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[FM10] We are Bayern, get us out of here!


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Sorry for the thread title, if any better suggestions please post. :thup::D

Bayern have just today been demoted to the German Third Division in a dramatic match fixing scandal which saw them gain advantage

over other teams in the seasons of 07/08, 05/06, 04/05, 03/04 and 02/03 titles going to the teams who finished in second place. Three

German referees (un-named) have also been suspended on further invistigation but no such luck for Bayern who have released all their

players bar Kroos, Muller and Ekici who have decided to stay loyal to their club on lesser contracts, which all of the other players did not agree with. Former Freiburg player, Ralph Wójtyla of German nationality and Polish descent has taken the reigns at Bayern and he is

expected to win the title with a transfer budget of £7m and a wage budget of £92k although a transfer embargo has been placed on Bayern for one season for the tapping up of Mario Gomez last season.

Database changes

- All done on 10.2 patch.

- all league titles of the above years have been given to the second placed teams.

- Freiburg moved to First Division.

- Ingolstadt moved to Second Division.

- Halved Bayern's reputation by half to 4400.

- Released all players bar Kroos, Muller and Ekici.

- Lowered Bayern's finances by £5m.

I will be doing these updates in a similar style of the 'Der's more to Amsterdam dan dis' thread (thank you creator, great idea! :thup:) and I

hope you enjoy reading my updates.

MON Bayern!


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Obviously with Kroos out on loan this was going to be a tough season, I just hope to get out of this division as quick as possible but it is easier said than done with a squad of nobodies.

Third Division

Bayern 2 - 0 Burghausen

A comfortable but dull win for Bayern's first win in the Third Division, the crowd is clearly behind us with an attendance of 69300 and they were pleased with the performance of Thomas Muller, first assisting Sikorski to head in a corner in the 30th minute and then wrapping up the win in the 33rd minute with a deflected 30 yard shot, going into the bottom corner. A clean sheet, a 2 goal win and a first step of this long season is a good one.

Bayern II 2 - 2 Bayern

I couldn't quite believe it myself really. I had to thank Thomas Muller for saving us with a goal and an assist again, his first was an equaliser in the 14th minute after Deniz Yilmaz put the reserves in front with a solid header. We managed to take a lead at half time against the run of play when 22 year old French striker Saer Sene hit in a rebound but then the reserves dominated the rest of the match, equalising in the 73rd minute through another header - this time by Knasmullner and it stayed like that but it could have been a lot worse... embarassingly.

German Cup 1st Round

Bayern 1 - 0 Osnabruck

It could have, and should have, been more today but we had to rely on Thomas Muller again, his extra time winner in the 92nd minute sending us through to the second round and getting us a £100k windfall aswell. He is priceless to us already and I hope we can keep him as long as possible. What a player.

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Cheers marksablade. :thup:

Third Division

Bayern 2 - 0 Werder II

A truely awesome performance by us, again it should have been more. Werder II had not scored a goal in their first two games so the clean sheet was inevitable. Sikorski opened the scoring in the 22nd minute with a nice header from an even better cross by Muller and then Muller wrapped it up with a ferocious shot at the start of the second half. Again Muller had a goal and an assist in the league.

Dresden 0 - 1 Bayern

This was always going to be a tough game, especially as Dresden are expected to finish fifth but this was a professional performance by the lads. For the first time this season Muller was no where to be seen on the assist or goalscorer sheet but still a decent performance by him. The goal came in the 16th minute when Duhnke ran through the Dresden defence and unleashed a shot which the keeper pushed into the net at the near post. We held out luckily and we scored another clean sheet.

Bayern 4 - 0 Heidenheim

Our first top of the table clash of the season and the guys didn't fail to perform to my expectations. Heidenheim had won 4 out of 4 and we realistically needed to win to stop the 1 point gap opening up. That man Muller opened the scoring with a nice left footed finish in the 4th minute and then set up Sene to score in the 21st minute. From that moment we couldn't lose and we kept that lead until just before half time when we comfirmed the win. Haas crossed for Muller but it was headed out and Schutz shot from the clearance, about 25 yards out and it went top corner. Haas then hit a through ball for Sene to run onto in the 76th minute to pour more misery on Heidenheim as Sene cooly finished. A great team performance and another clean sheet to boot.

