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[FM10] SV Sandhausen


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This game is played on FM10 and started with patch 10.2 with no edits made to the database. Leagues loaded are: Italy (top two), Spain (top two), Germany (top three), France (top two) and England (top two) with Scotland, Holland and Portugal top division on view only. Large database selected.

Welcome to my first career thread. I really wanted to start a career going and decided on Germany because I never really have a long save there. The team I chose was Sandhausen in the 3. Liga.


July and September 2009

The board are looking for a mid table finish and I think that where we will finish after looking at the squad and the money the board gave me. When I looked over the squad, I noticed a clear lack of central midfielders so I decided to sell the star Roberto Pinto for£ 450k and sign a couple of players to help control the midfield.

Transfers In

Jurgen Heinrichs – Free

Jonathan Joseph-Augustin – Free

Torsten Rueter 45k from Kaiserslautern

Alexander Benede – Free

Markus Fuchs – Loan from Nurnberg

Transfers Out

Ben Waldecker – 35k to Lubeck

Sreto Ristic – 30k to Lubeck

Roberto Pinto – 450k to İstanbul Büyükşehir Belediyespor

The season starts really early. I don’t know how you start in the middle of July. For the games, I play a simple 4-4-2.


Eintracht Braunschweig 1-1 SV Sandhausen

A tough game for the team against a good team and I couldn’t be happier. Very open game with both teams going for the win. At the end we should have won it win when Dorn missed a one on one.


SV Sandhausen 1-0 Wuppertaler SV Borussia

First home game under my reign and a very simple 1-0 win. We controlled the midfield but the only problem was with 60% possession we didn’t test the goalkeeper more.


Rot-Weiß Erfurt 2-0 SV Sandhausen

Poor game in truth. We were never in the game. We had a lot of possession but couldn’t make the final pass and the defence was ripped apart by Erfurt front 3.


SV Sandhausen 3-0 SpVgg Unterhaching

After the poor showing against Erfurt I wanted a better performance from the team and got it against Unterhaching who are one of the favourites for promotion. A truly efficient game from everyone


Jahn Regensburg 1-2 SV Sandhausen

The score doesn’t reflect the game in which we dominated form the first whistle. Not much to say really just a good performance.


SV Sandhausen 5-0 Dynamo Dresden

Just one of them games where everything goes right for you and everything goes wrong for the other guys. I was truly shocked at this performance and now I actually believe we could go up this season.


Bayern Munich II 2-3 SV Sandhausen

Not one of them games you will remember. It was poor football by both teams. But I do like to say this is my first time facing a top team’s reverse team, other then that, I will forget this game rather quickly.

Month Review


A good start to the season with us top but it will be a long season. Hopefully we can build on the recent games and push on towards the winter break. Player of the month is Alexander Benede. He has been excellent on the left of midfield for us.

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September to December Updates

September was a good month in terms of results where we won 3 out of the 4 games played during the month. The best result was the 2-0 victory over Aue. The play of both strikers, Regis Dorn and Markus Fuchs, was immense during the month with them scoring 7 goals between themselves. But the signs of trouble were starting to show.

The month of October started well with a victory against Burghausen. Burghausen put a lot of pressure on the backline with waves of attacks and we held firm and when presented with chances, we took them. The next match was against Jena was a disaster. Not only did we lose our unbeaten home record, we seem to lose the fight that drove us to the top of the league. The match started a horrible run of just one win in 9 games.

Neither November nor December was any better for us. Over the two month all we seem to do was get injured. The only high point was a victory against Dortmund II and a draw away at Osnabruck. A low spot for the team was a defeat against Wuppertal who was having a terrible season. Lucky for us, there was a long winter break which last around a month. This help get players fit for the second half the season and play some friendly to help build morale among the players.

Only a few players played consistency during this horrible month. Jurgen Heinrichs was playing to a level higher than 3.Liga. Playing in a deep play-maker, he was the hub of every good we did. Regis Dorn was getting the goals just before his injury and I hope he can find that form again to help in our push for promotion.

The three month period was one the worst in my history where we had lost of 5 point lead and find ourselves out the promotion spots. There is a little glimmer of hope. All the other teams are still dropping points and we are only 5 points from top. If we can regain some form, we still have a chance of at least a top 4 spot and a place in next year’s DFB Pokal or German Cup.

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January to March Update

Well because of the long winter break in Germany, we only had one league game. Erfurt visited the Hardtwaldstadion with many of our team coming back from injury. The match ended with a 1-1 draw. The winter break didn’t seem to help the team’s confidence; it was the same lacklustre effect that plagued before the break. Hopefully we get out of this atrocious form.

The month started poor after dropping a two goal lead against Unterhaching. The result against Unterhaching seems to change the players’ attitude because the next game was a crushing 5-1 of Regensburg. The game was a fine performance with Dorn continuing to find the net with 3 goals. This was followed with victories against Dresden, Bayern II, Ingolstadt, Stuttgart II and Werder Bremen II in the months of February and March. The only sore point was a severe beating at the hands of Aue. We were second best all through the match but we were still able to create a couple of chances.

By the end of March, we were able to drag ourselves just the promotion spots. I believe if we don’t get promoted this season, the club could be in trouble financially. We are losing over £100k each month and our attendance is one of the lowest in the division. So we might have to sell players and teams from Turkey are sniffing around our best player with Dorn.

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