM..

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Right, just tested this tactic out for the first time, in what looked like an ideal game for it against Wolves. I'm playing as Arsenal.

Initial impression is very poor indeed. Only created 2 CCC's all game and lost 2-1. This tactic seems to have masses of very speculative long shots, which makes it look like it creates a lot of chances, which sadly isn't true. It also throws a lot of pointless deep crosses into the box. So you need a big Target Man to make any use of those. But you also need a very fast striker to have a chance of breaking away, and it's hard to find a big target man who is strong and quick. RvP was useless up front, Dzeko was better when I brought him on.

My other big gripe with this tactic is that it gives away far too many fouls, without stretching the opposition. I conceded 22 fouls in the match, got 6 bookings and 1 player sent off. Wolves conceded 4 fouls, the entire game.... Hardly stretched.

I will stick with it for another few games and see if my team adapt to it. But initial impression is not a good one I'm afraid.

FYI, my team vs Wolves


Sagna Song Vermaelen Traore


-----Fabregas Rodwell------

---Nasri Arshavin V D Vaart

--------Van Persie----------

Traore had to play as Clichy is injured, and I replaced Van Persie with Dzeko 2nd half.

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VU DU TC ? it seems a good tactic thanks for it first game i won 4-2 away to dag and red they are first me 10th second game i won 3-5 away to the 20th team away :) i liked it because it scored many goal / do you use opp instruciton ? and what team talks do you use - i am in coca cola legaue 2 year 2027

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beast tactic around use it - with yeovil 8 matches wiht this tactic 6 won 1 draw 1 lost media prediciton 16th wonderful i am fighting for promotion tahnks to this faboulius tactic i want more feed back form the person who made it

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Thank everyone tried my tac.After one season champion 4 cup with many goals,I play arsenal buy kacar ,vukejovic,di maria and albin.I'm constructing 1 new tac.It still base on 4-2-3-1.I will share for u when I fell satisfied.I want tac posession more.Cooming soon.

Y can talk your result when u use tac.

@matthew :U can consult Wolfsong's guide to team talks


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Hi vu tu,I think your tac will be more effective,if 2 AMC(R/L) have good pace and dribbling,I'm trying anelka and joe cole,,but I think in a long season,my team need more player,I will buy di maria and albin as u.thank u about tac

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Hi vu tu,I think your tac will be more effective,if 2 AMC(R/L) have good pace and dribbling,I'm trying anelka and joe cole,,but I think in a long season,my team need more player,I will buy di maria and albin as u.thank u about tac

Yes they are fantastic, both score and assis are wonderful,I set 3AMC runWB:much to disturb opposite' defend line

19angeldimara.png By tyty512 at 2010-04-23[/img]

13juanngelalbn.png By tyty512 at 2010-04-23[/img]

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I have been using this tactic for a while now, and I have to say I really like it! Not the best tactic defensively, but when it comes to attacking it's really awsome!

I'm in my 4th season with Sevilla now, and in the league i currently have:

Pld: 23, Won: 20, Drn: 3. Goals scored: 74, Goals Against: 18 !

I just played Barca away in the spanish cup and had what i think must be the best result i have ever had.

Just look at this:


A few matches earlier, I had my biggest league-win ever:


Best CL-win:


I also have many other league-wins with 5 or 6 goals scored.

So I really recomend this tactic for people who like attacking football!

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I don't usually try out other peoples tactics but thought i'd give this a go with Roma. First game:

Roma 0-4 Internazionale

Stats were fairly equal, 12/15 shots, 5/7 on target, 1/1 CCC's, 6/5 long shots. But yeah, we got battered. I'm not sure Roma were the best team to try it out on though to be fair.

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@doodles:good result,but the picture is small,can u up again.

@Death:u play Rome,do u buy anyplay,I think my tac will have trouble when meet the team that have players shot good from distance as Inter,because 2 MC up to high,I think vucinic is good player in FC,Totti is AMC,because FC in this tac need pace,agility and acceleration.This is attack tactic,rome have good Dc and DMC,maybe suitable for counter att .Anyway.I have never play rome.Can u show me your team position?

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This tac ia amazing about the number of goal,my team score average more 3 goal/per game.thank u for share the good tac

@mourinho: I think you should use eto'o in this tac,he is more agile than milito,good luck,i will cheer on Inter

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I set for each player.Thus i don't use touchline.It isn't useful.But I use OI,closeing down and show onto foot(weak foot)to FC,AMC,MC,MR/L,DMC,DR/L,maybe tight marking to FC and AMC,AMR/L if he is good player

I think u should try to set bug corner.It can make barca unforeseen.

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