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Knap FM10 Tactics

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Thanks Knap, tried it for about half a season. The attack is really good but the defense is leaking goals. I tried to removed the forward runs of the full backs and bring down the defense line by 2 notches. Do you have a link on the Darkstar training?

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I've tested 19 tactics during holiday, with Getafe. With the help of FMRTE I set all player's attributes to 14, and froze it, and I made them Natural in every position.

Dave Byrd tweaked 4-1-2-1-2 of Mr Hough tactics was by far ( 10 points better than the 2nd tactic ) the best one in tests. (P84F58A25)

But when playing normally, no holidaying, normal game, your tactic is usually the most successful one, despite achieving reasonable to good results during holidaying (P72F68A43)

I don't know to what extent those test reproduce reality but it's always fun to see what it's possible to achieve

If anyone want to know the results of all 19 tactics tell me

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Can you let me know which FM10 you are using and if working (good/bad points).

This is the current FM10 tactic I'm using in FM11.

In the demo I used Tottenham and it was amazing no problems with it as we were rolling over most teans......but Tottenham do have good players.

Now to Rochdale in the full game.

It's been up and down with them, whether that is because of a bad run of form or simply the players aren't good enough I don't know?

We started off well scoring goals and had won 4 out of 4 including scoring 9 in our 2 away games and then it fell apart.

We played away to MK Dons, we were top and they were 9th and they thumped us 7-4 in an amazing match. I then proceed to not win in 6 matches.

I feel players tend to drift out of position too easily, eg attack down left wing and the LCB and LB tend to drift towards the lower part of the box leaving 1 or 2 opposing forwards unmarked with a good chance to score.

This wasn't apparent as much earlier in the season but again was that down to good form or luck? Are my team being exposed as they are predicted to finish 23rd in League 1?

Currently the only real problem is the fact defenders don't tend to stay more rigid when the opposition has the ball on the flanks whereas when we attack the wings are the most devastating aspect as my winger(s) especially the RM skips past the full back with ease.

I don't know if my ramblings help at all or the fact the tactic isn't really for my side I don't know?

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I'm finding in the current patched version of FM2011 the FM10 tactic I used in the Demo and Pre-Patch Game is no longer effective. As Man Utd I'm struggling to defeat teams and have suffered some crushing defeats including 4-0 to Liverpool. Think the changes to the match engine require a re-work of the tactic now to make it effective again.

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Hi Knap, been trying the tactic you sent me. Getting still a mixed bag of results. Getting some pretty healthy wins in some games and then losing pretty spectacularly in other games I'm somewhat predicted to win easily. I notice the opposition seems to have the greater posession in the games. Also watching the match footage, teams seem to just run the ball straight through me from the middle of the park, no one tries to close down or tackle the advancing player/s with the ball.

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Been using the FM2011 tactic with Utrecht in Holland. Its been a great tactic and helped me win the league in my 2nd season. Obviously not winning every game but with stronger players I can see this tactic dominating the league.

In Europe, i got knocked out of the Europa League by Deportivo but these were the first games I used the tactic in. I'm in the Champions League this season so I will be able to see how I do against stronger opposition

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