Sandhausen 0 - 0 Bayern

We were very unlucky, not enough movement up front by Muller and Sene so I took of Haas at half time and put on Sikorski and moved Muller back to AMC to no avail. We had 19 shots, 15 of which were long shots. Not good enough but a point I will take. Another clean sheet was a massive bonus aswell.

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This is an interesting idea. Good luck with this. :)

Oh btw, I'm not too sure Bayern and Bayern II would have been in the same division, but oh well. :D

If you released all the players are you playing greys or something? :confused:

Thank you rancer. In relation to your question the game has supplied me with players but they are not greys, just very rubbish. :p

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marksablade - Thank you again my good friend.

Elrithral - Neither can I :( Thank you for following and I'm sure I will... if you have enough patience. :D

Third Division

Bayern 1 - 3 Erfurt

Totally gutted. We more than matched them but they took the lead in the 30th minute after a quick counter attack. I dominated from then on in until I equalised in the 60th minute through Sikorski - great I thought so I went for broke in the last 30 and I basically shot myself in the foot as they got a 87th minute penalty and then a 91st minute clincher through a header. Gutted with our first loss of the season, especially infront of our own fans.

Wehen 1 - 3 Bayern

A great reaction to a loss of the same score the match before, similar to the last game apart from we actually took our chances this time being 2-0 up at half time courtesy of Contento our left back from 20 yards, a header from our defender Saba and a clincher in the 80th minute from our main man, Thomas Muller. :cool: I wanted to push on from this and really grab the league by the scruff of the neck.

Bayern 0 - 2 Osnabruck

I have no words to describe this performance.. oh wait, I have plenty. Lethargic, unprofessional and lack of quality in areas needed. Stats wise it was an even (and very dull) game up until the 79th minute when Schnetzler scored a header from a free-kick. I didn't know what to do after that, poor management by myself probably caused their second goal in the 90th minute. I went for broke again (have I learned?!) and they punted it up for a quick counter attack and scored their second goal of the game. This league is tougher than I expected.

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Third Division

Unterhaching 3 - 2 Bayern

Our form carried on from the last match, 3-0 down with 10 minutes to go but the goals from Sikorski and Muller were too late to have an effect. I declared my anger and hopefully it will get through to the players that we really.. really... really need to get out of this league as soon as possible.

German Cup 2nd Round

Bayern 0 - 1 Oberhausen

We were expected to reach the second round and we did although I am disappointed in the performance. Again we were poor and we really cannot continue like this. This is BAYERN!

Third Division

Bayern 1 - 0 Stuttgart II

This was a must win game and a must have player won it for us - you guessed it, a 73rd minute screamer for Muller secured the three points, a very important three points and he continues to impress me and save our title hopes. I just hope I can keep hold of him. The transfer embargo has really affected my squad, poor fitness and lack of strikers has really affected us badly.

Aue 2 - 1 Bayern

Gutted. It was another must win match and now we find ourselves 5 points behind the leaders who have a game in hand aswell. It was an even match but Aue took the lead in the 58th minute with a glancing header but I brought on 22 year old Sene and played three up front which paid dividends with him equalising in the 69th minute but the worst and most gutting thing was to come.. a last minute winner from Braham, ANOTHER header denied us the chance to keep in touch with the leaders and I really fear for our title hopes.

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Third Division

Bayern 1 - 1 Offenbach

We dominated this game and should have converted more of our 3 CCC's. Sene opened the scoring on 14 minutes so I planned on just trying to pass the rest of the game out but that failed to materialise and they equalised just on half time. I went more attacking in the second half but to no avail, a good performance but a poor result.

