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The Arsenal/Barcelona Tactic Everyone Has Wanted

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Literally spent since FM10 came out trying to work out a 4-3-3 or 4-5-1 tactic, like the one Arsenal or Barcelona use in real life, a mixture of quick and short passing with enough creative freedom to be able to carve open defences just like that.

Tested for 1 season with Saint Albans, Huddersfield Town, Valencia and then the obvious 2 of Arsenal and Barcelona (Just half way through the 1st season). I also untic transfer budgets 1st season so I use the squads from real life with no strengthening.

With St. Albans my media prediction was 12th and I finished 6th 1 spot outside the playoffs.

With Huddersfield Town I finished 2nd way underneath Leeds but way above the playoff candidates.

With Valencia I finished a very respectable 4th, the only problem with this team is that they have no height therefore suffered alot at set pieces.

With Arsenal I finished 2nd in the league below Liverpool strangely enough.

Finally at the moment I am top with Barcelona after 17 games.

That tactics base is the 2 inside forwards supporting the main forward while the attacking fullbacks provide width, so the more attacking central midfilder can join in the attacks while the defensive mid joins the defence and the central mid tight marks the other offensive players, however this player may choose to join the attacks if there is no one to mark (more or less with defensive teams he will attack).

Goals come free flowing around the team (bar the full backs which are rare although possible).

The attacking side is very reliable, sometimes so good that it stops the other team even having chances, however the defence also plays a part in this matter with the bac 4 having average ratings of 7 or above usually.

The link for the download is here: http://www.filefront.com/15255087/mAAckAttAck%204-3-3%20.tac

Usually dominates possession even with quick tempo but if you feel your team is on an "off-day" just lower the tempo to mid, mid-low and you should start to play well again.


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so are you winning games by large margins, or are they all tight affairs? i would be interested to see what your final league tables look like, with goals for and against. Near the end of the current season so will have a go next season with this and let you know (unfortunately, i'm away for new year, so will be a few days)

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Well at most games it is a consistent 2-0, 3-0 with a large team, with a smaller team ie st albans and huddserfield it was like win most home games by a decent margin and win or draw or lose away games just at any scale.

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A Tactic for winning the league with teams such as Valencia and St Albans are hard to come by, I've done my best to create a "solid" tactic, and I think I have achieved that and though I would share it with other people.

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