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I doubt you care, so firstly - sorry to waste your time. However I'd like to alert you guys to the site www.fm-fans.net

This is a Bulgarian site who have been constantly stealing not only articles and guides, TWO site designs and all the key features of www.loswonderkids.com but they even copy my announcements on new features down to the letter which explain what each feature does.

I won't prattle on. I just wanted to inform anyone who visits this site that all the great ideas you constantly praise Zog for are not his own, they are mine and the ideas of Mr Lewis Putz, Alister Lane and the brilliant staff team at Los Wonderkids.

We work extremely hard on new features that you won't ever see at another fansite and so you can imagine how annoying it is when these Bulgarian asshats come along and steal absolutely every aspect from our site from the site layout, unique features, my announcement posts, guides.. all the way to the the name of our staff tagnames (A Team). Believe it or not, they even copied the style of my username. :confused:

If anyone visits there please bare in mind that this site are theives and they steal the original ideas and hard work of LosWonderkids.com. They've also stolen from Susie, FMD and and other sites too :thup:

Proof thread on LW

Thanks for your time, please avoid them if possible, we'd like for people who act like this to have zero success from their stolen ideas :thup:

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I don't know what the situation is now. I've spoken to one of their admins and they've sinced removed everything I've asked them to. It's the second time I've caught them and the second time they've been forced to remove things - hopefully this will be the last time.

As far as other site's material it was mostly graphical things. The FMD logo, Sortitoutsi emotes (Matt from Sortitoutsi found them on there, so they're aware of that).. I think they've since removed those things though. I'd not worry too much about it, after my conversation with them they removed everything immediately.

I appreciate that they want to be a good site but I've explained that they need to speak to other sites firstly to avoid these situations. Their admin was in agreement, so I think the matter is now resolved.

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