Jena 4 - 2 Bayern

Rome wasn't built in a day you know guys. :D We were 2-0 up and cruising at half time thanks to goals from Muller and Sikorski but a goal from Nagy in the 54th minute set them off and they started to dominate the last 30 minutes and got class goals in the 70th, 75th and 87th minutes which was a massive blow and had the fans, the board and the press very unhappy at me. I need to start winning... really.

Bayern 3 - 2 Regensburg

Thank the lord! \o/ I thought the worst as Regensburg went ahead in the 3rd minute and started to push on but Sene got an equaliser in the 10th minute with a cool finish and I upped the tempo, narrowed the formation and went more attacking which was an awesome management decision if I may say myself and scored in the 23rd and 45th minute courtesy of Sikorski. The second half again I just tried to pass by and I was worried as they pulled a goal back in the 81st minute but defensive solidness and team work held us through to actually win a match.

Kiel 0 - 1 Bayern

A professional performance just like the start of the season again. \o/ We were comfortable and dull, just. I was happy with another win and clean sheet and now find myself 5 points behind the leaders and 2 points from the automatic promotion places.

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When I read the first few lines of the OP, you had me in a panic. I was on to the UEFA website in a flash...Good luck with your career.

Haha, thank you psycho. The next update will have lots of games for you all to go 'oh' and 'ah'.

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Third Division

Bayern 3 - 1 Eintracht Braunschweig

I thought the worse when Eintracht took the lead in the 19th minute but we dominated from then on in, that being their only shot on target the whole game. We needed a goal before half time and Sene delivered with a goal in the 43rd minute, a nice finish after Muller headered a Eintracht goal kick down infront of him. It was a long game and in the 83rd minute Sene scored again after a free kick was blasted low down the line for Ekici who cut it across goal for Sene to tap in. A great team goal and the win was wrapped up when Muller passed it to Ekici on the edge of the box, he turned and slotted it into the next to the right of the keeper. A good win to keep us on track.

Dortmund II 0 - 2 Bayern

A comfortable win started off in the 7th minute with a slice of luck, Ekici making a deep cross into Sikorski who tried to touch it by the defender.. the defender tackled but the ball rebounded back into the path of Sikorski who bent it round the keeper. It was wrapped up in the 55th minute with a similar goal to his second goal against Eintracht, Muller smashed it down the line infront of Alaba who had been promoted from Bayern II who cut it across to Sene who tapped it in again. A good win and a clean sheet.. the perfect performance.

Bayern 1 - 0 Wuppertal

We dominated, not even allowing our opponents a single shot but it was the chances we did not convert with a single goal coming from Sikorski in the 81st minute. A low cross from Contento to Sikorski on the D on the edge of the box and he shot passed the goalkeeper, near to his right hand post and we held out comfortably for another 3 points.

Burghausen 0 - 2 Bayern

This match was closer than the score line suggests but it was wrapped up by half time, two goals coming from our left back Contento and centre back Saba. Contento's goal was a contender for goal of the season, smashing a bending left foot shot from 30 yards out round the keeper, off the post and just going over the line and no more. Saba's goal was a header from a routine corner by Ekici to the back post where Saba headered it back across goal and into the corner of the net. Another decent three points and clean sheet to take back to the Allianz Arena.

Bayern 4 - 1 Bayern II

It was revenge time unluckily for our reserves. Muller scored within 28 seconds when the defence left him unmarked but they were in possession of the ball, Muller stepped in form about 6 yards out and slotted it by the keeper. A crazy goal. Sikorski scored our second in the 36th minute of the game when Sene played him through one on one and he took one touch and smashed it past the keeper to comfirm the win in the first half. We scored again in the 42nd minute when our right back was played through in acres of space by Sikorski and just like Sikorski, smashed it by the keeper. Things got even more comfortable just after half time when Ekici played a long ball over the top for Sikorski to run onto and again smash it by the keeper. Our reserves got a consolation when in the 89th minute when a shot rebounded off the post for Burusic to tap in. Revenge for Bayern against Bayern, a Bayern win yet a Bayern loss. Should I be happy or sad, or both? I'm not sure. MON Bayern.. we will win some day... oh wait, we did.

