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[FM09] Paul Northfields Man Utd game


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I am now in the 2011\2012 season.

Version:9.3.0 36289 (m.e v753)

Original Database

First of all I want to say that I did NOT use the "exploit" to sell Fletcher to City, but I did purchase a few top notch players.

Asenjo, Chiellini, Fazio, Gago, Diego who have all done amazing over the past years and everyone entering the Best Eleven (exept Chiellini, for some reason) . They cost dearly, though, and I came out with a £40 million loss after the 10\11 season.

A few years ago, I aslo brought up a right back from the academy. Michael Cooke, who some of you may know. Even though he may not look the best, he does extremely well, even against top teams like Arsenal, Chelsea, Milan, Real Madrid etc. Rarely loosing a tackle, and proving to be a force to be reconed with in the air. Last year he even scored a goal from 25 yards out in the CL.

Needless to say, he just signed a new contract keeping him at Old Trafford for 4 more years.

Speaking of the CL, I just became the first manager to lead United to two consecutive CL wins, which turned me into a favourite with the fans. (Though no mention of it in the information pages has been made)

In other news, Fabio Capello just resigned and I was offered the job.

After 3 years my ultimate goal had finally come to fruition!

I brought in Michael Cooke and he did quite well in his first cap against Azerbadjan, helping us to a 4-2 win with an experimental 4-2-3-1 tactic I "stole" from Capello. The next day I met a delighted Cooke, thanking me publicly for the confidence I showed him.

Quote: "The right back commented that it has been a great few weeks for him, firstly signing a new contract with Man Utd and now being handed his England debut by Paul Northfield"

Back to United. Lately, I have been out to clear out dead wood, and sell off players to help their careers, resulting in £11.75 million extra income and a few extra players having me on their favourite list. Life is good!

Also worth mentioning, Tevez scored the winning goal against an amazing City side who has spent their money well, in the 2011\2012 season opening game.

That's it for now, more to come.

(Posted in the Official Manchester United thread, and also in the manager career forum)

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