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The Rise of Waterloo Dock - An FM Career/Blog/Article-type Thingy

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Firstly, I'm utterly terrible at web graphics. Excuse the banner.

There, that's dealt with.

All this is is a quick heads up that I've started a blog dealing primarily with the career of Waterloo Dock of the Liverpool County Premier League in Tier 11 of English football. Super Bladesman, hats off sir - phenomenal add-on for FM10!

It's my latest attempt at taking an underdog side to some sort of glory in English football (not the League Cup though, because that's not glory.) Previously, I've taken Ternana to Champions League victory in the FM Stories section of this very forum, and I've taken Sangonera to Liga BBVA triumph in a career chronicled extensively on The Away Stand.

Further to that, "The Rise of Waterloo Dock" will feature a variety of FM articles and guides based on whatever comes to mind as I play the brilliant creation of Sports Interactive.

It's all about interaction too. Well, I intend it to be. I want to spread the fame and glory of the FM Fansite and act as a neutral hub to advertise the wares of all of you lunatic admins that code and create graphical website wonders that I can only dream of creating in my deepest dreams.

So drop by, have a read, laugh at me, call me a noob, refer me to the Blog Police for being aforementioned noob... maybe drop me a link to your website so I can sing your praises, maybe visit a site that is already linked. Or maybe do none of the above, close this thread with a wary shake of the head and look for the latest wonderkid to improve your struggling Portsmouth side (because there's no other type of Portsmouth side.)

The Rise of Waterloo Dock

Whatever you do, enjoy the game - and try not to headbutt the wall too hard when you lose your next FA Cup final. I'm ever the pessimist.

Tubey ;)

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Nice blog there Tubey. An enjoyable read there and I'll keep reading.

Thank you very much :)

If any other website wants a link thrown up (as long as it's of decent quality), drop me a line and I'll do it. I don't need a link back in return :)

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