Werder II 1 - 5 Bayern

It was 5-0 at half time with goals coming from Muller who is carrying us through this season along with Ekici who also scored, Alaba, Sene and our left back Contento also scoring. We let our opposition score another consolation when Eckstein scored in the 86th minute with Werder's only shot on target the whole game. A great win but a poor second half performance, I was also disappointed not to keep a clean sheet.

Bayern 1 - 0 Dresden

Again it was a comfortable win which the scoreline did not show, Dresden did not even have a shot on target whereas we had 4 clear cut chances. The winner came courtesy of Sikorski in the 64th minute when Schutz played a long ball to Sikorski who turned the defender, ran through on goal and passed it by the keeper at his near post. A tidy finish and a good win over a good team.

Heidenheim 0 - 1 Bayern

Another professional win capped off with a good performance from Muller who scored the single goal of the game. Heidenheim are a good team and I was delighted with the clean sheet away from home. The goal was scored when a through ball by Sene reached Muller on the edge of the box, he took a touch and smashed it across goal into the bottom corner. An assured finish by a class player.

Bayern 0 - 2 Sandhausen

I was looking to make it 11 wins in a row but it was not to be. It was a shocking performance, especially at home and I made it clear that I was angry at the players and I didn't want a repeat of this performance. We conceded in the 25th minute and Contento scored an o.g in the 47th minute to confirm Sandhausen's win as there was no way back for us, Sandhausen played a class counter attacking game and really controlled the match in their own half. We didn't even have a shot on target.

Erfurt 1 - 2 Bayern

We opened the scoring in the 22nd minute when our right back Kopplin converted a penalty. He doubled or lead when Ekici hit on a high corner and he headered it from 10 yards out into the top corner. I was hoping we'd keep a clean sheet now but it wasn't to be when Erfurt scored just before half time. We were beaten by a long ball which Petersen ran onto and hit it across goal into the bottom corner. We held out however for a great away win.

Bayern 3 - 1 Wehen

We conceded in the third minute again from a screamer. There wasn't anything we could do to stop that but I wanted an instant reaction which Muller gave us, smashing a shot into the top corner inside the box. It was a great finish again by Muller, I really do love him. Our second goal was another contender for goal of the season when Sene played it to Sikorski near the box who played it back, Sene beat a player and then played it back to Sikorski. At this point I shouted 'SHOOT!' but he again cut it back from Sene to tap in. A truely awesome team goal by a good striking partnership, Sene was really improving. Sene wrapped up the win in the 89th minute when Schwarz played a long, long, long ball over the top which Sene ran onto which he was then one on one and then passed it by the keeper into the corner. A great come back and a great home win for our fans to enjoy.

Osnabruck 1 - 0 Bayern

Whoever won this match went top with 10 games to go and we didn't show up. They dominated us start to finish and they went top by two points. They scored in the 31st minute when Keseroglu. I was disappointed as it came from our corner which they cleared out to the wings, crossed the ball from the byline to the back post which Keseroglu slid in and hit it by our keeper. I was disappointed but I believe we can go on and win the league.

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Bhoy, absolutly loving this. But just wondering, could you start and either print screen or show the league table.

For instance if you can't print screen then just simply do this.

Played Points

1. Stevanage. 28 60


2. Oxford. 26 59

3. York. 28 56

Cheers pal, just do the teams around you, would be nice to see how the league is shaping up. Preferably print screen but if you cant do it then no worries :) But the league table would be a nice edition :cool:

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Third Division

Bayern 3 - 1 Unterhaching

This was another must win game and we duly delivered infront of the home fans. We opened the scoring in the 19th minute through our defender Erb who hit a rebound from a Muller header into an empty net. We doubled our lead in the 30th minute when Muller sent a superb throughball into the path of Sikorski to pass it by the keeper. We were on top and pressing but we got a sucker blow just before half time as Unterhaching pulled one back from a corner. Most of our goals conceded have been through headers, something we'll have to change next season. We confirmed the win in the 50th minute when Muller floated a cross from the edge of the box onto the head of a running Sene who bulleted the header past the keeper. A good win.

