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Wishlist: What you would like to see in future versions of the game. All 'list' ideas in here.

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Oh, and sending/exchanging coaches to and from feeder clubs could be an option to help staff progress. Sending a 1st team coach out to Spain could give him knowledge of the Spanish game and maybe increase his technical coaching stats.

Similarly it could be an idea to share scouting information with your primary feeder club and help draw their attention to better players etc.

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Another one, that I thought of is the ability to petition the board to clear your debt. I know it isn't directly linked to how you can manage the side but it really annoys me when I have a balance of something like £350m, am in debt by £20m and nothing is done to service the debt.

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This video has really opened my eyes, the ideas i have posted and other people have posted all seem a bit 2D and i admit that i currently hate the 3D match engine but what CM are doing with it has opened a whole new list of ideas. http://gamereactor.co.uk/grtv/?id=4210 if you watch that video then the use of a free kick editor is a great new idea for FM, along with being able to see training being completed by your players using the 3D match engine. I think this video also shows how far ahead CM are with the 3D match engine.

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Dont know if it has been mentioned but the option to loan a player back out to a club you sign them from.

For instance if i sign a 18 year old who is gettin the odd game for the club i want to sign him from, would be nice to give them the option have loaning him straight back, think Arsenal did this with Ramsey?

Another thing is what Liverpool have done with Leto's loan IRL, if he didnt play X amount of games for Olympiakos then they would have to pay a certain fee to Liverpool.

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As a Milan fan I would like to see MilanLab be mentioned when managing milan and see its effect on prolonging players' careers and not be told by the board to only have three physios when the game at Milan starts with 7/8.

I would also like to see players decline at different rates based on individual attributes and club medical quality. I would also like to be told by my coaches and physios that a player has started to decline in tests such as VO2 max so that I can sell him before it becomes obvious to other clubs, and conversely that a older player is still in physically excellent shape.

At the moment every club feels the same, more effort should be made to recognise the unique characteristics of each club and different challenges of each league, pace of play, tactical emphasis etc

Also more reference should be made to previous seasons, previous players, previous trophies and managers etc, so that at the start of a new season, having won the world cup you dont get told that the fans are ''cautiously optomistic'' about your reign etc. Fans should reminisce about former favourites and great teams/managers comparing them to the current teametc

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Dont know if it has been mentioned but the option to loan a player back out to a club you sign them from.

I thought there was some obscure FA rule that prevents this happening when the deal involves two English clubs.

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Another idea...

Should be some option to ask players to take a wage cut, like when a club gets relegated and has alot of players on a high wage contract (Newcaslte) should be some sort of option to ask the team or just individual players to take a cut

Which leads me to thinking, does anybody from SI actually read this thread or what?

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this is a personal request but other people might like this suggestion.

i often play FM with my brother and obviously we put our names in when creating our manager profiles so our surnames are the same, as we are brothers. And i would like it if there is an option in FM to say that you are brothers and then in the news when you are going to play each other the press can build the match up by saying that "brother a is facing brother b in what should be an exciting match. This is the first time the insert surname brothers have faced each other and they will both like to get the upper hand in there first encounter. The match could be an open ended affair which could be set to be the most thrilling match of the season etc etc"

It would be a nice touch and will add another angle in the game. Alot of you might think that is unimportant but from my point of view i would like to see it in FM.

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I would like to see more realistic compensation for staff, especially managers. Not sure why it's capped at £1million, but it would be nice to see the board bartering with the other club, as they do in real life.

I agree with the loaning players back option. I'd also like to see an option to loan a player to an affiliate until he has both enough days, and has decided whether to take the wp or not. It's frustrating to be able to loan player x for two seasons to a Belgian (say) affiliate, only for him not to want to go back for the third and final season.

I'd like AI managers to get the point about transfers, two major bugbears here. a) Managers will keep saying how good they think a player is, and make numerous bids, even when you state you don't want to sell. B) to know that an asking price is exactly that, so not offer £20million under it (regardless of how extortionate it may seem!).

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i would like to see loads more options in the pre match conferences like there is with the opposing manager interaction or no press conferences at all. the current one is boring. hands up who doesnt actually attend conferences any more \o/

realistic transfers too, who thinks they could get sakho for less than £25+ clauses up to £43 total irl? my guess, everyone!

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Just an idea but people say that they struggle to feel immersed in the game world. How about within the game having a kind of virtual newspaper where you say click the page to see the next one and this could cover Good new talent/transfer rumors/Takeovers/Country performances/ Manager moves ect. It would be similar to the news screen but could have other things in it such as more news about regens so we can familiarize ourselves with the unknown players.

Just an idea:D

Edit: Of course i realize the programming problems with this so maybe do not make it daily but weekly or monthly with all the news and football related news.

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No activation

No activation

No activation

Then I can actually play and enjoy the £28 game. Otherwise, from 08...

1.Not having to pay £20 mill for a £6 mill player.

2.Not so many injuries

3.No ridiculous transfers, i.e Arsenal signing Mutu for £24 million or Man Utd signing Steve Sidwell or Giles Barnes...

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I've always assumed real life accuracy and the sheer size of the game have been big selling points for the series. So to that end:

- More playable leagues.

Particularly, as has been said before, in Africa - plenty of options there with Egypt, Nigeria, Ghana, Tunisia, Algeria, Cameroon, Ivory Coast; CONCACAF, such as a couple from Central America, plus I'd say Jamaica and another Caribbean one; the more obscure UEFA nations - Cyprus, Malta, Faeroes etc (if you can justify Wales, you can justify Cyprus); some of the better leagues from the AFC - Saudi Arabia, Iran, Qatar, and if possible Japan; and perhaps even one or two OFC leagues.

- Independent competition evolution within the game.

