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Excellent wonderkids list!

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I would like to present this FM10 wonderkids list - probably the most long and informative in the Web.

Here are well-known names as Balotelli, Aquino, Asenjo, Pjanic, Mata, Sakho, Bale, Santon together with new ones like Muggleton, Otamendi, Helan, Necip, Jovetic, Ljajic, Salvio, Ananidze, Neymar, Kramaric, Villava...

It consists of 20 forwards, 59 midfielders (groupped by catergories - DMC, MC, AMC, AMR, AML), 27 defenders and 6 goalkeepers. The wonderkids list keeps growing because the author is still in research. So it will be convenient to follow changes in this list continuosly!

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