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llmaddicted - a NEW LLM forum!

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The real revolution that came with FM2010 is the ability to add more lower leagues than ever.

A dream came true for a lot of people who did play the game the LLM way in the past.

This forum is for people who want both worlds in their game. LLM and the new world of added and expanded leagues.

But also for people who like to manage in the lower leagues or some exotic leagues you can't load out of the box.

Created and run by forum member KUBI, here is a new LLM forum for people who want to play LLM using 3rd party League updates but still play as realistically as possible within them :)


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This is also a place for all who are interested in additional and expanded league files, as I will post regularly links to the best downloads.

League creators are also encouraged to join in the community.

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