Mostly to do with international tournaments, but also for domestic football. Eg, European Championships/MLS expanding further, relegation/promotion rule changes, leagues changing size, number of substitutes, home-grown rules etc. Obviously SI can't release a patch for every real-life change that goes on, but if the game and the tournaments within it evolve independently it won't be an issue.

- More depth in non-league/amateur football AND/OR league creator tool.

I can't be the only person who buys this game every year wishing that I could go a few steps further down. For example in England I'd like to see as far down as Step 4 or even 5 playable (although Step 5 would mean an extra 23 leagues). I always start at the very bottom and for me at least this would add a whole new dimension to the game. Plus the LLMs would be all over it.

- Non-FIFA football!

Not to a ridiculous level, but at least an acknowledgment of the NFB would be good. This is more of a frivolity than an actual enhancement of the gaming experience. It would almost certainly not affect the game in any tangible way, so I could probably live without it. Still, it'd be nice.

- Better press interaction.

Okay, this one is probably in the pipeline anyway. But I can't be the only person sick of having the same journalist ask me the same question five or six times in a row, or asked about my plans to sign the same 17-year-old Chilean goalkeeper I've never heard of ten press conferences running. A greater variety of questions and conversation threads are needed as well, otherwise this feature grows rapidly tedious.

Well that's my say anyway.

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I fully agree with more leagues. When you already have most of the top tier of a league for a country for continental competition purposes, why not just include the top tier as a league? I think I've found that this is true for Lithuania, Morocco, Egypt, as well as many other African countries. I would also like to see Trinidad and Tobago's top tier included as IIRC their clubs are often big players in the CONCACAF club competitions.

EDIT: Also, being able to get hired to manage a squad other than the senior squad. It would be cool to be able to manage the younger or reserve squads, and for national teams would give reason to include tournaments such as the Mediterranean Games.

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I would like to see you as international manager able to go to the Nations Federation and ask them to spend more money on youth development in that country and the more they spend the better players that come through over a 5 year period. Which would bring more world class players from differnt nations into the game.

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Hovering over the red INJ tab on the team page pops up the time he is expected to be out

Hovering over the WNT tab on a player pops up the clubs that are interested

(so you dont have to do an extra click to find these things out)

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well hello guys.

i've an idea.

for examples i've lot of memeber of my staff they are directors etc. so it could be nice if i need to buy a player ask to them what i need for example if i need an goalkeeper i will ask to my staff technical staff about a goalkeeper , they will take time to think some options and then they will tell me in a window : ok we found this player , u can choose on this 1 , 2 , 3 , ....etc player.

it can be very nice and easy to find players and buiy it and also it could be more interesting to have a good members staff of my team. what do u think? sorry for my poor english but i wish u will understand what i mean.


Gilbert ( Italy)


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well hello guys.

i've an idea.

for examples i've lot of memeber of my staff they are directors etc. so it could be nice if i need to buy a player ask to them what i need for example if i need an goalkeeper i will ask to my staff technical staff about a goalkeeper , they will take time to think some options and then they will tell me in a window : ok we found this player , u can choose on this 1 , 2 , 3 , ....etc player.

it can be very nice and easy to find players and buiy it and also it could be more interesting to have a good members staff of my team. what do u think? sorry for my poor english but i wish u will understand what i mean.


Gilbert ( Italy)


Scout reports do the exact same job if I'm not misunderstanding.

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How about the option to adjust wage boundaries? If I'm trying to sign a player for a club who doesn't want to come, I'd love to be able to adjust the maximum wage I could offer to a key player, obviously staying within the wage budget cap. Would be interesting to see Lionel Messi at Manchester City earning £300,000 p/w (I can currently only offer £145k p/w!)

Also, perhaps the different taxation levels having an effect on player decisions? (Apologies if it does already), but players are set to lose 50% of their wages through tax... more likely to move to Spain than England if they're interested in money.

Which leads me on to a player tendancy screen. it would be nice to visually see whether a player is more interested in money/first team football, as it could affect what you offer someone.

Finally, a list of how the assistant rates every position. I know we have assistant feedback, but it would be nice if we could see a list of the order that the assistant rates each player in each position, rather than having to look at an individual's report.

Hope that all makes sense!

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You should be able to select languages that you speak. In real life, I'm English, so I select my nationality as that. However, I also speak French to an advanced level and know a fair amount of German. Can we have an option at the "New User.." screen to reflect this?

I'm managing Villemomble (a lower league French team) and I remember at the start of the game, there worries about my lack of French in the media. And no, my 2nd nationality is not French, so I'm not selecting that option.

Also is there a feedback topic/sub-forum for this thread where admins comment?

(Finally, sacking the current Arsenal researcher would be awesome - they've been overrated for years.)

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Again, I havent read the 45 or so pages recently, so apologies for any duplication here..!

Im going to repeat the transfer thing - a club's finances should dictate how much they should be able to hold out for moneywise. I just bought Miralem Pjanic from Lyon, but they wouldnt budge for anything less than £110m. Would Lyon ever hold out for more than £40m for a good midfielder? Realistic negotiation too- anytime i try to negotiate, I end up in a stalemate where they ask for more than they originally negotiated. GAH!!

A stat called goalscoaring instinct for Kris Boyd. (so that FM doesnt have to pretend the rest of his stats should be high)

Reaction to transfers: the fans should be outraged and demand the money is outlaid on more quality talent.

Also, players loyalties seem a tad high. Messi always retires at Barca, Ronaldo at Man Utd, Kaka at Milan, etc etc. Maybe player finances (and player career earnings!) should be included. For example: Beckham doesnt need the money anymore, so why care about staying in yankland?

Clubs/boards should be reactive: The year is 2012, SAF retires and Man Utd finish 5th. Do the yanks throw in the towel and resign their plaything to an eternity of mediocrity? No! They react to it! They inject a massive .. umm.. injection of cash and completely rip up the squad. Oust the underachievers, buy new players. No more finding the same Man Utd team in the year 2017 as in 2008 trying to eek out their careers' twilights in 8th place in the premiership.