Stuttgart II 1 - 1 Bayern

We were unlucky.. very unlucky. This was one of the most one sided games I've watched yet we fell behind to Stuttgart II's only shot of the game in the 16th minute when Shipplock curled in a shot from the edge of the box which flew into the top corner. We had chance after chance until the 93rd minute when Deniz Yilmaz (who had earlier scored against me for the reserves in the 2-2 draw) headered in a cross from the right hand side. Disappointing but it could have been 3 points lost instead of just the 2.

Bayern 2 - 0 Aue

A six minute double salvo saved us today, the first coming in the 20th minute when Muller played a high through ball into the path of Sene who was one on one and he slotted it by the keeper to his near post, a regular occurance this season for both the assist and the goalscorer. Our second goal came from Alaba who was played in by a class touch by Sene who had received the pass from Muller. He hit the ball first time into the top corner. A good win infront of the home fans.

Offenbach 2 - 1 Bayern

Damn. Damn. Damn. A gutting loss especially considering they had 1 CCC compared to our 5. Poor finishing cost us today as did the late goal Offenbach scored after we had equalised in the 76th minute through a Schwarz penalty. We will need to go unbeaten for the rest of the season to win the league at this rate... hopefully.

Bayern 3 - 0 Jena

A great reaction to defeat, especially by Sikorski our Austrian striker and Muller. Alaba opened the scoring just before half time, being played through at a tight angle by Muller and managing to squeeze it by the keeper at the front post. A moment of Muller genius gave us our second goal just after half time. He was outside the box with Sene and Sikorski being man marked but he managed to chip it over his marker and Sikorski's marker to send Sikorski through and to slot home by the keeper. A truely awesome piece of brilliance from Muller. Muller got a hat-trick of assists when he passed it to Sikorski on the edge of the box who turned and hit it across the goalkeeper into the bottom corner. An immense performance.

Regensburg 1 - 1 Bayern

Gutted but luckily Osnabruck got beat 4-3 the day before against Dresden. It was an even game however but Muller opened the scoring just before half time when he smashed a 25 yarder past the keeper into the top corner. It was Gerrardesque but I think I'll call it Mulleresque.. he is that good. We got a kick in the balls when I went defensive to see out the rest of the game only for Regensburg to get an 85th minute penalty which they cooly slotted home and it was a point a piece.

Bayern 5 - 1 Kiel

Today was Muller's day. We opened the scoring when Schwarz had the ball at the edge of the box and he went unchallenged and hit it across the goalkeeper into the net in the 7th minute. Five minutes later and Muller got his first, being played through by Alaba and passing it by the keeper like Henry did in his Arsenal days. He got his second in the 30th minute when he received the the ball from a long cross deep by the defense, turned his marker and smashed it off the goal junction and into the net from 25 yards out. Ekici got into the act by passing the ball into an open net after the keeper parried it into his path from a Sene shot. Muller completed his hat trick when Sene played him through at a tight angle but again he managed to squeeze it by the keeper and he completed his first hat trick for Bayern. He is going to be a legend and we went top of the league by 2 points.

Eintracht Braunschweig 2 - 3 Bayern

Osnabruck had lost so we needed to win to create some distance between ourselves and Osnabruck. We got off to the best possible start as straight from kick off Sene played it to Alaba on the left who ran by two players and crossed it past everyone apart from Ekici who ran from deep to the back post, slid and hit it into the net. 1-0! We doubled our lead when Sikorski chipped the ball into the six yard box from the edge of the box onto the head of Alaba who headered it in. One goal and one assist for him, 2-0 and we dominated until half time. We then conceded two cheap goals within 10 minutes of each other, 59th minute and 69th minute both times the keeper getting beat at the front post.. once from a header and then from a shot where no defender remembered how to mark attackers. Eintracht started pressing but Sikorski decided to start playing in the second half, near to the end when Ekici played him through after he made a great reverse run and he slotted it across the keeper to go 3-2 up. We held out and Sikorski was the hero. 5 points clear with two games left. Will we blow it?

