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Wishlist: What you would like to see in future versions of the game. All 'list' ideas in here.

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When putting the Assistant in charge of renewing contracts I would like this to expand to the coaching staff. There has been many a time when I've put the game ob holiday over preseason came back and had no coaching staff because the contracts had expired and I wasnt there to renew them.

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<LI> More realistic referee movement (they look like they have even worse positioning than me)

<LI> More realistic assistant referees (even Swedish 5th division assistants does a better job than these)

<LI> More info when a player get a red card(getting red card, without any information is annoying)

<LI> Set-piece training

<LI> Attacking and Defensive tactical instructions

<LI> Being able to use more than one arrow on a player(i.e. farrow/barrow)

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I would like to see:

1) A more realistic tranfer market - Lyon buying players from the Argentinian league for £33m is not realistic (Nicolas Cabrera)! Or Chelsea signing Anton Ferdinand for £51m! Also unrealistic tranfers taking place like Carrick laving Man Utd in the January 2007 transfer window or Newcastle buying Dawson from Tottenham right at the start of a new game.

2) I also feel the strength of some sides are not realistic - Man Utd and Liverpool for example hardly ever put up a decent title challenge, and when I say they never put up a decent challenge, I mean Liverpool usually finish about 8th and Utd even worse in 11th or 12th. Birmingham never get anywhere near getting promoted in the championship

3)Players positions are also an issue. I noticed Carragher was always playing at right back for Liverpool so I used the editor to reduce his DR stat to 9 and he still played at right back most of the time. If I reduce it further it wont be realistic as he can play right back but he's a centreback.

4) Attackers score practically all of the goals! I know strikers score the bulk of goals in real life but good goalscoring midfielders don't seem to exist on the game. Yes they have plenty of assists but I rarely ever have a midfielder making it into double figures for the season in goals! Not just the team I am managing but on the computer managed sides too. The likes of Ronaldinho, Ballack, Lampard, Gerrard, Cristiano Ronaldo, Scholes, etc only score about 7 or 8 in a really good season and most of the time even less. This is just not realistic!It seems to be slightly more realistic in terms of goals being shared when you play with national sides so it should be the same with clubs.

5) I feel youth players potential should not be decided from the get-go and should be decided by the way they are coached and managed. I know they are to a small extent but its still decided from the off how good they will be i.e -8, -7, etc... It should be down to circumstances.

6) There doesn't seem to be much squad rotation going on either. Don't get me wrong I am not talking Rafa Benitez type squad rotation although that would be realistic for him but I mean the strongest eleven always seem to play much more games than the rest of the squad which is not realistic.

I'll leave it at that for now but return if I think of anymore. It just seems that the old games like Champ 97/98 and Champ 98/99 were better in some of those aspects than the latest versions of FM are.

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Forgot to mention in my previous post about another gripe about the unrealistic transfer system. Players just seem to move to new clubs nearly every year never ever staying long term at a club! When I say long term I mean at least 2 years for God's sake! I know we are living in an age of mercenary footballers but surely this is going too far??? Also why do bids and enquiries just never stop coming in for players even when you have made it clear the player is not for sale? Once you have made it clear that a player is not for sale, then enquiries and bids should stop at least for the time being. Even if you set a players status as unavailable for transfer, the bids and enquiries still keep on coming and it gets repetetive contimually having to say no every couple of minutes!

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Maybe clubs should have their own player shortlists. I mean when you take over at a club surely there should be a ready shortlist of players compiled by the scounting organization present at the club prior to your arrival.

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I've not read any comments, so I don't know what has been typed.

- Scrap Player Potential

It seems odd how players have a set potential in stone and that they can get no better than the predecided potential. In real life, players don't have a set potential ability in which they can get no better once they hit.

It should be replaced with a Player Learning Curve in which everyone has the potential to be excellent, but players have different learning curves in which they can develop their skills dependent on it. The learning curve is effected by injury, morale, form, age, performance & training itself.

- Training Schedules

I always liked designing them. Should have an option to develop schedules along with the current system with information on how each individual schedule task effects certain skills.

- Player Skill Targets

Ask players to set personal areas of improvement in certain skill(s). Also I have noticed in youth players that all their stats improve almost entirely evenly. This is odd if I have a youth defender on a defensive youth schedule with the tiniest attention possible put on attacking/shooting, but then see their Finishing has gone up by 2 a year later.


- I know tutoring gains the tutored player the tutors preferred moves if successful, but I think they should also have their stats edited slightly to slant towards the tutorers stats. Also cut the stupid amount of tutorings failing due to the players falling out with each other.