I'd love to see the ability to directly influence ur club's commercial impact on a region. For example a "reputation scroll bar" per country or area. Sign a Korean superstar and your reputation in Asia skyrockets. Play and win a friendly tournament in America, and your shirt sales over in the US rocket. Sign an Argentinian wonderboy, and schoolkids in Buenos Aires buy your shirts. They say Real Madrid make 1/3rd of their income through commerce. I'd love to see that integrate into FM.

Play beautiful attacking football, people will want to watch you. More money & more bums on seats?

Make ultimatums mean something. Been sacked every time.

The ability to ask for a new stadium, instead of just an expansion. If they say no, the ability to negotiate: "Well how much money do we need to raise for a 70,000 seater? We already have £200m in the bank..."

The ability to save money without paying outrageous shareholder cash.

The ability to pay off debt - I'd love to pay off 30 year loans early.

The ability to evolve a rivalry. Its no fun when you take a small team to the top and they have no derby matches in the premiership.

The ability of a league to evolve- I've been in the SPL with rangers for years. 3 champions league slots, 3 uefa cup slots and i've won the champions league once, as well as the uefa cup once. Still hardly any quality players will come to me or any of my compatriots. Perhaps the Scottish game as a whole should have evolved to compensate for this. Bigger TV deals, better players coming through the youth system, etc.

Finally, the potential for a manager to become a club legend. A statue? Of moi? Yes, right over there by the fountain please. Fantastic. Thanks.

An increase in grass roots investment. You could decide how much you want your club to scour the fields of yorkshire, the streets of london or the pubs in glasgow for 13-14 year old prodigies.

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Probably already been mentioned 45 pages is too much to read but I'd like to see the bosman system refined so tht if you sign a player on a bosman you can offer to pay out his conract or a nominal fee to sign the player there and then or clubs to accept much lower offers with players with 2-3 months left on their contract etc.. the way it happens IRL.

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Leagues evolving would be a good one and i think they should be able to decline as well like when Serie A was the top league to be before going through a slump would add to realisim.

Maybe on the past meetings screens don't just include the results maybe have top goalscorer, dangerman (Player with best average rating) just little stats like that.

News items on when players have got 50 and 100 caps for their country and when they beat the record for appearences and goalscorer. Also maybe the press commenting on records like my current Chelsea game i haven't lost at Home in all 3 seasons i've done.

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The ability to ask for a new stadium, instead of just an expansion. If they say no, the ability to negotiate: "Well how much money do we need to raise for a 70,000 seater? We already have £200m in the bank..."

The ability to pay off debt - I'd love to pay off 30 year loans early.

Spot on in my opinion, sir. It's so annoying when your bank balance is like 100M and still there's that old 5M loan that's still got 10 years to run..

Also, I don't see the any reason to build a new 55,000 stadium when your last stadium was 48,000.. Only if the old stadium was REALLY old or maybe had running tracks around it..

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How about transparent boxes in match view of match stats, motivation or whatever SI? they get in the way and if you have more than 1 or 2 boxes then you cant watch highlights without having to remove the box or move it around the screen usually making you miss goals an stuff. they can be transparent until you hover your mouse over them and then they can become opaque. :)

also how about a new feature every 2 years where there is a europe vs rest of the world match, to be played in the off season. you have to get invited to manage one of the teams for a one off match, you dont get a choice who to manage your lucky just to be invited in the first place and it will give people the oportunity to manage players they may never get to manage otherwise, like if you're man u your not likely to ever have the chance to manage torres or gerrard of liverpool but you will if you get picked to manage the european team.

just a novelty idea but i think a good one :p

sorry if these have been mentioned but i havent read the other 44 pages

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I know there are probably 000's of these types of posts but a basic search didn't find any so thought i'd start my own in the vague hope that the guys who implement new things / refine old things might see these posts and consider them.

I have split them up into areas more for ease of reading than anything; some are quite in depth - I have just had a two week holiday so plenty of time to sit in the sun with a lap-top and a few beers to put thought into what I think would make FM a little bit better for the 2010 edition

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Histories - Players

This is probably more of a cosmetic change however it is one element of FM that has irritated me for many versions; once you have played more than a few seasons’ player histories start to look like an absolute mess. How about presenting the information using separate tabs for different information; something like:

> A main screen as there is now for the physical stats – games, goals, assists etc – however with the removal of some information and only having one visible line per parent club per season (using a grouping function similar to Excel); time spent on loan at clubs or in B’ Teams is hidden unless the user selects the button to display all

Where a season has more than one line a cross hatch appears to the side allowing the user to click and expand the data; the totals at the bottom of the screen are for all lines both hidden and visible while I would suggest a colour code for lines of data not relating to the parent club.

In my opinion this makes for a far cleaner screen and the information is easier to view however to please everyone I’d suggest having a memory based filter that allows the user to decide both whether the default is all open or all closed and what they consider career stats i.e. to me career stats are League, Cup, and Europe etc to others it might just be League.

> A Transfers Screen (similar to one of the tabs on the achievements page) to identify where and when a player moved on i.e. the date, from, to, how much (with formatting like 24,000,000 to allow all monetary values to be used) plus a highlight of the games, goals, assists, average rating etc for the selling club

> A Loan Screen (similar to the Transfers tab) to show performance for other clubs similar i.e. the season, the parent and loaning club, the duration (season-long, 3 months etc) and the games, goals, assists, av. rating etc during their stay

> An Achievements tab - an evolving article style section (similar to the club histories) maybe something like:

Player X is a 27 year old English Right Winger, capped 37 times by his country he made his debut against Romania as an 18 year old since which he has scored twice.

He is currently playing for Liverpool following a £4,750,000 move from Wolverhampton Wanderers in July 2012; in total Player X has made 276 appearances, scoring 42 goals during spells at Liverpool, Wolverhampton Wanderers, Carlisle (Loan) and Wrexham (Loan.)

