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[FM10] Galatasaray - Ready To Shine Over Europe


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I have loaded the Turkish League and I will be playing my game on the 10.2 patch with no unofficial updates.

Chosen Team: Galatasaray


Media Prediction: 3rd

History : Galatasaray Sports Club was founded in the fall of 1905, by Galatasaray Lisesi (an elite high school founded in 1481) students as a football club. Galatasaray's first president was Ali Sami Yen. Their first match was against Kadıköy Faure School and they won this match 2–0. There were discussions about the clubs name, in which some suggested Gloria (victory) and others Audace (courage), but it was decided that its name would be Galatasaray.

According to researcher Cem Atabeyoğlu, Galatasaray took its name from one of its first matches. In that match, Galatasaray won 2–0 over Rûm club and the spectators called them "Galata Sarayı efendileri" (in English: Gentlemen of City Palace), and, after this event, they adopted that name and started to call their club "Galata Sarayı". In 1905, during the era of the Ottoman Empire, there were no laws for associations so the club could not be registered officially, but, after the 1912 Law of Association, the club registered legally.

Among with the founder Ali Sami Yen, the co-founders were the ones who were keen to do this sport, such as Asim Tevfik Sonumut, Reşat Şirvani, Cevdet Kalpakçıoğlu, Abidin Daver and Kamil.

At first, the colors of the Galatasaray Sports Club were red and white. These are the colors in Turkish flag. However, Turkish Republic was not founded at that time. Therefore, this inspiration caused repressive administration of the day feel uncomfortable and the administration hounded the footballers. For this reason, the colors were changed to yellow and dark blue till 1907. In 1908, new colors were chosen as red and yellow. Ali Sami Yen stated, "We were imagining brightness of yellow - red fire over our team and thinking that it would carry us from one victory to another."

While the football in Turkey began to fully develop, Galatasaray won ten more Istanbul League titles, six Sunday League titles and three Friday League titles until 1952. Upon recognition of professional football in 1952, the first professional but non-national league of Turkey, Istanbul Professional League played between 1952 and 1959. Galatasaray won three of these seven titles.

Türkiye Profesyonel 1. Ligi (Turkcell Super League today) formed in 1959. This is the top-flight professional league in Turkish nationwide football, and the most popular sporting competition in the country. Galatasaray joined all seasons and won 17 league titles since then.

The Turkish Football Federation starts to organize "Turkish Cup" (today it is organized with the name Ziraat Turkish Cup) in the 1962–63 season for Turkish clubs to qualify for the UEFA competitions. This is the only national cup competition in Turkey. Galatasaray joined all seasons and won 14 trophies since then.



Aim: Firstly, my aim is to be the champions in the Turkish Premier League and also win the Turkish Cup. After these two aims I want to do the best in the Europa League and try and reach the quarter finals at least. Further the years I want to establish a team with a strong financial budget and a great youth supply. And the main aim of my game will be of course to win the Champions League in 5 years time. Time Will Show :)

I will constantly post the latest transfers and match results of my game.

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The Transfers...


Mehmet Sivrikaya (Denizlispor - €300,000)

Mustafa Ergen (Free Transfer)


Lincoln (Werder Bremen - € 2,500,000)

Tobias Linderoth (Werder Bremen - €2,500,000)

Harry Kewell (Real Madrid - €7,500,000)

Alparslan Erdem (Kartalspor - Loan)

The transfer season hasn't finished yet but I do not think I'll make any more transfers..

Some Results..


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Ohh Harry Kewell go to Real Madrid :) Oscar Cardozo is amazing striker, sale value 4.5-5M €, minumum 25 goals :) Emre Çolak, Berkin Arslan, Serdar Eylik is good player and potential stars... Turkish Youth stars ; Deniz Naki, Ömer Toprak, Sercan Sararer, Gokhan Tore, Eren Gungor, Ali Helvaci, Necip Uysal, Mehmet Ekici ;)

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