- I remember on CM 01/02 I would get coaches saying to me "so and so is showing a lot of potential in training" and they would recommend first team development. I had this with Ronnie Wallwork and he eventually became a top defender for my Man Utd team. O.o (Yes, Man Utd and Ronnie)

Other Misc:

- Wider set of Regen Names. It gets dull seeing people named "David James" or "Dan Martin" with all plain common names. Add some diversity into it.

Thass all I can think of now.

Anyway - I'm not seeing this anymore. Would be nice to see more interaction on training progress/regress.

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I would like to see

1) Set pieces - Sort of a chalk/wipe board thing where you can tell players where to stand for freekicks/corners and where to make runs to lose markers as the freekicks/corners are struck.

2) The chance to offer a long serving player a testimonial as part of his contract.

3) The chance to start the game (pprobably lower league only) as a vetaran 35y/o say player manager, with diminishing stats but say high influence and determination.

4) Games postponed at last minute due to weather, games abandoned due to bad weather making fixture pile ups

5) Substitutes - Rather than click the make change button the ability to click on your players in the sub box on the side of the pitch to tell them to get ready and then make the changes from there changes from there with the ability to interact with the players EG 'Give us a goal son' or something similar!

6) The chance to buy a young player from another club with the option to loan them back till the end of the season.

Can't think of anything else for now!

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A Media Interview System

When a friend of mine worked at a Championship club during the summer, he learnt a lot about how the club worked at media training.

Academy players on a regular basis are taught how to deal with the media. For example, a typical lesson would be deciding which questions should be answered, and how, i.e. :

Question: There’s been a lot of talk linking you with Club XYZ

Answer: I’m happy concentrating on my progression here at Club ABC.

The above could be considered a trained answer. If the player had a low media handling ability, it might be:

Question: There’s been a lot of talk linking you with Club XYZ

Answer: Club XYZ are a great club and it’s always been an ambition of mine to play for them.

The manager at this particular club has a policy of not allowing players speak to the media if they are under the age of 19 or so, as to keep them level headed and fully focused on the club, so a manager should be asked by the club’s media department:

“A television station has requested an interview with player MNO. How would you like to proceed?

Option One: The player is unavailable for interview at this time

Option Two: The player is available for interviewâ€

The manager could also be asked who to put forward for an interview. For example, would you the manager put forward a player who has said on many occasions he does not wish to remain at the club for a reason? So, it could look like this:

“A television station has requested an interview with a player to ask some questions about the current campaign. The following players are available at the time requested:

Player A

Player B

Player Câ€

Player A for example could be wanted by a club or transfer listed, making him an ‘interesting’ choice for someone to interview, or represent the club. By the same measure, Player C might be the captain, who loves the club.

Answers could relate to the personality or profile of the player, for example Paul Scholes is often in the limelight, but when in an interview (if at all) he is quiet and shies away, i.e. :

Question: Great goal you scored there Player DEF wasn’t it?

Answer: Yeah it was Okay...

Also, as manager, I feel there should be more options as to what he or she says. When a club makes a bid that you the manager feel is an insult, he or she should be able to hit back, and appear as so, for example:

“Manager GHI has hit back at Manager JKL of Club XYZ after bidding for young Welsh starlet Player MNO. In an interview with Newspaper PQR he said: “I felt insulted by the offer. It is nowhere near the valuation of our player, who we would not be willing to sell under any circumstances whatsoever anyway.â€

This could have an effect on relationships. Manager GHI could dislike Manager JKL because of the derisory offer.

A final note, the as a manager you should be able to hire of fire a media guru or PR department personnel member, as you would a coach.

A complicated set of ideas but hey, I think it would help.

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I found 1 major flaw in the team talk.

I'm playing my last game of the 1st group stage in the Euro Cup. I'm already qualified so I tell my players to relax and have fun. Before the game and during half time.

After the game, some of my players are ****ed off because of the comment. icon_eek.gif

Surely, they're smart enough to understand than once they're qualified they dont have to give a 100% anymore and my comments should have been good.

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I'd like to see considerable improvement of what's there now, especially fleshing out the team talks/opposition instructions and making the match engine less absurd when you've got your tactics 'wrong'. Otherwise, substitute instructions is the best idea I've read on here so far.

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Putting players ANYWHERE on the tactics screen, and having run markers go to ANYWHERE on the screen.


A DL is still a DL, no matter where in the DL "square" you put him. its then up to Mentality and Width to show what sort of position you want him to take up.