In a glittering career to date Player X has won numerous trophies including the Barclays Premiership (twice – Liverpool), the Uefa Cup, the FA Cup (three times – Liverpool), the Carling Cup and the Coca-Cola Championship (Wolverhampton Wanderers). Player X has also received several personal awards including being named player of the season for his club three times (Wolverhampton Wanderers (twice), Wrexham) and was the PFA Player of the year for the season 2014-2015

> A Competitions won tab (possibly mirroring the current style of competition histories for clubs)

> An Awards won tab (again maybe mirroring the current competition histories for clubs)

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Histories - Managers

Similarly to Player Histories I believe the Manager Histories would benefit from an overhaul; how about introducing something akin to the following:

> The current Profile Screen showing all the basic information such as stats, wage, reputation etc

> An Achievements tab - an evolving Article style section (a’la player achievements record)

Manager X is a 37 year old Englishman currently in charge of Arsenal where he has been in the hotseat for six seasons. During his time in North London he has steered the club to the Barclays Premiership Title (three times), The Champions League Trophy (twice) as well as delivering success in the FA Cup (four times), Carling Cup (twice) and Community Shield; he is widely regarded as the most successful manager in the club’s history boasting a record of 170 wins, 90 draws and 45 losses in his 305 games in charge

Arsenal is Manager X’s third club following stints at Celtic and Leeds; in total he has been in the manager’s dug out 560 times and aside from his success with Arsenal he has lifted the Scottish Premier League Trophy (twice), the Uefa Cup (twice), the Scottish Cup, the FA Cup, the Carling Cup (twice), and the Coca-Cola Championship Trophy.

Manager X is considered by many to be a fairly frugal manager spending just £56m in his 11 years as a manager; his record purchase came in 2014 when he splashed out £35m to bring Sergio Aguero to the Emirates from At. Madrid. During the same period Manager X has generated £72m in player sales with the largest fee coming from Robin Van Persie’s departure to Inter Milan for £15m in 2015. In total Manager X has overseen the purchase of 26 players, sold 37 and released 14.

> A Competitions won tab (possibly mirroring the style of competition histories for clubs)

> An Awards won tab (again maybe mirroring the competition histories for clubs)

> A Records Tab (similar to the one for clubs) to display stats like games managed, won, drawn, lost ; Record Purchase, Record Sale, Sequences, Youngest/Oldest Player fielded etc – I would imagine this would be split to show both current club and all-time.

> A History Screen similar to player histories to show the manager’s record over time i.e.

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Histories - Clubs

Akin to the Players and Manager Histories it would be nice to see the Achievements article regularly updated and available rather than just being something that is displayed when a human manager takes over. In addition how about:

> The Records tab – but minus the “Player of the season” element (unless its changed to “Player of the Season” – Most times Won) because it just doesn’t fit there in my opinion

> The Competitions tab – to keep everyone happy can you include a filter (with memory) to allow users to customise what competitions are included? One bugbear of mine is that If you manager a team up through the divisions with any success your Reserve and U18 teams end up in lots of different divisions and their success takes over the screen; I ultimately stopped entering teams into Reserve and U18 leagues purely to stop this!

> A Manager’s History tab – rather than “landmarks” a table that shows the managers in order of being in charge with their associated records (games, goals for and against, wins, loses, draws etc)

> A Hall of Fame tab – similar to the actual Hall of Fame but for managers of the specific club

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Histories – Other Considerations

> Every user will want to see different information - from Player History (whether the main stats screen includes just league games or all competitions) to Club Histories (which competitions are shown) so why not make these screens customisable by adding memory based filters (where you only indicate your preference once and the game remembers)? The added benefit of this would be stopping the current situation where players end up with a season of 0’s when transferred having played in Europe or for their country but not in the league.

> If a player hasn’t made his debut then they shouldn’t qualify for a season’s history; given that players come into the game between 14-16 and sometimes don’t make debuts (even in cup games) until 17/18 that can be 3-4 seasons of 0’s. Obviously once they make a competitive appearance they should have season stats

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Interaction – Press Conferences

I really like the concept of Press Conferences; I know this iteration has been fairly limited and quite annoyingly repetitive but SI should be applauded for bringing in yet another realistic element of a Football Manager’s life. To improve it though I would suggest the following:

> Add “Requests for Interviews” to the mix; all clubs (big or small) will regularly be requested of to provide information to the Press/Broadcasters about Transfer Speculation; Matches (past or future); Player Performances etc. An interesting option to also add would be the ability to decline interviews (i.e. you are so annoyed at a performance, or you are Sir Alex and refuse to speak to the BBC) which could obviously have short or long-term impacts on the reporting about you and the club.

> Include greater interaction with local media - if the EDP and Norwich City are a reliable benchmark news about the club is a daily occurrence; whether its transfer gossip, performance related, match previews/reviews or off field activities the club (not always the manager) must be asked to comment or invited for interview regularly. Aside from being asked to comment on statements made by a multitude of sources (board members, playing staff, ex-players, supporters etc) the relationship built with local journalists often has a big impact during difficult times – do they like you enough to cut you some slack or are they leading the calls for you to go?

> Increase the number of Press Conferences – IRL a manager will have to meet the media before each and every game. Also in line with trying to make these as realistic as possible try to increase the amount of “conversation” in PC’s. I appreciate that it might be tricky to have the AI pick up on sayings, words or phrases but IRL a manager wouldn’t get away with 1 line answers so why can Human Managers on FM?

> Include interaction with the media manager – do you prefer formal Q&A sessions or a less formal discussion over coffee and are there journalists who have burned you and are banned from the club? Also how about introducing the ability to instruct players / the media manager to not allow conversations with the media (within team settings?) or specify questions you wont take during a particular conference i.e. likely line-ups, tactical approach etc

> A not uncommon plea but can there be a greater depth of questions (or at least an increased way of asking them) and a larger variety of responses? Also can you include questions related to club performance; I have never been questioned about my club over performing itself (bar the can you keep the run going question) and it would be nice to have lines of enquiry (possibly most prevalent to local media bar the biggest clubs) about whether you can build/improve on last year, whether you feel a big level of investment is required to build/improve on last year and so on.

