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Versus Football Manager: sponsored by SEGA and SI Games

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Tomorrow evening we're opening Versus Football Manager 2010..


When there can only be one winner, do you believe it can be you?

There is no competition like this in the whole Football Manager universe. The objective is simple, you play Football Manager 2010 and collect trophies and points for submitting completed challenges. It's easy, if you're good enough to win things in FM10 anyway.

Who is this for?

If you enjoy playing FM10 and enjoy winning challenges and competitions then this is for you! Anyone can participate and we don't mind if you're not a member - just make sure you enjoy yourself!


We have four different kinds of trophies which represent the kind of challenge in that section. Gold challenges are harder than Bronze for example and Joker challenges are all about having fun and doing something a little odd. The points tend to represent the difficulty of that challenge within that section although some sections have more points for different challenges - so take a look around and see which challenges appeal the most.

How does it all work?

You simply do what you normally do in FM, come online to LW and see if you've completed some challenges, you then collect your points if you have. Alternatively you can come online to LW and then search for a challenge to complete, it's entirely up to you.

Single VFM & Team VFM

Versus Football Manager offers something special this year and that is dual mode competition. Single Mode VFM is aimed at those of you who want a one-on-one challenge versus Football Manager, whilst Team Mode VFM is for those of you who like to compete as part of a group against two other teams versus eachother. Team VFM will allow you to collect points whilst competing in Single Mode VFM whilst you'll also get big points for completing the Team VFM challenges too!


Whilst collecting points and trophies is the biggest and most awesome thing in the world we're also giving special prizes to those amazing managers who win each mode. Single Mode VFM will give the winner a shiney new copy of FM11 when it comes out next year and Team Mode VFM will give the top four members of the winning team a special SI Games goodie bag and maybe something special later on.


We'd like to thank our sponsors Sports Interactive and SEGA whom are going out of their way to provide FM fans with some fantastic prizes and their constant support of this fansite. We'd also like to thank all the LW staff whom are working very hard to keep this competition running at Los Wonderkids.


Los Wonderkids are the only site with this competition. If you find these challenges or trophies have been stolen and placed on any other site please report it to staff immediately. This competition is supported by SI and SEGA and is the only officially endorsed FM Challenge on any fansite.


Single mode VFM will open tomorrow evening. You're still able to sign up for single mode VFM all the way until the deadline - which is the release day of FM2010. After that there will be no more signups allowed. We're already in demand and this segment takes a lot of time to run and moderate.

Team mode VFM will open on FM2010 release day with the teams to be determined next Sunday. Captaincy will be up for grabs in an online hunt and that is followed by the team draft. More information about that is available here.

If you wish to sign up for single mode VFM and team mode VFM it's all here .

All the rules and instructions are in the relevant sections of Versus FM.

I realise we've not mentioned a lot about it just yet but there are trophies and points to collect and information to keep track of your statistics and challenge completions. And VFM is being sponsored by SEGA and Sports Interactive this year so you've got some cracking prizes available throughout the year and some big one's at the end of the year for the winners of each mode.

If you have any questions I/We can try and answer them but we won't be giving everything away since we're only 24 hours away from release thup.png

The English Football Manager fansite and forum for discussion, tactics, scouting, graphics, stories and much more - Los Wonderkids.

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OK- those challenges were [a] approved by SEGA's CO and configured to last for a year. If you can complete every single challenge on VFM I will give you Los Wonderkids and retire to a shack in the wooded hills of inner Mongolia.

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