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What determines how many players are loaded for each league?


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More to the point, what can be done to reduce this number.

Some 18 team leagues, notably Russia of the top leagues, only require you to load 1000-2000 extra players if you run the league in playable mode. Some 18 team leagues like the Spanish league require to load 2000-4000 extra players and in the more extreme cases leagues like the Croatian and the Hungarian leagues you need to load 6000-9000 players at the start of the game if you want to be in playable mode.

SI obviously feel that in order for the game to be realistic those variations are required, I however would be willing to put aside that for the sake of speed if I was wanting to load multiple playable leagues at the start. From where I stand, if the teams can't become playable I see little point for them having a bulk load of players for the sake of cup competitions and so I'd prefer if they could be reduced down to Russian levels.

In doing so across the board you could make a significant dent into your starting player count, dropping it by close to 40% if you load multiple leagues which would significantly improve your performance.

The question is, how can you? Deleting players won't do the job as regens will come in there place in the future, so it has to be something else to do with club reputation and league reputation but I'm not sure what.

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I guess how many players get picked from a country is probably determined in the order:

Country Picked? (Yes = add players, No = add minimal players)

If so, Country Playable or View Only? (Playable adds far more players, as appropriate)

Database Size? (I imagine this will then act as a multiplier to the above)

Custom DB size options (adds modifiers on the above)

If you want as few players as possible, choose a small db with leagues on view only. I only ever run one or two countries in playable mode, as there is no chance of me moving mid-game to manage elsewhere.

The game is adding a bare minimum of players only for view only, and likewise only the number necessary to make a league playable - I'm not sure you can minimise it further :(

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