> Journalists bringing up comments made by other managers within PC’s; if you ever have a positive conversation or a slanging match with a rival manager its never mentioned in PC’s bar the randomly asked question about getting the better of x manager in mind games.

> I’ve seen this on other posts and totally agree that there should be a PC when a manager leaves a club (irrespective of whether its being sacked, moving on or just resigning – though this would obviously alter the question set!) to ask thoughts and opinions about the club, the previous chairman, ambitions for the future, players and or staff you’d like to work with again etc

> Better AI for the first PC after appointment at a new club; obviously this would be time and experience led but I have never understood why I get asked about my tactical approach, whether I like to be hands on or not etc after several seasons in the game. At the very least these should be tailored to be questioning whether a move up/down is likely to affect a previous approach. In addition there should be more questions about the state of the club, what success this season would look like (more relevant for mid-season appointments) and the scale of the job ahead of you etc

> Player Rumours should be worked on; I totally understand on the true vs. wildcard player links but it often becomes an irritatingly repeated process; I believe the following would help improve this aspect of the PC:

a) Computer AI to understand the type of players a manager buys; I often only buy younger players to mould into a long-term team a’la Mr Wenger yet the computer links me with 33 year olds I’d never look at in a million years and not even under the vision of needing more experienced hands to help shape my youthful side.

b) Include within the supporter’s spokesperson screen a section for specific player (or type i.e. a RB) the fans believe the club needs which could then be used by journalists in PC’s

c) Include slightly more generic questions asking the manager to detail the types of players he feels he needs rather than always having specific targets in mind.

> Manager Rumours should also be worked on; journalists should at least comment on speculation linking you to other jobs however a nice addition would be journalists probing your ambitions – i.e. you’ve been with X club for 6 seasons where do you see yourself in 5 years etc; I’ve lost count of the times I see similar questions asked of managers who have to be careful to balance their desire to manage at the top level but remain loyal to the club they are with

> Discussions around players contracts i.e. Player X has been put up for sale because they won’t sign a contract and you can’t afford to let them leave for Free – It is a regular occurrence that the manager tells supporters that they have offered the “best contract they can” and thereby laying the departure on the player (and maybe the Chairman) rather than himself

> Often there is mentions former players (often for too many seasons after they leave) but I have never encountered any fever about me taking my new club to play my old one which would be a nice addition

> Include questions linked to history i.e. five years ago Club X were languishing in the lower leagues but today you are gearing up for an FA Cup Final having finished 4th in the Premier League etc

> Make changes to current questions – There are currently several sets of questions that don’t make much sense:

a) Player rumours during non-window press conferences – unless the player is non contract or possible for a short-term loan then it’s a non-starter

b) Manager relationships - as a new manager (or encountering someone for the first time) I would have no relationship so at the very least there should be an option to praise them, advise you are looking forward to meeting them etc until you’ve opposed them a few times, engaged in banter with them etc

c) Questions about team strengthening after spending a lot of money – at the very least this should be linked to your transfers to date and be modified to mention the money you’ve spent and question how quickly the players are likely to gel?

d) Questions about back-to-back competition wins stops at two – if you are about to win it for the third, fourth, fifth time the question should reflect that – i.e. no team has ever won the competition four times in a row etc

e) Praising another manager should NOT demoralise the players it’s just unrealistic, managers often talk glowingly about other clubs, managers, players etc and it’s by no means a negative towards their club it’s just conciliatory.

f) If a player moved on a considerable time ago there should be an option to highlight the length of time that has passed – i.e. we have all moved on or it was a long time ago etc

One other consideration is has SI ever considered asking a national and local sports writer to consult on this section of the game like they did with former players (tactics)?

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Interaction – Other forms

SI has clearly developed a platform for decent interaction through Press Conferences and I would love to see this rolled out across other facets of the game:

> Board / Chairman interaction

a) Pre-season preparations including:

- Discussions around expected performance in all competitions entered which depending on the chairman’s style and or the manager’s experience / reputation this may or may not end in agreement!

- Budgets required for the season – based on the season expectations, previous season performances and the improvements the manager feels necessary (i.e. we are strong defensively but need a quality striker)

- Discussions around how the club is doing against long-term targets

b) Post-season discussions including:

- Performance against each competition – mitigating failure in one with an over performance in another, excusing failure (reminding the chairman that as a championship side it was unfortunate to draw one of the Top 4 teams in the country in an early round and should not be seen as a catastrophe) or holding your hands up saying you were disappointed also but that really is football!

- Concerns i.e. certain player performances, player/manager comments which reflected badly on the club

- Early indications on what the manager feels is needed to improve next year whether that be budget for players, stadia / training ground improvements or more staff for certain roles – these could lead to potential promises from the chairman to do what is needed and should be linked back to when pre-season chats occur – obviously promises made and kept/not kept would have an impact on the chairman / manager relationship!

- Chairman demands for cuts/improvements i.e. reduce the wage bill by X or raise any cash you need by selling

c) Monthly catch-ups should replace the current board update:

- Go through each of the current sections in turn – i.e. players (ability to defend the player who only ever makes sub appearances), signings (Player X is 17 and brought for the future so stop being disappointed that I signed him!) matches etc

- Opportunity to lambast the chairman for selling your star player, demand all of the funds / downsize the seasons expectations etc therefore keeping your annoyance private not public

- Request additional funds for a specific person i.e. (Mr Chairman Player X would cost £12m, our scouts highly recommend him and I reckon we need him to achieve our expectations this season PLEASE can I have the addition £3m to capture him?!?!) or merely ask for more cash generally with the Transfer Window approaching

- Discuss your future in detail following speculation that other clubs would be interested in you as their next manager i.e. I am happy here unless X club or a member of the Top 4 come calling

- Discuss the aftermath of a Chairman rejecting the advances of a club i.e. are you happy, okay with it, disappointed or angry?

d) On ad-hoc occasions i.e.