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Originally posted by Rich2086:

id love more lower leagues in england

I would also love to see this but the game would have to be massive and many people Don't particularly want more lower league teams. Maybe there could be a lower leagues expansion pack.

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squads for pre-season tours and european away games, in much the same way as you pick a squad for the champions league. stops the unrealistic ability to be able to call up any player from back home to play a friendly in japan at a moment's notice etc.

but i'd settle for no new features at all if the match engine and tactical side of the game is significantly improved.

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Another couple of thoughts...

1) Add more than one favourite club. Whilst I love Southampton, I spent my early years in Wimbledon and so support AFC Wimbledon.

2) Manager's Playing History - If the manager is a former player, the ability to make a history would be good. This could be taken into consideration when clubs pick their new manager - If a player spent his entire career at one club he should be one of the top candidates.

3) Following on from Nick OGS20's thoughts on pre-season. Pre-season is an incredibly important time when raising fitness levels and match sharpness are everything. It's probably also the time when most contractual issues are sorted out, so I'd like to see more emphasis on it. More reports would be good during the close season as well, to keep an eye on everyone.

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hey all, i dunno if this has already been mentioned, but apart from the international management shake up everyone has spoken about i'd like to see some interation with my backroomstaff, for example "news report - *Scout A* recommends doogal boy." he's a really good player and i sign him, yet he plays rubbish etc you know the score, i would like to give my feedback to the scout, and also if i decide to go on holiday and ask my ass man to take oevr while i'm away, then praise ornot praise him for a good job, or whoever you have in control of my under 18s some feedback, and also feedback from them, just a few ideas i have. bye for now!

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Im sure ill get slated for this but i couldnt care less. The bottom line is this game is poxy hard to win with on a regular basis.

Not everyone has the whole day to tinker around with bloody slider bars for hours on end before every game to get wins.

Some of the people on here spends weeks/months testing formations and tactics. Do you really think everyone has this kind of time to get a winning tactic?

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Originally posted by incrediboy42:

Doing the 'Saved Game Challenge' made me think that it might be cool to have a certain number of preloaded 'scenarios' on the game, if you just wanted a quick game to have some fun with, in the same vein as that challenge. Maybe you could download new ones as well.

I would love this.

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I'd love to be able to send some promising unknown 'russian' player to my feeder club, for whatever length of time it took to get either dual nationality or a work permit, without them coming back every summer and having to send them back out.

This would also solve the problem of signing a young player sending him on loan for a year, his ability and hence Rep going up to a sufficant level that he refuses to go back the next year, but still doesn't qualify for a work permit(the most annoying aspect of the game!)

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Originally posted by Tsunami001:

I also get sick to death of young strikers with finishing 1. All strikers should have at least a rating of 5 for this field. I have several times had a great player for all striker stats but their finishing been below 5. This is far too unrealistic.

That gives me an idea. Maybe when players first get created they don't have a position set and you can train them wherever you think they should play. I don't know if this would work better if all of the new players had empty positions or just some of them (or maybe it wouldn't work at all) but it would solve the slightly annoying problem of having too few youth players of a certain position get generated.

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what I really miss is the ability to talk to players during a sub.

You see the manager giving final instructions and welcoming the subbed players all the time.

Let us say the same things to a player getting on the field as we can do before the game (IE: I have faith in you, I expect a performance...) and tell the subbed player you needed a defender, more power in the front, he looked tired, hope the injury isnt bad......

you get the point.

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-Coach reports , to be bought into line with the scout reports.

-Scouts be able to compare the player you want scouted with a specific player in your squad , eg you want to see how he lines up with the second best player in that position.

-You should be able to offer 1 month contracts like they do in the lower leagues.

-Can training be a little more specific.

-Being able to appoint your own director of football , and him actually being able to do something.

-Transfers is all about who you know. If you don't know anyone in the game then you cannot sign anyone. Be that managers etc...

- If your a lower league club you should be allowed to ask a manager of a higher side if there are any players that would be willing to come to you on loan.

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Sorry if these have already been mentioned, but in addition to an improved training module, here are a few suggestions for future versions of FM.

More in-depth stat analysis

<UL TYPE=SQUARE><LI>Analysis of various partnerships such as strike partnerships (goals scored / contributed etc), defensive partnerships (clean sheets etc), playmaker / target man / set pieces stat breakdowns. Also available for reserves and youth teams - makes first team selection so much easier and faster, at-a-glance etc.