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Third Division

Bayern 2 - 0 Dortmund II

The already relegated side were low on confidence and good players but it was a very tight game, only lightened up by Muller and Sikorski. The opening goal settled our nerves in the 18th minute when Muller played a through ball to the on running Sikorski (how many times have I said that this season?) and he slotted home and the players (plus I) went crazy. The win was wrapped up in the 50th minute with a real goal mouth scrambe, Alaba hit a corner in with Sikorski headered off the bar and it fell to Sene who hit it off a defender which rebounded back off the post and into the path of Sikorski who hit it and a deflection of the defender sent it into the net. I knew we had won the league from that moment on and I was right because we held on and became league champions infront of our own 66,568 fans at the Allianz Arena.

Wuppertal 1 - 4 Bayern

I wanted us to sign off our season in style but after a minute I just didn't see that happening. Wuppertal opened the scoring in the 49th second when Damm ran by 4 off my players and hit it by my keeper. There was no challenge however we equalised through Alaba who had came from our reserves and really impressed, attracting interest from Arsenal, Manchester United and Hamburg. He was played one on one at a tight angle by Sene and hit it by the keeper with ferocity and it was an assured finish. Our second goal was courtesy of Alaba again and it was a great team move started off by Sene. He played it to Muller on the edge of the box who crossed it to Sene who headered it onto Alaba who smashed the ball straight at the keeper and he parried it into the net. Ekici got the ball about 25 yards out and started running with it unchallenged until he was just inside the box, no one was infront of him and he sent a skidding ball across the keeper into the bottom corner. Deniz Yilmaz scored his second of the season to wrap the win up with another header, he had done well the games he had played and confirmed our 4-1 win.

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Season Summary

We are Bayern. We were in the Third Divison. We are Bayern. We needed to get OUT of the Third Divison.

That is all I thought about the whole season through, even to the title winning day and my brave squad managed to do it. It wasn't easy, especially as I could make no new signings at all (although now it is lifted I will be making my imprint on the squad.) and I did have some difficult times especially in September and October but then we also had some awesome times, going on a 10 game winning run and playing some amazing football near the end of the season. I had certain players to thank for this season, especially Muller who was just immense for such a young player who had only played4a professional games for Bayern before the start of this season but then Sene really improved as the season went on and Sikorski was an immense goal scorer, scoring many important goals including the 2 goals in the title winning day. Ekici was also immense, playing as an anchor man or a centre midfielder he was always solid but also a goal threat. We had too many losses for my liking but it didn't matter, we won the league by 5 points and we were out of this division as quick as we were sent down into it.

Third Division - The league title looks comfortable but it wasn't, thank god for our form near the end of the season.

Player of the Year - He deserved it so much, having an amazing season scoring 16 league goals and 16 league assists.

Best Eleven - Here is the title winning squad. :cool:

Player Profiles

25. Thomas Muller

23. Daniel Sikorski

7. Saer Sene

Career Overview

Season    League                   Position    Achievements
2009/2010   German Third Division        1st         Champions

Next Season

I have Toni Kroos back next season, hopefully him and Muller will tear up the Second Divison but I will also be able to make my own signings and with a transfer budget of £27m I really should be winning this league first time comfortably. (Thanks dafuge for the coding bit and some ideas for what to put in my summary. I hope you don't mind :thup:)

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I've made an interesting start to the Second Division with a lot of transfer activity from myselves and from our other title challengers, Dortmund. I will be posting an update in the next few days. :thup: Thanks guys, your comments are always warmly appreciated.

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