- Briefly discuss your future in light of speculation of jobs i.e. I want to explore it or have no interest in the role

- Lambast (privately) the Chairman for turning down a club’s approach to speak to you without discussing it or for selling your best player

- Ask the Chairman for more cash for a specific player a’la monthly catch-ups but perhaps in light of another club making an approach for said player

- If in discussions with another club (and your current club wants you to stay) there should be discussions about what it would take to keep you etc or the offer/promise of a new contract – at the very least a plea to stay on

e) Other Chairman / Boards i.e.

- when negotiating the opportunity to move to another club there should be interaction with the club’s chairman to discuss expectations, player budgets, long-term aspirations of the club and so on all of which would come into your decision making process. Also negotiating for X, Y and Z of your current staff to be brought to the club with you

- Quietly advising them you’d like to join them if they can agree with your Chairman to let you go while keeping mum about it to the press (not necessarily the most loyal thing to do but I am certain it happens IRL!)

> Player Interaction

a) Ability to quietly discuss any manner of topics such as contracts, performances in games/training, discipline, reaction to dressing room antics etc in private rather than only ever being able to speak through the press; of course some conversations might leak through the player’s agent when a player is unhappy. In order to achieve this you could specify the topic(s) you want to speak about prior to the meeting which could dictate the conversation pieces

b) Contract discussions should be included so that its not all about the cash; having the ability to understand a players feel for the club, their ambitions, happiness, how content they are with how regularly they play etc would be more realistic while being able to discuss the fact that your wage structure wont allow you to give them the

c) Target Player conversations; IRL players will come and look around a club and there is discussion about player’s ambitions, motivations etc before contracts are discussed – I have known of a few times when managers decide not to proceed after “looking into the whites of their eyes”! In addition the Manager has to sell the club and his/its ambitions for both the season and the longer-term to even get to contract negotiations.

d) Pre-Season chats – I quite often keep a player’s squad status the same for several years and it often strikes me that IRL a player would have ad-hoc chats with their manager about playing (first point) but also ahead of a new season a player is likely to go to their manager enquiring about the likelihood of them playing more next season (a’la Phil Neville being allowed to leave Man Utd when Fergie told him he’d still be a bit part player!) As such it would be a good addition (both player forced and manager option) to have season-ahead focussed conversations (especially with young players who you want to go out on loan)

e) Conversations with players being moved on:

- Transfer-Listed players - explaining why is both realistic and fair! However in addition there are times when you put a player up for sale because they refused to sign a new contract and could walk for free – this should be distinguishable!

- Players who will not be offered new contracts – It’s a seasonal event that a certain number of players (young and old) will be allowed to leave on a free; most times you know who they are ahead of time and it would be good to not only tell them ahead of time so that they are more accepting of job offers made to them but also have the option (should you want to) of touting them around to try and find them a new club

- Transfer-Listed by Request players – It would be good to be able to advise them of the minimum you’ll accept for them, your expectations of them while they are still your player or even try to convince them to stay (by understanding their reasons for wanting to leave) – the outcome to this conversation would help you decide how quickly (if at all) the player is shifted (i.e. if they are likely to give less than 100% or be a bad influence of the team morale)

f) Conversations with Younger Players – while the majority of their day to day training may fall under youth coaches and the academy (if the club has one) there needs to be interaction with the manager around topics like:

- What they need to do to earn a professional contract

- Role Models / Tuition that would be good for them

- Skills etc you'd like them to learn and why

- Your desire to send them on loan and the level you want them to gain experience of (i.e. lower leagues to toughen them up) which would hopefully make them more accepting of loan offers from lower-league clubs

- Providing inspiration i.e. that if they work hard they could earn a first XI spot

> Staff Interaction

a) All Staff

- Future Aspirations – i.e. it would be good to be able to understand how happy your staff are in their current roles i.e. a youth coach who wants to be more involved with the First XI or an Assistant Manager hankering to have a shot at management themselves

- Contracts – a’la players it would be good to discuss other things rather than just cash with your staff

- Former staff – If you leave a club it would be good to be able to encourage your former staff i.e. your ex-Assistant Manager to come with you

- Mutual Terminations – If you take over a club and want to go in a different direction or bring your old staff in with you it would be realistic to tell the current staff that as you offer to show them the door.

b) Assistant Manager

- Discuss training in more depth – the current training report means little; using interaction would allow the AM to highlight repeat positive/negative reports and allow the manager to ask for specific reports

- It would be good to have the ability to ask the AM to compile reports over a series of weeks about specific player(s) i.e. a young starlet you are thinking of including in the first XI and discussing the reports in detail

- Conversations to provide feedback about games i.e. player performances (linked to the AM section in the game itself) or player reactions to team talks etc

c) Academy Chief (NEW Staff Member)

- Discuss new players in the academy (pre-season re-gens) in depth highlighting strengths, weaknesses etc

- Regular conversations about progress of youngsters including AC requests for Player X to be given some First XI exposure etc

- Updates on starlet acquisition – how he/she is doing with the budget assigned to them and the progress of any players purchased

- Discussions about youngsters approaching the end of their contracts i.e. do they merit a professional contract or should they be released etc

d) Coaches

- Ad-hoc player requests could be provided in more detail i.e. going through the standard sections (best position, other positions, strengths, weaknesses etc) it would be good to be able to probe these in more depth – Player X maybe the 6th best striker but he’s 17, how close is he to the 3rd best who is currently on the bench, would he benefit from a loan spell and if so what level etc

e) Chief Scout (NEW Staff Member)

- The CS could compile the plethora of scout reports into one meeting where you could go through by region, by position etc

- Scout assignments could be both generated and discussed/reviewed by the CS i.e. the manager identifies the areas of scouting that they want covered; the CS (can be) responsible for ensuring enough staff of the right calibre are employed to achieve the manager's wishes

- The CS could bring to the manager’s attention players who should be given a closer look allowing the manager to ask for a more detailed report from the CS a’la Man Utd where if a scout recommends a player then Martin Fergusson will be sent to review him before Sir Alex sees the player himself

- The ability to ask the CS to compile a list of recommended players (i.e. a quick striker between 24-28 who would encounter no Work-Permit problems and is available for a maximum of £Xm) saving you time searching manually through the thousands of players who might fit those requirements.

