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[FM10] The Final Say At Saltergate!


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database: 10.2

edits: made jamie ward better on stats because I really think he should be

database size: medium

leagues: england (blue square n/s above) | france (ligue 1 (view)) | germany (first division (view)) | italy (serie a (view)) | portugal (liga sagres (view)) | scotland (third division above) | spain (LIGA adelante above)

past experiance: semi-pro


The Final Say At Saltergate!

Club Information:

Year Founded: 1866

Reputation: Regional

Fierce Rivals: Mansfield

Finances: Okay

Season Ticket Holders: 2850

Media Prediction: 10th

History Honours:

Coca-Cola League 2

Winner: 1970, 1985

Third Place: 1995, 2001

Anglo-Scottish Cup

Winner: 1980


Finish in the top 8 of the table and push for Play-offs, not really bothered about promotion this year, just looking to do the best in everything I'm in. In the long run, give me a couple of years and I will be up into League 1 hopefully, would prefer automatic promotion as you have to do really well in the league. But for the moment, build a solid squad and in 3 years time hopefully League 1.



Mark Crossley, 40 years of age, really getting on, would like to make him a Goalkeeping Coach rather than player/coach. Back-up to my main goalkeeper Tommy Lee.

Tommy Lee, 23 years old, really good stats already, hoping to get him tied to a long contract, he is only here till 2011. Offered him a contract, same wage, till 2014.

Matthew Malek, 18 years of age, just a youth player in my first team, won't see any action this season unless of injuries.


Phil Picken, 23 years old, mental attributes are really good, shame I can't say the same about technical, players right back or left back.

Dan Gray, 19 years of age, looks like a really good talent, want too keep hold of, attributes aren’t brilliant but I'm sure they will improve. Plays, right back, defender midfield, midfield centre, midfield right.

Danny Hall, 25 years old, really not interested in the fella to be honest, doesn't look owt special, and will probably be out before the start of the season. Couple of clubs want him, but I'm not offering him out, rather not upset him. Plays, right back, centre back, defender midfield, midfield centre.

Paul Harsley, 31 years old, now I'd rather look at young players and get rid of old ones, but this bloke's stats are amazing, should be solid in defence all season. Plays, defender right, midfield right, midfield centre.

Jamie Lowry, 22 years old, stats, well not good, give him a chance though, he's only 22 and I like young players. So squad rotation, unless I get a solid back four which I won't change. Plays, defender right, midfield right, midfield centre.

Ian Breckin, 34 years young, he is mentally solid, technically, well he could be better but he is definitely first team all the way, should pair up superbly with Robert Page. Plays only the one position, centre half.

Aaron Downes, 24 years old, stats so so, not really interested in him as he only plays centre back and is out for 4-6 months with a cruciate ligament damage. Probably won’t feature this year because of his injury, but check up on him next summer and see what to do with him.

Robert Page, 34 years of age, stats are good were most needed should pair up brilliantly with Ian Breckin. Plays only centre back.


Alan Goodall, 27 years old, not the best of all players. More than likely he won’t be needed so will probably get rid soon. Plays down the left side though, left back, left wing back, left midfield.

Mark Allott ,31 years old. Mental stats are fantastic, the technical stats, well lets not go there. The only thing good about them is his long throws. He plays defender midfield and midfield centre.

Derek Niven, 25 years old, similar to Mark Allott, mental stats a lot better than his technical stats, plays in same position, defender midfield and centre midfield.

Lloyd Kerry, 21 years old, now his stats aren’t brilliant but I really want to get this lad on a long contract because I think he has a great future. I may be completely wrong but hey ho worth a try. Plays centre midfield.

Wade Small, 25 years of age. Plays down both wings, and his stats, rubbish. He is on £1,000 a week one of my highest paid players and he is crap. Will need to keep him though because of lack of midfield.


Drew Talbot, 22 years old, got a good future ahead of him, decent stats so I will be looking to make him play a lot this season and try and improve him. Plays right midfield, left midfield, right wing, left wing and upfront.

