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FMS House Rules and FAQs (read before posting!)
Welcome to the FMS Forum, the best place on the internet to share your fan fiction about Football Manager/ (or CM if you’re as old as some of us around here). Here you’ll find a great place to hang out, a good place to get constructive criticism about your work, and some discussion about issues of the day in and out of the world of football.

We are an active community. As a result, we do have house rules that we expect will be followed by those who post here.


The basics

First and foremost – we are a stories site which posts original content. This means you won’t be allowed to post links to your YouTube video or redirects to other forums. Post your writing here and everything’s fine. But if you post a link saying “watch my YouTube video”, you should expect your thread to be closed. Repeated violations may lead to sanction up to and including points.

When you’re posting to another writer’s thread, be kind. It takes a lot for posters, especially new ones, to put writing onto these boards. If you have criticism, make it constructive. Also, if you’re posting a story thread, a little circumspection isn’t the worst idea in the world. It’s good for a visitor to see that when they click on your thread, they’ll see your latest entries, not banter.

We’re also a forum which has traditionally frowned on the use of pictures. This goes back to the old days of dial-up internet (if you’re not old enough to remember those days, either ask your dad or ask tenthreeleader, who is probably older than your dad). However, this rule does go to the basic reason of why we’re here: we’re a written-word forum. This means that, while you don’t necessarily need to be as wordy as George RR Martin, he’s got the right idea when it comes to making readers use their imaginations. You can link to pictures but please don’t post them.

This does make us different from the Careers Forum. There’s some cross-posting which occasionally goes on (no, Mr. Wilson, not cross-dressing, not that there’s anything wrong with that).

The other thing you should know regards where to post. If you just want tomfoolery and banter, use the Community Thread, our source for all things not story-related. If you have a quick item to share and don’t want to start a whole new thread with story content, the FM Thread is for you.

If you’ve got questions, PM tenthreeleader, Mark Wilson27 or neilhoskins77. There are all kinds of helpful sorts around here (no, really, they are) who want to help make FMS a welcoming place. Well, except for maybe Terk. But that’s sort of his job.

Anyhow, welcome. Enjoy your writing!

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