- CS to compile a list of any players that Agents have suggested we look at that he/she feels are worth exploring

f) Physios

- Updates on long-term player injuries i.e. Player X should be able to resume light training in 4 weeks and could possibly be available for selection by X Date

- Questioning the risk associated with putting a player returning from injury (Orange Inj) on the bench / into the team – is it a risk, how big a risk?

Obviously there is a lot of interaction so it would be helpful (and more likely to please the masses) if there was a setting (maybe within team settings) to determine the level of interaction i.e.

• Assistant Manager – After every game PLUS the first Monday of each month

• Physio (Named) – After every game PLUS the first Wednesday of each month

• Chief Scout – The first Monday of each month

• Academy Chief – The first Tuesday of each month

• Coaches (other) – No regular meeting

• Scouts (other) – No regular meeting

Similar to the suggestion around player interaction the filter might also include the topics you want to discuss i.e. with the AM you might chose to discuss just the previous and forthcoming game after each match whereas in the monthly meetings you might choose to go over player performances, training etc

g) Agent Interaction

- Ad-hoc conversations with agents trying to encourage you to make a move for their player and the ability to farm them off to your CS for consideration during your next catch-up

- Ability to approach the player’s agent quietly to gauge their likely interest i.e. very interested, maybe if the offer was right, you’ve got to be kidding! Like transfers there should be an option to request privacy however sometimes it will leak to the media; under these circumstances it would be good to be able to say you were interested but you are no longer i.e. burning the agent who couldn’t keep conversations private

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Other Changes

> Transfers, Loans and Scouting

a) Beyond a slight tweak of the prices offered for your players, expected for their players I don’t have any major requests for change (though I am certain others will have very valid requests); the two things I would like to see changed are:

- The monetary element - to allow greater flexibility in offers i.e. over 250k it goes up in 25k increments (which for most clubs below large championship standard is a considerable sum) while above 1m the increments raise to 100k, above 5m its 250k and above 20 its 500k. My suggestion would be to bring back the horizontal money bar from Champ ’93!

- If a transfer fee is £19.45m record it as such don’t round up to 19.5m

b) Can you please tweak player’s likelihood to go out on loan; it appears to work fine if you are a club that was originally established as big i.e. Man Utd however if you raise the profile of a smaller club i.e. Norwich hardly any of your players will agree to go on loan to Championship clubs and you can forget them going to one of your smaller feeder clubs – linked to the ability to interact with them and encourage the little brats to go on loan for their own good this would be a good change

c) In conjunction with the ability to have your Chief Scout manage your scouting requests it would be good to have the option within scout search settings to ask them to search for certain levels of current ability or potential ability i.e. have the scouts look for players who wouldn’t necessarily get into your team now but might in 2-3 years, players who would act as back-up to your star striker, a player to replace your first choice goalkeeper next season etc

d) Can you add the ability to “edit” a search that is in progress rather than having to stop it and re-start it with the changes made

> Match-Day

a) Another request I have seen and totally agree with is adding a Physio report alongside the Assistant Manager report to advise you how serious those little knocks are

b) Team Talks could do with improving; the current suite of responses are very limited ; is it possible to add interaction within them i.e. incorporate some of the tactical elements into conversation or specifically tell a player why he has done well/badly

c) Can you include the ability to differentiate between halves in team talks? Often your players will have a fantastic first half and a lousy second half but your only option is to say well done; ideally you’d say great first half but play like you did second half and you’ll be dropped!

d) Players already admonish managers after games (occasionally) therefore can you include dressing room bust ups i.e. a player disagreeing with either the overall team talk or individual comments?

e) I used to love the old stadium backgrounds (and still download the packs that soon become available) but it would be awesome if the stadiums in the game could resemble the actual stadiums rather than being a generic representation of a stadium size? surely the shape can't be copy-written??? Also can the graphics be improved on the current stadiums?

f) Commentary – I have never believed FM needs “official” commentators but that it could make awesome use of the improvements in voice technology that simply reads the words off of a page a’la word processing packages?

g) Without getting too much into the realms of flashy graphics can the pitch view incorporate players lifting trophies etc at the end of a cup run?

> Staff & Jobs

a) Can you include attributes for shooting and set pieces rather than uses having to work out the combinations of mental and technique to get a coach that can achieve more than 3 stars below top team standards?

b) Can you include some new staff positions:

- Chief Scout – most clubs have one (with just the number of scouts under them that differ) and their role could include being the conduit through which scouting is managed (either fully by them or by the manager specifying instructions), compiling the various reports into one either by region, country or position, being the person sent out to provide a final check on a target before the manager gets involves

- Academy Chief – Although I do manage the training of youth players I don’t believe all managers would; what seems more realistic is that clubs with academies have a manager responsible for bringing on young talent. Bigger clubs (or smaller ones choosing to forego other luxuries in favour of a stream of youth players) could employ an Academy Chief to devise and manage the training of the prospects under their charge; in addition it would be good to be able to apportion a budget to them to identify and procure the services of youngsters into the club’s academy i.e. U15’s?