Control/input into ticket prices

  • <LI>Manager to have a say in various ticket prices. Although this would usually be considered as a board activity, if some sort of semi-control could be established over ticket prices, this would allow a greater control over potential incomes generated.
    <LI>For example, the board could approach you at the start of the season and ask for your input into club ticket prices (using multiple choice pre-fix options) for all competitions involved in during the season. Obviously the pre-fixes would depend upon the club's size and situation. However, I know that this would be complex to achieve through coding, especially if a club reaches the latter stages of a competition and ticket prices would generally need to be increased to maximise income.
    <LI>Potential ticket price categories: matchday, reserves, youth team, domestic cup(s), European / continental etc cup, one-off cup / trophy (eg super cup, charity shield etc), season ticket price, half season ticket price etc.

More involvement with stadium expansion

<UL TYPE=SQUARE><LI>Possibility of recommending specific areas / stands etc of the existing ground that need improving, rather than a random increase in general stadium capacity. For example, this could be illustrated in a top-down 2D graphic of the existing stadium, and this would allow managers to pinpoint areas of the ground that need improvement. Visible upgrades to this potential 2D stadium graphic would also be a great visual aid to the grounds' current status, especially if you transfer between clubs frequently.

<LI>Again, this would require additional research into existing stadiums and their capacities, but it would probably open the door to a more enhanced visual representation of a club's ground and potential expansion opportunities. Perhaps this suggestion could also be incoporated into training and youth training facilities, but on a much more simplistic scale using pre-fix graphics?

Increased board room interaction

<UL TYPE=SQUARE><LI>Increase in the number of available board room requests than at present. Examples could include advising board when to change club playing status (EG from semi-professional to professional, vice versa in desperate financial situations); adjustments to existing ticket prices (concept discussed above); more flexible and frequent sponsorship arrangements (discussed below); manager performance expectations for the coming season (using pre-fix choices) - these could be put forward to allow the board to consider the personal targets of the manager, as well as the board's, before coming to a final decision on league expectations.

More sponsorship involvement/selection

<UL TYPE=SQUARE><LI>Rather than the board select an uncontrollable kit sponsor at the beginning of a season, perhaps more flexibility in sponsorship selection can be introduced. For example, as illustrated with selecting an affiliated club, the board should offer multiply sponsorship deals (multiple choice pre-fixes) to a manager, and ask him to recommend the most desirable/feasible etc. Also, perhaps the manager could recommend the number of seasons the kit sponsorship is to cover.

<LI>As well as the existing kit sponsorship, perhaps other areas of sponsorship can be included in future versions. For example, selecting sponsorship boards inside the ground, with each potential location varying in sponsorship length, cost and so on. Also, perhaps stadiums could have renaming rights for a set number of seasons, similar to the kit sponsorship at present.

I know that some of these suggestions are quite radical, but its always worth putting a few more into a brainstorming session. I've got more suggestions, but ain't had time to get round to them yet.

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1. add more than one favourite club

2. presidential elections in spanish league

3. international managers being able to vote for world player of the year

4. improve regens, there are too many coming into the game with incredible stats even when they have not fully developed

5. set a transfer date i.e man utd agreed deal for fabio and rafael to join in 2009. at the moment u can only leave it till the end of the season

6. english teams are currently over-rated in europe

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* More interaction with your ass man and being able to hand off more duties. He should be in your ear giving you advice on players who are ready to move up from the reserve/youth team and players who aren't good enough for the first team. However...the only way this works right is if the ass man doesn't act like he has the football IQ of Forest Gump.

* I personally feel that scouting needs to be streamlined. I would personally like to see us be able to hire a scouting director and then based on the board's restrictions on scouting, fudnign, etc., the director will then handle the scouting.

* Maybe this is just because I'm an American, and as such, I'm used to coaches not having much say in what players come to the team. But I would like to have a toggle in the options menu to let the board handle the transfer market. However, for every deal the board makes, the manager can give a recommendation (much like when he's given a choice of feeder/parent teams) on what to do. Thus, where currently, you can decline a sell and then the board can potentially go over you and your powerless to stop them...with this, the board will buy/sell/loan a player, and then you can give a recommendation, like "yes, i like the move" or "no I don't want this player" or "the offer isn't good enough" or "the player is too important to sell". Of course, the final decision rests with the board, and then this opens up even more possibilities as far as interacting with the board.

But none of these three options should be mandatory to use. In the end, the more options you can give the player to play the game as they see fit, then the better it is for everyone.

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Team Talks-

Have 'Positive' 'Neutral' and 'Negative' options to prevent the use of ambigious comments (particularly "Want you to play like this every match).



