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Youth Players in the DB (To SI)

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This question is posted in this section, as I am unsure where I should post it. It is, I guess, directed to SI in particular, put may also invite to a discussion amoungst the FM faithful...!

I know that current guidelines restricts players below the age of 16 being included in the game after the 31st of August, and it seems right to put in place such a limit for several reasons. But as I understand it, no exeptions can, at the moment, be made, which I feel is a problem. I remember a couple of years ago, when a Chilean kid (I forgot his name now) was included in the game at age 13-14 as he was considered a huge talent. Now perhaps that is stretching it a bit, but I believe exeptions from the age of 16 rules should be made at times.

At the moment, I would consider at least two danish players (I'm from Denmark, thus my expertise in danish players), who does not qualify for the 16 year old rule, could be credibly included in the game. The first is the current Danish u17 talent of the year Niels Bisp Rasmussen who has already debuted for his club Vejle in the Danish Cup, the other is FCK's Kenneth Zohore, who today debuted in a preseason friendly and scored the final goal, and that with him only being 15 (the "always reliable" football-talents page lists his DOB as 31-01-1994).

Now I would advocate that SI does something to change its procedures so that either it allows for exeptions to it's rules so that some players can be included exstraordinarily, or that the age level for including players is lowered to 15. The last reason I believe is further validated by the fact that clubs in Denmark are in fact allowed to offer contracts to players at the age of 15.

My reason for raising this issue is entirely selfish, as I primarily play the game to develop youth players, and I wish to play with as many real players as possible (for some reason I just can't get myself to like regens)!

Others are more than welcome to bring forth exmples from their countries of players they believe should be added, but the thread is intended to spark a discussion about youth players in the game!

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I mean this as a genuine question:

For what reasons are players under the age of 16 excluded?

I always thought it was the same reason under 16s, or what ever it is, names are not mentioned in newspapers and stuff. :confused:

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As far as I am aware in the UK to release u16s information weather it public or organisational, you need the parental go ahead.

Now if SI were to include someone u16 and the parents of that particular person were not happy that their lads age, DOB etc have been released they could be sued.

Now if you have to ask the parents of every u16 in the game, that is a lot of phone calls and documents.

Therefore is probably not worth doing and not worth a court case.

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