- Youth Scout – if the club can afford one it could appoint a scout to work alongside the Academy Chief to seek out the best young prospects for the academy as well as identifying those kids already starting to make their first XI appearances

c) Chairmen should play a bigger role in job offers:

- IRL chairmen tend to want to block potential approaches (sometimes discussing it with the manager sometimes not) this would be a good addition to the game

- If a club is rebuffed they don’t always walk away (though they do sometimes) and therefore there should be an element of a Chairman negotiating compensation before begrudgingly allowing you to talk to the other club

- The game regularly talks of the board doing their best to keep their manager in light of speculation however they actually don’t do anything – at the very least the Chairman should try to keep you either through a basic plea, using the media to guilt you or offering a new contract / promises of money to build the club etc

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Don't know if this has been mentioned already but i'd like to be able to set my team up differently from when i have the ball to when i don't. Nearly every team in the world change shape so why not on the game? I'd also like to be able to decide on how wide my players play. For example i may want my wingers to drift into the middle and then allow the fullbacks to overlap. I think this would add abetter variety of play and make the tactics more in depth. Hope you understand what i mean, found it hard to explain what i mean.

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I have always been amazed at the black and white views on the editor, some love it others hate it. Personally I think it helps make FM because the key thing is that it allows the player to determine their game and therefore the level of enjoyment they will get out of it. Some use it to cheat, others use it to make their own footballing world, others make the game harder and others just rectify things they believe are mistakes.

Only things I'd like changed to it currently are:

> A help - the original FM editor came with a help doc that allowed users to understand what the variances were, what they meant etc and this was massively useful

> have the game fully look at the DB it creates - of course the majority does however if you edit a player's history the main screen is taken from your edited history but other elements of the game obviously still look back at the original database which causes small but annoying conflicts!

> Bring back the reset all button - one of the old editors allowed you to reset all stats along with setting all stats to 10 for example; on the rare occasions i edit players I quite often set all youngsters to stats of 0 to allow the game to make them up and that button used to make a lot of difference time wise!

> Add a home-grown button to player editing so that you can add youngsters to a team and not have to wait 3 years for them to become your players

> Include the full set of contract option i.e. yearly wage rises etc

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i think the league evolving idea is great specially for long term games. it would be good to have an option at the start to have league stature changing or not, but it should be realistic, like poland or india shouldnt become the best league in the world.

also the team-talks, add some more options, they have been the same since ive been playing FM.

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Keygayleuk, simply brilliant post, you've saved me writing about 80% of the other stuff I'd noted from other posts! The new staff roles would add a lot I think.

And complaining about my 17 year old hot prospect striker is a big bugbear!

Other things (and most of these have already been mentioned, but I think the more they're mentioned the more likely we'll see them in the new game).


1) make transfer money avaible earlier (have missed a lot of FRT because funds aren't available until its too late)

2) foreign training camps

3) a tour squad should be announced (maybe 30 players total?)


1) dietitian, as a supplement to stamina coaching

2) better reporting from physio (slight bruise on arm or hamstring twinge for example. Also more in-match feedback a la ass man.

3) full medical report on player signing (eg, player passed but susceptible to ankle problems, slightly over weight, etc)

4) enable training progress over players career at club (as opposed to last 12 months)

5) explain the difference in costs between treating a player by the physio as opposed to specialist


1) make min release visible on player search screens

2) bring back first option transfers

3) enable buy from- loan back to (or even buy from/loan another player as part of the deal)

4) buy multiple players as part of a package

Player Interaction

1) allow captains feedback post game, or even mid week (the rest of the players are unhappy because x is guarannteed 1st team football, etc)

2) when picking teams (for reserves and 1st team), the option to explain why players were picked/dropped would be useful (blood young players, rest star player for big game, match fitness, etc)

3) on the player interaction screen you should be able to tell a player he's not wanted (if he won't accept a transfer etc) and he'll rot in your reserves if he stays.

4) you should also be able to explain to players why you are sending them to a feeder (experience, w/p, etc)

5) you should be able to have more interaction with players in private.

6) more in-match interaction (psyche up subs coming on, yell instructions from sideline)

7) tv/magazine interviews, more seldom but more in-depth than a press conference

8) short press conference when new players are signed, maybe a weekly conference preseason to discuss new signings/rumours?


1) bring back the videos from agents

2) at the start of each season your chief scout (or an elected scout anyway) should give you a list of all the tournaments for the year, and you should be able to assign scouts to several, non-overlapping tournaments from a single screen. (why can't my best scout be assigned to the Olympics and uefa-19s a the same time, even though they would have to be scouted at the same time?). It's a pain to have to remove a scout from a finished competition and go back an check if there are any new tournaments every month)


1) at the board room you should be able to improve medical and commercial facilities

2) people have mentioned the odd chance of someone being injured in the warm up

3) once you've confirmed a sub, but someon else gets injured/sent off before you're changes have actually been applied (ie before you're subs have hit the pitch) you should be able to cancel them

4) trophey cabinet

5) if you manage the reserves, surely you should get a little kudos if they win the league?

6) a short list for staff, so you can keep an eye on star scouts at other clubs.

7) and some more hype about wonderkids, especially in foreign countries, so they are brought to your attention.

8) finally, when you advertise a job, the applicants should be presented as a shortlist, which you can save, and compare like in the normal staff screens

I know a lot of this is rehashed, but there seems to be a lot of support for some of these on the forum so I thought it might be good just to keep them fresh. And there are one or 2 ideas I would really like to see implemented (I like to think they're original but I'd be surprised if they were!). I'd defeintely like the see the job-applicaant short-list and the grid-view to assign scouts to different tournaments, all from the same screen.

Sorry for the long post, these are all little niggle more than huge issues for me, but if you don't rant...

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In the option where you choose "real" or "unreal" players, if you choose "unreal" players, you could also have the options to choose any team you want, starting in any league you want(premier, BSN, BSS, etc).

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