Brilliant Performance

Good Perfromance

Well Done

Sensational etc.


Satisfied with performance (please, please, please include this)


Result was OK etc.




Performance was a disgrace

Disappointed etc.

Have International Clearences prevent a player from playing. Happens occasionally in RL, ie, Player A can't play for Club Z due to having not recieved International Clearance

(eg If they are signed on a matchday)

Next Team Scout Report

Injured Players- What injury they have, ie

Player A (Hamstring), B (Calf), C (Knee)

or why they are unavailble

Player D (Suspension), E (Cup-tied) etc.

Possibly have the teams last 5 results in the league and a points total from the last 5 games

Team A 2-0 Opp

Opp- 4-1 A

A 2-2 Opp

A 0-1 Opp

Opp 1-2 A

7/15 Points in the previous 5 League Games.

(Possibly have) Climbed/Dropped X number of places in last 5 games.

Fairly vague, but you get the point.

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Testimonial and 'special' friendly matches. People say this doesn't happen IRL, or doesn't affect the manager... I beg to differ.

Next month, there is going to be a European XI vs Manchester United 'jubilation' match. I'm sure that the organisers would have get permission from various managers (S.A. Ferguson to say the least). Ferguson has even commented to the press that he would field a 'full strength side' as well.

PS: I've also seen in the Greek league a Greece XI vs Foreign XI already in the game.

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I think that we should get a news reading of any new competitions starting, i.e the World Cup, Copa America, Gold Cup etc.

This would come with an option of whether you would like to scout this competition as I keep missing minor competitions which I like to scout ie the Gold Cup, African Nations and the Asian Cup.

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I would like to see the following minor improvement:

On the newspiece you get reminding you of an upcoming match, I would like to see a button allowing you to see your past meetings with that team (rather than having to go to the fixtures screen and selecting it that way). It could go where the "View Scouted Match" button goes when your scout has watched the next team.

A simple shortcut, yet something that would enhance the game experience for many people that currently don't use the Past Meetings screen often, and make it easier and quicker to access for those that do.

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1. I would like the idea of international managers voting for player of the year.

2. Announce your squad for your next match early

3. More interaction between managers and players about certain matches etc. Also more interaction between Managers and the Board.


4. With your wages you could possibly have wagers with players to score more goals, clean sheets etc.

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just a few little tweeks

1)When looking at a players history you should have it instead/aswell a place to see all of the players goals from all competitions because if a player scores say 5 goals in the FA Cup final he really has nothing to prove for it in the History.

2)Maybe just maybe out of your (the managers)wages you could have a flutter every now and again on a game or a competition,but might not work because it could take too much out of the managing side.

3)Too many bizarre red cards imo ie.a player head-butting someone,i mean how often does this really happen?

4)maybe have a pitch invasion at the end of a game ie.the last game of season when you have managed to survive the drop or once you have won a competition(remember west brom and leeds when they stayed up)

5)Part exchanges in transfers rarely happen on the game and the chances of a "swap" should be higher

6)2d manager lookin busy at side of the pitch could be good

7)should also instead of having to download skins should have a variety from the game preferences.

8)everyone will ask for more and more media comments because it gets boring at the start of every game.

9)was thinking of saying something bizarre and realised what i was about to say(dont shoot me) slightly heading towards saying "womens football teams" arrrrgh crazy talk.

10)maybe an award ceremony in 2D after winning/losing a competition.

11)before manager of the month/year/player of month/year and so on maybe should see the nominees for it before its decided.

And Finally seeing Crewe Alex to win the premiership would be brilliant lol nly joking

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Guest Realmajid

Ability to call Press Conferences

World Cup squad profiles

Players being distraught on missing major tournaments, also squad get together with 30 players or so for a week where your national team coaches give tips

ban players speaking to media

more focus on manager fueds before game against rivals

verbal agreement with club to sign player....bit like first option but offer to loan someone to them etc.

mass brawl on field

ask 4th official for explanations during game

have independent agents work on behalf of club and agree deal with you confiorming deal and paying agent substantial fee for concludoing deal.

bring back complaints about referees

negotiate contracts as manager with another club, agree to take over at the end of season.

more emphasis on friendship groups within squad, maybe nationality orientated

world player of the year votes by national managers and national team captain should be implemented with results and voting patterns shown.

money making trips to Japan, Malysia etc+ amsterdam tournament should be as prestigious as in real life where best teams get invited.

testimonials.........please icon_wink.gif

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