Martin Gritton, 31 years old. Like one or two of my players, not good on the technical side of things but quite good on the mental side of things. Pure striker, will be used in my rotation system I think.

Jack Lester, 33 years old, darn it, my best player and he is aged at 33. Really hoping he has a solid season with us and maybe he has another year in him after that. Will need to look for a young striker in January to make sure I can cross the finish line with my team.

Scott Boden, 19 years young, stats not good, will be a back up and back up only. Don’t really see him improving greatly so will probably be moved on sooner or later.

After assessing my team I realize one or two things, I need a lot more technically gifted players, I need more midfielders and strikers and throw out a couple of defenders, oh and also, my team are know where near the standard I want them too be. Give me 3 years and I hope they will.

Transfer List:

Kevin Austin, 36 years old, defender left and defender centre. 2k.

Gregor Robertson, 25 years old, defender left, midfield left. 18k.

Ryan Granger, 18 years old, right back. 1.5k.

Lloyd Kerry, Scott Boden, Jordan Bowery all on loan list.


Aaron Doran, Blackburn Rovers, Attack midfield right, 18 years old, season long loan.

Febian Brandy, Manchester United, Striker, 20 years old, season long loan.

Rhys Murphy, Arsenal, Striker, 18 years old, Striker, season long loan.

Karl Moore, Manchester City, 20 years old, Attack midfield left, season long loan.

Ryan Conroy, Celtic, 22 years old, Attack midfield left, buy around 4.5k.


Coca-Cola League 2, expected to achieve a respectable league position this season.

English FA Cup, expected to reach round 2 of the FA Cup.

English League Cup, enjoy participating in the League Cup.

Johnstone's Paint Trophy, expected to reach round 2 of JPT.


Very simple and basic 4-4-2, balanced philosophy and standard starting strategy. Not going into depth at all as I think the simpler the tactic the better. :thup:


Scunthorpe | Home

Leeds | Home

Glen Hoddle Academy | Home

Matlock | Away

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The First Month In Charge. The Month of Friendlies.

Wednesday 8th July 2009: Tommy Lee has signed a new contract with Chesterfield. The deal will keep him at the club until June 30th 2014. The ex-Macclesfield player signed for Coca-Cola League 2 team Chesterfield on a free transfer in 2008.

Thursday 9th July 2009: Mark Crossley has rejected Chesterfield’s new offer of a contract. The goalkeeper has indicated that he only signed a new deal 4 weeks ago, he doesn’t feel taking a wage cut would be in his best interests. He hopes his ability could justify a more lucrative contract.

Thursday 9th July 2009: Blackburn have accepted the loan offer from Chesterfield for Aaron Doran.

Friday 10th July 2009: League Cup first round draw: Chesterfield vs Derby. Chesterfield will play Derby in the English Cup first round. The game will be played at Saltergate on Wednesday 12th August 2009.

Friday 10th July 2009: Man City have accepted the loan offer from Chesterfield for Karl Moore.

Sunday 12th July 2009: Chesterfield vs Scunthorpe. Game kicks off and Ian Morris takes it on the left flank, runs past one player comes up against my defender but skins him with a bit of quick feet, whips ball into the box, not cleared brilliantly and puts right back into the feet of Paul Hayes who smashes the ball home after just 30 seconds. Last minute of the half Spence had it just over the half way line for Scunthorpe, he found Thompson in space, who was able to turn and curl and absolute beaut into the top corner of the goal. 25 yards out, should have closed him down though. Fourth official indicates a minimum of 1 minutes added time. Chesterfield re-start the game from the goal, some beautiful quick passing football between Lester, Goodall and Kerry leaves Lester in a little bit of space 30 yards out, he smashes the ball hard and high, it somehow flies into the back of the net. 2-1 half time. 51st minute Grant McCann has the ball edge of the area and he plays a stunning through ball to Ben May who beats captain Robert Page for pace and slots it into the back of the net. With 12 minutes left on the clock Scunthorpe finish the game off, Martyn Woolford plays a through ball for Boyes to run onto and its perfect, Boyes just has the simple task of slotting past Tommy Lee which he does with ease.

Chesterfield 1 Scunthorpe 4

After the game I realized that I need to play a deep defensive line and tell my centre backs not to attack seen as they are easily out paced.

Monday 13th July 2009: Blackburn’s Irish midfielder Aaron Doran has moved to Chesterfield on loan until the end of the season.

Tuesday 14th July 2009: Tomi Ameobi, Chris McGrail, Kyle Hendry, Gary Frewen and Lee Sawyer all added to the shortlist for a month.

Wednesday 15th July 2009: Man City’s Irish winger Karl Moore moves on loan to Chesterfield until the end of the season.

Friday 17th July 2009: Tomi Ameobi and Chris McGrail removed from shortlist.

Friday 17th July 2009: Lee Sawyer and Kevin Thornton offered contracts. Although Lee Sawyer has received a contract offer from Yorkshire rivals Sheffield United.

Friday 17th July 2009: Chesterfield vs Leeds United. 15 minutes in free-kick to Chesterfield, ball floated into the centre but cleared, only as far as Breckin who smashes it straight at the defender. But the danger still hasn’t gone, Lloyd Kerry picks the ball up and runs down the wing, he plays a beautiful ball into the back post but its headed away by Bromby. Now the counter attack, ball played to Snodgrass who sprints down the wing, passes to Beckford in the penalty area, Ian Breckin leaves a foot in a gives away a penalty. Jermaine Beckford scores the penalty. Jack Lester what is he doing! He just stands in the middle of the pitch and lets Jonny Howson pick the ball up. He whips in a beautiful cross but its gathered by Tommy Lee, well that’s what we thought, he dropped it right to the feet on Snodgrass who couldn’t miss. 2-0. I give up, Snodgrass all the space in the world, picks his cross out perfectly, Becchio makes a run, no one follows him. Yes you got it, 3-0. And that was just the first half. Sleepy defending by Leeds allows Martin Gritton too run through on goal and make it 3-1. Free header for Showunmi only results in one out come. I think my team just might have given up. Yes I’m being sarcastic, 5-1.

Chesterfield 1 Leeds United 5

Monday 20th July 2009: Chesterfield make an improved offer for central midfielder Kevin Thornton.

Tuesday 21st July 2009: Lee Sawyer rejects contract. He finds the pittance being offered as a basic wage laughable. Chesterfield make an improved offer for Lee Sawyer.

Friday 24th July 2009: Chesterfield vs Glenn Hoddle academy. Beautiful ball by Kerry finds the run by Karl Moore and he beats the offside trap to slam the ball home within 3 minutes. Great Start! Them two again, Kerry just gives Moore the ball, he turns, edge of the area hammers it past the keeper, 2-0 and we haven’t even played 5minutes. Martin Gritton, through on goal, keeper comes rushing out, I think Gritton has hit it too hard but the keeper makes a mess of it all and Gritton slots it past him for 3-0, only 15 minutes in. Playing with confidence now, beautiful one touch football. Drew Talbot has a decent chance but at an angle, only just wide. Double hat-trick! This is absolute sublime football, one touch again, Kerry just flicks it over all the defence and Moore hammers home on the volley, Kerry hat-trick in assists, Moore 3 goals = hat-trick. Taking a leaf from our book, quick football leads GH Academy to there first goal, Scott played through Noone who placed it past Tommy Lee.

Chesterfield 4 Glenn Hoddle Academy 1.

Saturday 25th July 2009: Yeovil sign Irish midfielder Kevin Thornton on a free transfer.

Tuesday 28th July 2009: Burton sign Danny Hall from Chesterfield for £8,000.

Wednesday 29th July 2009: Lloyd Kerry offered a new deal at Saltergate.

Friday 31st July 2009: Matlock vs Chesterfield. First goal, Karl Moore whips in a corner and they don’t learn, Ian Breckin free at the back post puts the ball in back of the net, 26 minutes on the clock. Cunningham challenges Gritton on the edge of the area and wins the ball cleanly but he only knocks it to Lloyd Kerry who scores from just outside the area.

Matlock 0 Chesterfield 2.

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